Strike a Pose!

One thing our talent can all agree on – modelling is definitely harder than it looks! Our job is to make it look as effortless as possible, modelling is not as effortless as it may seem. Professional models experienced in the art of posing are experts only due to hours upon hours of practice.

So here are some of our top tips from Bettina HQ on the art of posing! Use a mirror and follow the steps, and remember – practice makes perfect!

Whether it’s a simple snapshot or a rigorous test shoot, if you know how to pose rather than just standing for a photograph, you can help create shots that stand out in a positive way.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.27.56 pm


Compare the photographs here, which one do you think is more interesting? We prefer the one on the right as it is asymmetrical: one side of the models body is doing something different to the other.

Asymmetrical poses are generally more interesting to look at: rather than a symmetrical image, asymmetry draws the eye to particular aspects of a photo and catches the viewers’ attention.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.30.25 pm

Here is another asymmetrical pose. Not only is it more interesting than the top photo on the left, the model also looks less stiff and more natural.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.31.43 pmTilt Your Head

People rarely hold their heads in line with their bodies. So, one of the easiest ways to create and interesting and natural looking pose is by slightly tilting your head to one side or the other.

Encourage your child to get used to subtly tilting their head in shots. Rather than having their head straight, tilting to either side helps to create dimension in an image, and is also helpful in models appearing less stiff and more robust.


Keep joints slightly bent

With exceptions and without taking it to the extreme, the more bends in your body the better. Including elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and toes. Just remember to make your pose asymmetrical! Soft bends of the elbows, knees, wrists and other joints make poses look more natural and comfortable than standing limbs straight and rigid. Avoid overextending joints, as this may make them appear unnatural.  Locked joints, especially knees and elbows can look like that part of your body is bent in the opposite way that it’s meant to.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.36.07 pm
Don’t ‘cut off’ your limbs
Referred to as ‘foreshortening’, pointing arms, hands, fingers, legs or feet directly towards or away from the camera can create the illusion that they have been removed.
Another simple way to create asymmetry is by shifting your balance (or planes of your body). eg. Try dipping your shoulder and hip like the model above in the photograph.

Create shape and shapes.

Models often practice their posing in front of the mirror. Your child can have fun creating asymmetrical shapes with the body in the mirror whilst also practicing their posing at the same time.Posing can be looked at as creating shapes with your body. When you’re posing, think about the basic outline of your body and try to create interesting asymmetrical shapes with it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.45.27 pm
A lot of interesting poses can be created by forming the letter ‘C’ or the letter ‘S’ with your body.  This image is a great example.


Once they get used to the body positioning and constant movement used for shooting, they can start to memorise and collect their favourite poses.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.48.20 pm
Create movement

When models are required to hold a pose and keep still, they can still give the illusion of movement. Positioning the body in a way that mimics walking is often a great way to practice this.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your child is producing dynamic and engaging poses is to encourage constant movement. This way, there will be a wider variety of images at the end of the shoot, increasing the chances of getting the shot.

Consistent movement and fluidity also helps your child to appear more natural and at ease, rather than rigid and uncomfortable. A dip of the shoulder or hip helps a model create interesting poses.

Try planting one foot in front of the other on the ground and stepping forward with the back foot. Practice holding poses at different points during the step.
Pose your hands
Posing with your hands so they look natural is a real skill. So it is well worth spending a considerable amount of time just on practicing posing hands.
Now it’s time to practice, practice, practice!

Castings 101

As parents of little superstars, you need to be prepared to expect the unexpected with castings in the industry. Here is some information on what you might expect from a casting.


We are generally given very little notice for castings or auditions. Clients will often request talent for castings with less than 24 hours’ notice! If your child is selected by a client for a casting, we will be in contact straight away. Please be sure to respond as soon as you can, we often require confirmation by the end of the day.

Keep a watchful eye on your emails. This is how we will contact you with casting details including what the potential role , the date, time and location, and any extra details such as scripts or wardrobe requirements. You will also receive vital call sheets for successfully booked jobs via email. Please be sure to read all details and attachments carefully before confirming whether your child will be attending the casting. It is particularly important to check ALL dates for the casting/audition, callbacks, wardrobe fittings and shoot to make sure your child will be available if they progress to the next stage.

We will follow up with a TEXT MESSAGE straight away to prompt you to check your email. Please check your email and respond back to let us know whether or not your child will be attending.

If we don’t hear from you, we will follow up with ONE MORE TEXT MESSAGE and/or a PHONE CALL. We must inform the client whether or not the requested talent will be attending, so please reply either way. Even if you can’t attend.

Our Castings Department have dedicated text message phone numbers so be sure to save them in your phone so you can easily identify when we are trying to get in touch with you.

*Please note these numbers are a web-sms service so cannot receive calls, please only use them to reply to casting requests. Any other enquiries must be directed to the general agency phone number 1300 888 611. Our castings department is an extremely busy place so it is important to keep communication streamlined.

Please treat all casting correspondents with a sense of urgency. We need to get back to the client as soon as possible with the confirmed talent. If we do not hear back from you within the required time frame we will have to let the client know you are unavailable. Generally, casting times are not flexible but if you are unable to make the requested time please let us know ASAP and we will contact the client to see if a time change is possible. Please note that the date of the casting cannot be changed.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you read all relevant information about the casting – the email casting notification contains all the information you need for your casting. We coordinate hundreds of castings every month so we know exactly what you need to know and provide all of this to you upfront. If you haven’t received the casting notification email for any reason, it is your responsibility to let us know. It is also not a plausible excuse if you fail to attend the casting based on the premise that you didn’t receive the details.

If you confirm your child’s attendance but then cannot attend a casting for any reason (e.g. illness, accident), please advise us immediately. Your child will not be penalised; we understand that these things do happen, however it is extremely important for us to notify the client ASAP in case they would like to see another talent in their place.

Make sure you take note of any wardrobe requirements if there is nothing specific then neat/casual clothes is perfect. You can also read the Castings Guide attached to your casting notification email and watch our Youtube videos for more tips and tricks.



We have looked at what happens before a casting, now let’s look at what happens during the casting. We have gathered a few important guidelines for you to follow so you can maximise your chances of making the best impression possible.

First impressions matter! Make sure you aren’t late to your casting, or that you don’t arrive too early. The client will want to ensure a child is reliable and on time when choosing a child for the role.

“Punctuality is key… five minutes early is enough,”

Be prepared with scripts for acting auditions and be sure to practice prior to the casting and again in the car on the way there.

Encourage your child to always use their best manners at castings and teach them to introduce themselves.

“Hello, my name is ____ and I’m from Bettina Management,” demonstrates a high level of confidence with just a simple sentence. It is also really nice to thank the casting directors when you leave, try to remember to call them by their name (especially for the older kids).

If your child is at an appropriate age (around school age, 6-7 years old), encourage your child to go into a casting independently and reassure them that you’ll be right outside waiting. A display of confidence, leadership and independence in a casting is a sure way for your child to catch a client’s attention. This shows the client that your child can work comfortably and effectively for some time without being attached to their parent, and that they can be their most authentic selves.

In saying that, by all means if you are not comfortable with your child going in on their own to read their script or meet with the client, do go in but be sure to try and stand at the back of the room so as not to probe your child with their lines.

Lastly, stay away from the temptation of school uniform as much as possible! If your casting is after school, take a spare change of clothes and get changed in the car beforehand – neat and casual is a must, unless specified otherwise when relaying casting details. Even if you have to give your shoes a bit of a scrub and your hair a bit of a brush, your neat appearance will make all the difference!

In summary:

– Punctuality

– Manners

– Confidence/Preparation

– Neat appearance

Also bear in mind, your presence at a casting will reflect on us as an agency and we have a lot of trust in our talent to help us maintain our strong ties with clients.  Remember, preparation and punctuality is key!

Watch this video to get an idea of what a typical modelling casting will look like HERE




Once the excitement of the casting is over, a waiting period will commence. 

It is normal to want to know the outcome of your child’s casting immediately. However, the industry has no set timeframe for confirming a child’s role in a job.

Clients can sometimes take days or weeks to call back to select the children they would like to use, or sometimes they simply call back straight after the casting. Unfortunately there are no designated time frames where we can say ‘it always takes 3 days’ or ‘you will definitely hear tomorrow’, because all production companies and clients have their own time schedule to work towards, and these vary. Some are pressed for time to meet deadlines, whilst others are planning well in advance. 

Remember, we will only be in contact if your child is selected to proceed to a callback or booking. Unfortunately, no news is not good news in this industry.


Why we can’t promise to call you

We often have up to 20 campaigns on the go at one time and we have many children attending castings all the time. Unfortunately we do not physically have the manpower in the office to call each and every parent to let them know if their child was unsuccessful. Also, in light of the above detailed ‘waiting’ period – do not jump the gun if we haven’t heard back from the client in a week and assume that your child hasn’t been selected. Rest assured, if your child is selected you will be the first to know!

Please refrain from calling the agency to check the outcome of your child’s casting, as we won’t have any more information than you until we hear from the client. As soon as we hear if your child has been selected for the role, we will contact you immediately.


On not getting the job

Don’t be disheartened, not everyone can get the job! That’s the whole point of a casting – to meet everyone in person and assess who would be the best fit for the job.  Dwelling on unsuccessful castings will not be of benefit to your child; instead, encourage them to prepare for a future casting, and build their confidence even further.

You can expect that your child may feel disheartened, however it is important to remind them that every casting they attend is strengthening their knowledge and ability to work in the industry.


On getting the job

Congratulations! Whether it be your first job or your seventh, that rush of excitement is still the same. Be proud of yourself! You must have impressed the client on the day and can now relax and look forward to being featured in a catalogue or commercial – and get paid for it!


Booking process

The booking process will begin as soon as we have the confirmed date of the shoot. Depending on which state you live in and the age of your child, will depend on the relevant forms you will need to fill out.

The day before a shoot we receive a ‘call sheet’ which will outline the times and location for the following day. More often than not, this will arrive in our inbox closer to the end of the day than the start! We do contact you as soon as we have the information, we will never purposely keep you in the dark with information you need to know so hang in there!

We hope that these tips have given you an insight to the world of castings with us at Bettina Management. We always strive to maintain strong relationships with our talent and clients and look forward to the same in return.

Good luck at your next casting!



A Fool Proof Guide to AT2

A Fool Proof Guide to AT2

Part 1 of 3

The Basics

AT2 is an integral part of the casting/entertainment industry and Bettina membership alike.
This is the start of a 3 part series to guide you through all the ins and outs of AT2.
Let’s start with the basics, sometimes even the initial step of logging in can seem harder than necessary if you haven’t received your log in details. Let’s clarify why – firstly, you should receive an email sent to you directly by AT2 with your log in details. Depending on individual privacy settings, this email could automatically be delivered to the ‘Junk’ folder due to the fact that the email is not from an individual person, but rather ‘AT2’ as a name.
If you fail to receive this in accordance with the time frame set out by us initially, do call the office and we can organise for them to be delivered to you ASAP!
The link you need to go to is –
Once here, enter your log in details, then you will see the screen below (surname has been omitted for privacy):
Let’s take a closer look at the top row of tabs:
The most important tabs you will need to use will be ‘My Profile’, ‘Brief Inbox’ and ‘Messages’.
The ‘My Profile’ tab is where you go to maintain all personal details about your child.
The ‘Brief Inbox’ tab is where you go to find any invitation to participate in unpaid work. When you click this tab you will then need to click the tab ‘iCast Briefs’ (as shown below):
The reason that you don’t stay in the tab ‘Briefs from Agent’ is because we will never offer you or alert you to paid work or castings through AT2. Our first point of contact is a phone call, then text, then email.
Through ‘iCast Briefs’, you will receive notices and inbox messages from independent producers, boutique clothing labels, student films and more. IF you are interested in participating further you will need to coordinate all communication with them via the messaging system which can be accessed via the tab ‘Message.’
Check all communication regularly! Even missing out on something one or two days late can mean that the opportunity is no longer available… which is no fun.

Part 2 of 3

The Essentials

Now that we have The Basics covered, it’s time to take a deeper look at some other aspects of AT2.


Updating your child’s clothing size in AT2 is highly important, this ensures that they are being submitted for the right jobs in their categories.  We won’t know it has changed unless you tell us! And we know how fast theses things can happen, kids grow.. all the time!
In order to change the clothing size click on the tab ‘Profile’ and then where the tab says ‘View | Edit’ press ‘Edit’. The screen should look like this:
To get to clothing size, scroll down! Look at the arrow below for where you need to change the shoe and clothing size:
It is also beneficial to call us and let us know too, so we can alter it on our internal database.
With our package on AT2 – you have the option to upload 10 additional photographs of your choice.
Before we learn how to upload the images, let’s make sure they are in the right format first!
> It’s much easier if the image is formatted to a ‘JPEG.’ file If it is not already in a JPEG, go to the photograph where you have it stored and press ‘Save As.’ Underneath the ‘File Name’ there will be a drop down box for ‘Save as type’ as shown below. Simply make sure the ‘JPEG’ option is selected.
Now for the fun part. Follow the instructions to upload a photo:
1. Click the ‘Photos’ tab.
2. Where it says ‘View | Edit’, click ‘Edit’.
3. The screen will then look like this:

4. When you click ‘Add New Image’ this screen will pop up:

5. Click ‘Add Files’ and find the photograph/s you are wishing to upload. You are able to upload more than one at a time which is handy and saves time!

6. After the photo uploads, the next screen will show the images one by one and have a button that says ‘Auto Crop & Resize’ – click that button, then press ‘Submit & Finish’. All done!
NB. If you have wish to change the default picture at any time throughout the membership, please let us know first. Sometimes, if a parent puts up a photograph that is not suitable for our clients as a default without alerting us, we will not be able to submit the photograph forward to the client.
Similar to the extra photographs, even if not serving the purpose of a default photo per se, the photographs can and will still be looked at by clients and casting directors alike. Some photos that look great on the fridge may not be appropriate for AT2! They should still retain an element of professionalism, despite being taken at home for fun.
Below are a few examples of appropriate and inappropriate photos for AT2.
Here are some good examples:

In these gorgeous photos we can see the child’s face front on, we can see his unique features i.e. blue eyes, shape of face (nose, mouth) and also, with the first photo – a bit of personality!

Note the below photograph too:

It can be easy to simply stand your child in front of a wall in the house as naturally as possible and get them to show you a big smile. The clients need to see exactly what your child looks like in an everyday situation. We don’t encourage fanciness and frills, clients are searching for cute and happy kids.
Now for some inappropriate examples:

Despite the undoubted cuteness that radiates from each of the above photograph, things such as food, baths, not looking at the camera, being too far away and hiding the face with a hat are features that aren’t ideal to be presented to the client. Also, for the older kids self taken images ‘selfies’ aren’t necessarily appropriate either, but please check with one of the staff first.

We are always available should you require further assistance with AT2! You can email with any images for us to check.

Part 3 of 3

The Nitty Gritty

This last section on our guide to AT2 will focus on the Video and Resume features that are available. The most commonly asked question about these features is ‘Are they necessary?’ There are certainly uses for both of them, regardless of experience. The more information the better!

Luckily with our AT2 package, the video function is accessible to us all. The video could contain a few things:
1. The most common video is a ‘Showreel’. A Showreel is a collection of featured work and is always requested in the adult acting world. If your child has a few TV commercials or featured work examples under their belt, collate the clips together to create a visual example of all recent jobs. If your child has completed one TV commercial (or video clip, featured in TV series, background of TV series, extra in film etc.) simply show a video of just that experience.
2. If your child hasn’t received any work, the video could be one of a dance concert, school concert, musical production performance or something similar that demonstrates skills and abilities.
3. With the absence of both of the above, it is acceptable and often helpful to upload a video of your child talking to the camera or playing/laughing/moving so that clients can visualise outside of the limits of a photo to gauge interaction skills.
Uploading a video is similar to uploading a photograph (please refer to Part 2). Simply go to the ‘Video’ tab > press ‘Edit’ > and upload your video.
Once it is uploaded – your child’s profile will look like this:
Sorcha has uploaded a video of her acting at home to display her skills:

And Dominic has uploaded a video of a Worksafe TV commercial he is featured in:

Let’s move onto the Resume section.

There are two types of resumes that you can use on the AT2 site – one is a generic PDF resume, and the other is a credit resume which means you can secure attachments of examples of work.

When you click the Resume tab this will appear:


PDF Resume:

Irrespective of whether your child has experience or not – it is still possible to have a resume should you so desire. For a child without any experience it can be helpful to simply fill out a resume detailing your child’s hobbies, interests and personality. Make sure that you include any extracurricular activities or achievements to date as well. For children that have had work, make sure that you put all of the jobs and dates in chronological order. You may also jot down the castings you’ve attended (even if you didn’t get the job!) because every bit of experience counts, and all castings contribute to confidence and as a stepping stone for the next one.

See below for an example of a PDF resume for Dominic detailing paid work:
Example of a PDF resume for Keshika complete with all skills, education and relevant experience:
A Credit Resume is a great way to show examples of work your child has completed to correlate with the written description. Click ‘Add Table Section’ to start. The below will pop up and this is where you enter the names of jobs:
So for example, you could put in: Target May 2013 or Australian Country Spinners 2010
On the right hand side is a little icon of an image – this is where you click to upload the Target image or the Australian Country Spinners image.
Once entered it should look like this:

This type of mini resume is probably ideal for parents who have lots of copies or images of printed work or links to videos of ads. It is a quick, concise way to get an overview of all experiences. For other children, a simple PDF resume will suffice.

If you are heading away or your child will be unavailable for castings/jobs for a period of time, you can set their ‘away dates’ on their profile. This way we know you are away and won’t put your child forward for briefs during this period. All you need to do is log into your child’s profile and select “edit” under the “Profile” section. You can then select the dates that your child will be away, set to “Public” and don’t forget to click save.


Last important things to note:
There is a tab for Skills that has an array of tick boxes from accents to dance experience to singing to sporting ability. Whilst we do have on our file most of your child’s abilities, these do change or exceed (for example beginner, intermediate, advanced) – be sure to edit when needed. This will make it easier for clients when they are searching for specific abilities on the AT2 database.
Finally, of course any help needed with any aspect of AT2 can be directed to our Bettina HQ to email address: We want everyone to make the most of their AT2 membership. Hopefully this 3 part series has been able to help some of you to gain a stronger grasp of the AT2 site.
Remember, if you have any ideas or questions that you would like to see in further posts please email:
Thanks everyone!

Who Do I Contact If I Need Help?

Hi all,

If you are ever confused about who to contact in regards to anything, please refer to this table. It will help with making direct contact with the person you are needing to contact.

We hope this is helpful, if you are ever unsure of anything, do not hesitate to give our office a call on 1300 888 611.

Contact details:

Department Email Contact Number
Accounts 1300 888 611
Attitude Studios 1300 662 674
AT2 03 9028 2090
Bettina Families 1300 888 611
General Enquiries 1300 888 611
Representation Enquiries 1300 888 611


Who to contact when?

Accounts: Clarification on membership payments or anything financial

Attitude Studios:  To order additional photographs or to follow up pre purchased orders

AT2: Enquiries about online profile, making amendments to details (you can also contact the Bettina office in regards to this on 1300 888 611)

Bettina Families: If you would like to create a FREE Bettina Families profile or have questions about our families profiles.

General Enquiries: If you cannot find what you are looking for within our other options, please let us know here via email or give us call.

Representation Enquiries: Enquiries regarding your child’s profile including progress, updating details or general representation queries

Welcome to the Bettina Management blog!

Welcome to our blog!

This space is dedicated to providing parents and talent with information and insight into the industry and our agency.

Read about our tips and tricks of the trade, relevant news, advice, talent stories and testimonials and much more!

Joining the entertainment industry can be a bit daunting, but we are here to ensure that it is an exciting journey for all of our talent and their families.

Our blog will be a secure source of information that you can trust throughout your journey, and we hope it will assist you along the way.
We are always open to suggestions on what you would like to know or learn about the industry or about us, as an agency.
Enjoy and Happy Reading!
Bettina Management XX