“Tilly absolutely loves the chance to be on the set of this upcoming ABC series.  There are two production teams working on this series and each one is great.  Having the opportunity to work on a series is particularly fun as the team all know Tilly (and her crazy fun-loving personality) and there is always such a sense of joy and excitement on set.  Tilly is made to feel so welcome when she arrives.  There is a chaperone on set which means Mum gets to kick back and either read a book, or more than likely catch up on some work – while Tilly is having a ball. This series in particular is even more exciting as it is all focused on science-based experiments for kids using everyday items you find in the home.  Tilly is super excited to find out what she will be doing each time she is on set and then loves to try them out at home with the family too.  Not only is she having fun but she’s learning too.” – Liz (Tilly’s Mum)

Tilly – “Wow! That’s Amazing”