“We are delighted to be part of such a great team at Bettina Management. New to the industry we did not know what to expect. Within one month of signing my daughter Giselle launched her career as an artist with her first audition. Shortly after, requests for jobs began. We’ve experienced great communication, assistance with social media, and met exceptional friends along the way. Giselle will now feature in several catalogues both as an artist and model. Our onsite experience revealed the mystery and excitement of photo shoots. The true beauty of making young children confident on set, ability to enable thinking and creativity, and learning to read opportunities around them are life skills which every child would be blessed to be exposed to. Working with experienced and passionate photographers and staff who went out of their way to ensure Giselle and myself understood the agenda on the day, assisted the both of us to feel safe and comfortable at all times. We were further blessed to experience a very considerate production team with crew members working around Giselle’s schooling commitments. Showing by their actions, that it’s not just something written on paper in their flyers, the production crew and truly care about each child’s future. Bettina Management has shown, that they are more than a talent agent in the industry as they help create and shape tomorrow’s confident leaders in a safe environment. Your passion and guidance is a true reflection of your work ethics. Thank you!” – Valeria (Giselle’s Mum)

Giselle – Big W