paper+giantsThe highly anticipated sequel to the ABC hit series Paper Giants has recently begun production. This exciting new series recounts one of Australia’s greatest commercial rivalries, that being the rivalry between Nene King and Dulcie Boling, the founders of New Idea and Women’s Day during the ‘magazine wars’ of the 1980s. The series will be featuring Logie Award-winner Rob Carlton as Kerry Packer who will play alongside Golden Globe winner Rachel Griffiths (as Nene King) and Mandy McElhinney (as Dulcie Boling). Jasmine Hosie, Lucy Oakford, Dakoda Simo and Molly Fielding are among the talent that have landed ‘bit-part’ roles in representing the Bettina agency. Good stuff girls!


Jasmine, Lucy, Dakoda and Molly – Paper Giants