Who Do I Contact If I Need Help?

Hi all,

If you are ever confused about who to contact in regards to anything, please refer to this table. It will help with making direct contact with the person you are needing to contact.

We hope this is helpful, if you are ever unsure of anything, do not hesitate to give our office a call on 1300 888 611.

Contact details:

Department Email Contact Number
Accounts accounts@bettina.com.au 1300 888 611
Attitude Studios support@attitudestudios.com.au 1300 662 674
AT2 info@at2.com.au 03 9028 2090
Bettina Families families@bettina.com.au 1300 888 611
General Enquiries info@bettina.com.au 1300 888 611
Representation Enquiries talent@bettina.com.au 1300 888 611


Who to contact when?

Accounts: Clarification on membership payments or anything financial

Attitude Studios:  To order additional photographs or to follow up pre purchased orders

AT2: Enquiries about online profile, making amendments to details (you can also contact the Bettina office in regards to this on 1300 888 611)

Bettina Families: If you would like to create a FREE Bettina Families profile or have questions about our families profiles.

General Enquiries: If you cannot find what you are looking for within our other options, please let us know here via email or give us call.

Representation Enquiries: Enquiries regarding your child’s profile including progress, updating details or general representation queries

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