…and ACTION!

Iconic Australia soap opera Neighbours has announced this week that they will be returning to set to resume filming. Here at Bettina, we have many talented kids who star as child characters on iconic soaps such as Neighbours, Wentworth and Home Away.

You might wonder how they make social distancing rules work on- set without disrupting the end product? The answer is with great camera work and clever editing. Long-running shows, like Neighbours have excellent film and stage crews, who can work the angles and props on set to make it seem like the actors are closer to each other than they actually are. The perfect solution for the producers to get their show and for the actors to remain safe!

The industry is constantly keeping an eye on all of their COVID-19 safety protocols. This includes measures that could stay in place for up to a year; such as segregated production teams, no physical contact between actors, limiting the number of people on set by increasing the shoot schedule times; changing catering practices so no shared buffet style self-help platters and using disposable cutlery and plates to name a few.

What remains uncertain is how these new measures will impact the production of our favourite shows. Will a smaller crew create more agile productions and have an advantage to the creation of the show, or will increased costs erase any potential silver linings? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we are excited to see more of our talent back out there, with many Bettina babes stepping in front of the camera in days to come.


Bettina Babe Scout, Playing Baby Aster on Iconic Australian Soap, Neighbours!

While some parents may express hesitance to get back ‘out there’ after isolation, you can rest assured that strict measures are in place, and will be, for the imminent future, to protect your children.

As per usual, if you do not feel comfortable accepting an audition request or a job booking, then the decision is yours to accept or decline. If you do choose to accept a job opportunity, you will be provided with an in-depth document detailing the specific client’s COVID-19 protocols and their health and safety policy.  When it comes to our toddlers, some brands will not be confirming their shoots until 1 day prior, so that they can have the best grasp on the situation and amend or cancel employment if necessary. So, expect everything involving your little ones, to be a bit faster paced and more urgent than normal.

Our wonderful talent is going to be a part of some amazing projects and opportunities this year and we can’t wait to share what they have been up to!

We also look forward to seeing what great things our Bettina babes will get up to for the rest of the year and can’t wait to get back into the full swing of things!