“Hayden had a wonderful time during the whole “Amissa Anima” process.

Initially, sending through his video audition was nerve wracking …. This was his first video audition.

He couldn’t believe it when he got the message from Bettina Management to say he had been shortlist and they would like to see him for a live casting.  He went in while I made myself scarce and he gave it all he had.  He came out and said, “I met Jim Daly an actor from “The Rake” and the people were really nice”.

The 5am starts and the 11pm finishes were the only part that wasn’t fun.  It was amazing seeing everything come together though and watching the amazing technology, which they were happy to explain.  The entire crew were lovely and Hayden was made to feel both talented and important for the duration of time he spent filming.” – Karina (Hayden’s mum)

Hayden – “Amissa Anima” Short Film