“Our first booking, and it was a big one! Day one started in Kurnell with three very excited kids and one very nervous Mum. This is new to all of us, however it seems that the kids’ innocence and desire to try new things overcame their nerves! We were met immediately on set by the caring and always attentive set nurse and the familiar face of the production Manager (Jo) and Stylist (Sue) who we had met on Friday evening. These lovely ladies, along with Lily (Hair and make up) and the kids’ “new” parents became our behind the scenes family for the week. They made sure we were ready in costume with hair and make up done when the Director or Assistant Director called us, gave us our call times, fed us, kept us warm, ensured we were taking breaks and most of all took the time to get to know the real us! They also let us in on a few trade secrets 🙂

Jai, Grace and Emma had the fortune of being cast as the “hero” kids for this commercial. As their first commercial we soon realised what this meant and how lucky they were to be given this opportunity, especially together! The first day started slowly, with the scene before us not quite wrapped. We all watched in awe as cars were taken off and on the low loader, people buzzing moving equipment, camera’s, screens, lighting. Then it was out turn, into the car the kids went, positions adjusted, hair and make up changes made, discussion had  and then it began. Take after take, various angles, lighting, slight adjustments to hand positions. Watching on a screen from the towing vehicle, I could hear some of the cues and discussions but not all. Talented individuals working together to get their creative vision perfected in real life. The result is perfect, the reality is that it takes much effort, patience attention to detail to get this result. My concern was how would Jai, Grace and Emma handle the repetition, would they understand all the directions and be able to follow through? Watching nervously on that first day; I realised that I didn’t need to be nervous at all…..they got it! At least I thought they did! At 515pm as we watched a beautiful sunset , my thoughts were affirmed. The director asked all the crew to give Jai, Grace and Emma a round of applause for their fabulous work. They felt like stars!

The next two days brought two location changes, costume changes, various scenes and lots of laughter. Without giving away the storyline; some good old fart humour was used and the kids learned how effective exaggeration can be in. They followed the directions given to them , followed the lead of their on screen parents (who were clearly polished and professional actors) and improvised! I was so proud of the three of them for taking on this new role with such enthusiasm.

Thank you to the director for casting the Phimsipasom kids, thank you to the wonderful people who helped, supported and encouraged them throughout the three days and thank you for Bettina for landing us this gig. At the end of the week, I asked all three is this something they would want to do again and the answer was “absolutely yes”, followed by “especially if we get a buffet lunch everyday”! A new world has been opened up to us!” – Jackie (Jai, Grace & Emma’s Mum)


Jai, Grace & Emma – Hyundai