The Waiting Game

This industry is full of excitement, with new opportunities always waiting around the corner. But more often than not it is one big waiting game, from waiting for the opportunity to come knocking to waiting on that final decision to be made. It can often be frustrating when you feel like you’ve been waiting forever, and your patience starts to wear thin.

For parents who are new to the industry, it can be difficult to understand the nature of the industry. So let’s clear up some common misconceptions and answer some of those questions you may be asking….


How do I know my child has been submitted for work?

If you have signed your child up with an agent, they will be working away every week submitting your child for suitable work. The easiest way to find out what your child has been submitted for recently is getting in touch with your agent. They will be able to tell you what work has come in recently in their categories that they have been submitted for.

Bettina members are always welcome to call us on 1300 888 611 to receive an update on their child’s membership.


Why aren’t I notified when my child is submitted for work?

This industry is very fast-paced, with jobs often turning over within a week. There are many reasons why it is simply not feasible to contact parents when their child is submitted for work;

  • We can submit anywhere from 5 to 50 children for any given job, depending on the roles and how specific the brief is. Some briefs require multiple age categories, sizes or skill sets. As such contacting that many parents is time-consuming, and often creates more unnecessary back and forth communication. Our casting department is dedicated to coordinating castings and jobs, which often requires a lot of time on the phone to parents as well as communicating with clients. 
  • There is no action required from parents at this stage, it is simply a matter of waiting to hear back from the client as to who they would like to see for a casting
  • While the reality of the industry is well known, that disappointment is a part of the game, we do try to minimise this for children, and as a relatively small percentage of submitted children are selected for a casting (depending on the job), keeping this stage of the game “behind the scenes” prevents consistent disappointment.


If my child is suitable for a brief, why weren’t they selected for a casting?

Often the casting director will have a certain “look” in their minds about what they are searching for for a particular role. While a child may be suitable on paper, they may not have the right “look” for this particular campaign. Sometimes they may not have a clear picture of what they are looking for, so it is our job to provide options for them to choose from. 


What can I do in the meantime?

Glad you asked! We cannot stress the importance of keeping your AT2 profile up to date enough. Keeping sizes, measurements and skills up to date will ensure that your child is being submitted for the right work at all times. Uploading new photos is also a great way to show clients what your child looks like currently (as children change so quickly). Chat-to-cameras and skills videos are also fantastic and make our job so much easier.