“We’ve had a great experience during the SPOTLIGHT commercial shooting. From the audition, all the way to the shooting – the experience we felt was very professional and friendly. Bettina Management has kept us well informed throughout the whole process which made us at ease.

On the shooting day our little son Montetino enjoyed himself and the whole experience – from backroom fun to the attention he received from all the friendly staff. On the set, we met the director, assistant directors, onsite shooting crew, marketing teams…etc. It was a large team set up at a Brighton house location. We were provided a waiting room to relax, change and entertain Monte before his shooting was to start, and we met another lovely baby and his family. Coffee and tea was served throughout the day make our wait time not only go smoothing but quickly. The most challenging part of the whole shoot was to have my little boy behaviour what was expected of him for the shoot without being distracted by all of the people and atmosphere. In the beginning it seemed impossible however with a little encouragement from his two favourite dinosaur toys he performing like a little natural, bravo! The crew appeared quite happy and clapped with joys of agreement when Monte managed to pull off some really cute shots. It was such a fun and learning experience for all of us. The crew thanked us and said we were a great family to work with so in the end it was difficult to say goodbye to everyone. Thank you Bettina Management for making this experience such a wonderful possibility. We just can’t say thank you enough for providing us this opportunity” – Shalline (Montetino’s mum)Spotlight.png

Montetino – Spotlight