“On Saturday morning l was so excited about doing my first job – a fashion parade at Northland Shopping Centre.  When we got there, my mummy took me to have a look at the stage that l would be walking on, it was SO cool.  We met Amy, and then went to a hairdresser to have my hair done; it was put in a high piggytail. I had 4 outfits to wear, and l loved them all. I met all the other models, and they were so nice to me and showed me what to do.  They said I was a natural! The first time I walked on stage, I was very nervous, but then I got more confident, and by the last show I was just having fun. I had to get changed in the clothes very quickly, which mummy helped me with. It was the best day of my life, even better than going to see Mary Poppins!”

Northland Fashion Parade – Annabelle