“We were very excited when we were told Brodie was successful with his audition. We both didn’t really know what to expect as it was Brodie’s first job and of all places it was in Malaysia. We were very excited that Brodie would be shooting for Vicks as it is a staple product in our household as is in most family homes, so it was a product that we knew and loved. The team in Malaysia were great. When Brodie was not shooting, they looked after him. From the assistants to the owner of the production company to the clients, they treated Brodie like he was part of the team. He had a great time. We were lucky enough to be able to do some sight seeing whilst there and were lucky enough to go up the KL tower at night which was amazing. It was a great experience which we will never forget and have made friends which we will keep in contact with. Thanks to Brodie from Bettina Management for giving Brodie the opportunities to represent Bettina management.” – Amanda (Brodie’s Mum)image2 (1)

Brodie – Vicks

“Hannah had a really good time at the Runway. As this was her first job ever, she was a bit nervous walking down the ramp on the first set. But she was more confident on the second set as one could see that occasional smile & improved walking posture. After the event, Hannah said she loved modelling & had lots of fun. She said she would want to do it again.” – Calvin (Hannah’s Dad)

hannah and jamie

Hannah – Wesfarmers Runway Show

“Isaac and I had a great time at the shoot. The photographer was great with him and was very professional. It’s definitely something we would love to do again soon :)” – Vicky (Isaac’s mum)

isaac king

Isaac – Sydney Treasures Photography

It’s a great privilege and great opportunity to work with Big W again. Uzi had an amazing time during the shoot. We had so much fun with crew and so as other kids and parents. Thank you again. Xxxx” – Jean (Uzi’s Mum)


Uzi – Big W

“Hanna’s experience at Cotton On was a very positive one. The staff were very welcoming and helped Hanna to quickly relax, despite her nerves. They also explained what exactly would be happening and when. The positive reinforcement to the models was great and that helped things to move ahead smoothly. There was more than ample food and drinks for the girls and their parents as the shoot went for about 6 hours. Hanna has been booked again by Cotton On in December and she can’t wait.” – Cameron (Hanna’s Dad)

cotton on

Hanna – Cotton On

“Waking up at 6am for school for Angelina is always a challenge, let alone getting her up at 4am! Suprisingly she jumped out of bed. This was Angelina’s first time acting in a commercial. She was so excited and so nervous at the same time. Not really knowing what to expect. The staff at Betting (Bianca) was so helpful, and provided us with so much information beforehand, so we had an idea what to expect!

We drove down to Bradleys Head and were met with some lovely people from the Agency shooting the commercial. It all started. Angelina got her makeup and hair done and then we all drove down to the Ampitheatre where Angelina got her head measured for the bucket to fit over her head! Besides the weather (it was FREEZING), it was so much fun. All the staff from the agency were so nice and thoughtful, constantly asking if Angelina was okay (I think she was the youngest there). They shot for about 2 hours and we were done! They provided a table full of food and tea and coffee. Angelina’s experience was amazing – she cant wait to be selected for other stuff!” – Heba (Angelina’s Mum)

Angelina – KFC

“Mia joy enjoyed her job with sydney treasures photography, especially that it was her first job. The photographer was very friendly which helped her feel confortable. She was happy to do whatever he asked her to, and she even made a new friend, a little girl participating in the photoshoot. They had very nice photos together. Overall mia was excited and happy, she felt FAMOUS, as she said and cant wait to have another opportunity soon.” – Sylvie (Mia’s mum)



Mia – Sydney Treasures Photograpgy

“I would just like to share my Daughters experience with you! My Daughter name is Monique and she recently did a photo shoot for Moose, Monique could not stop talking about how she felt so important whilst working with your Team. She was definitely on a high! Thank you for letting my daughter be part of your world and thank you for making her experience one she will never forget. Regards from a happy and proud mum” – Natasha


Monique – Moose Toys


“Harper had the most amazing time working for Village Cinemas on location at the QT Station Manley. We arrived and were greeted by the lovely ladies from Village Cinemas who gave Harper his instructions and costume for the evening.  Getting into character and wearing ‘Georgies’ outfit from the movie was extremely exciting for him. As part of his job he had to get into character and ultimately give the guests a little scare as they arrived at the QT Station. The guests gasped and stopped to take photos and a short video was also taken by Village Cinemas. It was safe to say Harper was in his element and this was his favorite part of the night. From this point he had some dialogue and was able to interact with the guests at the event whilst they ate dinner. It is an understatement to say that he was over the moon about getting this opportunity and completing his first job. He has had a taste and extremely excited at the prospect of being able to complete more jobs in the future with Bettina. Thanking you for the opportunity” – Hayley (Harper’s Mum)

Harper – Village Cinemas



Amy had a really great experience with Nissan TVC shooting.  Everyone was very nice and so professional.  She really enjoyed her time there, learned few things about commercial shooting and also made few friends. Thank you Bettina for this wonderful opportunity! – Sue” – (Amy’s mum)

Amy – Nissan

“Deniliquin and i had an amazing experience on her 3 day commercial shoot for Aldi. She told me she had a lot of fun making new friends and as this was her first ever job, she enjoyed the experience and looks forward to hopefully doing it again soon. The production crew were fantastic! Thank you so much Bettina and Aldi x” – Talalelei (Deniliquin’s Mum)

Deniliquin – ALDI



“Diyon  was successful enough to do his first TV commercial for TAC. Bettina Management was very supportive and responsive throug  the day of casting, constantly updated  me soon as heard from  the client. Bettina Management  was kind enough  to  answers all my silly questions and it was a great help for  me and my child to  be  relax on casting day. The client and the production crew was very friendly and they didn’t put any pressure on my child. I  would like to thank Bettina Management for representing  Diyon. Thank you.” – Lakmali (Diyon’s Mum)


Diyon – TAC



“Monique’s interview with Bettina gave her the confidence to move around in front of a camera with ease, and she loved it. Since signing up she has already done a photo shoot which has covered our annual fee , so we are laughing and hoping you get more work for our little precious. She loves what she does and Bettina management helped her to feel special about herself. Thanks guys , you are all awesome” – Patricia (Monique’s Mum)


Monique – The Smith Family

“Layla and I had a ball at our photo shoot with broken tricycle so professional, exciting and we can’t wait for our next adventure.” – Kelly (Layla’s mum)




Layla – Broken Tricycle


“Working with Bettina Management crew are fantastic. My daughter Ti-Alee recently did a commercial shoot with Holden and the crew were awesome and made sure Ti-Alee was looked after and made her time enjoyable.” – Bernie (Ti-Alee’s mum)



Ti-Alee – Holden

“Thanks for giving Sebastian the opportunity to work with Fila Kids Korea!  The Fila staff were wonderful with the kids, definitely bringing out the best in them and very gentle and nurturing with them. It was a great experience for them and they even gave them all a pair of Fila shoes at the end of the day.  Great fun all round!” – Julie (Sebastian’s mum)



Sebastian – Fila Kids Korea


unnamed (4)

“We got a call to attend the audition and although Beau had never done any acting before he was really excited to give it a go. I made sure he knew there were going to be lots of other kids auditioning too so he wouldn’t get his hopes up too high. The day before we practiced some facial expressions and recorded them on my iPhone, which he really enjoyed doing. He was very nervous during the audition and a little bit shy in the spotlight but he followed the interviewer’s instructions beautifully and tried his best. We weren’t very sure if he’d get the part due to the amount of kids applying so we were very surprised when we got the call to say he got it. Beau was extremely proud of himself and it was a huge boost in his confidence, he told every one that would listen that he was going to be in a Toyota ad. The shoot was on top of Mount Tambourine in a beautiful chapel in a vineyard. We got there at the crack of dawn as they wanted the morning light for the scene. Every one there was really friendly and professional, we were amazed at the quality of the set, it was obvious a lot of thought and work had gone into it. Beau was very nervous but felt much better as soon as he saw the buffet breakfast spread. Shortly after breakfast they got him into the hair and makeup truck and fussed over him until he looked the part, all of the actors and film crew introduced themselves during the process and made Beau feel very comfortable. When it was time to shoot the scene the director was very good at explaining to Beau what they wanted him to do and I must admit, I was impressed with how well he went. However, it was a long process for Beau and he did start to lose focus and become fidgety, I think that’s to be expected with kids though! At the end of it all they thanked Beau for his hard work then we sat in the director’s tent for a while to watch the other scenes be filmed. It was a very long and exhausting morning for him (he fell asleep straight after) but a very memorable and proud day for him. Of course now he is hoping to be picked to do it again.”

Beau – Toyota

I had a great experience with Archers recent photo shoot with Broken Tricycle. The audition and the photo shoot were both comfortable experiences and the casting crew were lovely. I cant wait to see the final result!” – Tegan (Archer’s mum)





Archer – Broken Tricycle

“My daughters have been with Bettina for just over 5 months now and the service we have received I am unable to fault.

Throughout every audition & photo shoot the girls and I have always felt comfortable with in the process.  The girls have been lucky enough to be cast in channel tens “the Wrong Girl – Season 2”, the whole process has been so exciting and professional I couldn’t be happier. Brodie has been beyond helpful and I can honestly say that within a 10 minute time frame I receive a response to any questions or concerns sent through.

As all mothers know exposing your children to anything new is always a nerve racking experience but I can honestly say it has been such a fun and enjoyable one.” – Ashlea (Willow and Harlow’s mum)



Willow and Harlow – The Wrong Girl (TV Series)

Everyone at Bettina Management has been fabulous. They’ve made a daunting decision much easier by answering all my questions, which is why I signed up my youngest daughter with them. We had no expectations, but thought that Vivienne would enjoy the chance to be involved in some acting or modelling. It was all new to our family, but luckily the staff at Bettina had the experience to help us through the process! Vivienne’s first audition led to her shooting a television commercial, which was an amazing experience for her and fascinating for all of us to see how the magic is made. She’s so proud when people say “didn’t I see you on TV?” and it’s given her an opportunity to follow her passion. Everyone on set was so kind and helpful, and there was a wealth of information from Bettina Management about what to expect on the day and how the system works. I’ve noticed that everyone at Bettina has made a point of following up quickly, which is so important when decisions are often made by clients at the last minute (as we’ve learned!). I’m so glad that Vivienne has had the opportunity to be a part of Bettina Management, and I can’t wait to see what she achieves next.” – Kathryn (Vivienne’s mum)unnamed (2)

Vivienne – ALDI

“We have an awesome experience working with all the staff and the management. They are very friendly, bubbly, easy to reach out, and very professional.  Uzi had so much fun working with other kids too. We are looking forward to work with them again in the future. Thank you so much.” – Jean (Uzi’s mum)


Uzi – Big W

“Tyger enjoyed his job and his experience at the shooting. Tyger enjoyed dressing and acting as a zombie while interacting with other children, as he made many new friends on the day. The staff who helped Tyger with the shoot were kind, friendly, and made the experience memorable and entertaining.” – Monnie (Tyger’s mum)

Tyger – Big W

“On the day of Ti-Alee’s shoot, she had such an amazing day. She loved meeting her new friends and had so much fun. This was her first time in a commercial she didn’t know what to expect. The people behind the scenes were great they really looked after the children, even the adults were taken care of. The experience for Ti-Alee was great and then I you to everyone that was involved.” – Bernie (Ti-Alee’s Mum)




Ti-Alee – Kmart

“Saw the open casting on Facebook that they were in need for a 6 week old baby, applied and got the job for my son. They were extremely accomodating, caring and were a lovely bunch of people. We now get to see our little guy on TV! Communication was fantastic.

Thank you Bettina. What a great experience.” – Kelsey (Slater’s mum)


Slater – HBF

“We had such a great experience with Fila Kids!  The clients were such lovely people and went beyond our expectations in catering for us, from fruit, muffins and water for the kids and coffee for the parents! Uber and taxi rides all day between photo shoot sites and just the day in general was very pleasant even with the language barrier.  They were lovely to the kids and the kids weren’t pushed too far and thoroughly enjoyed their experience!” – Casey (Seth’s mum)


Seth – Fila Kids

“On arrival at the shoot location the shoot team welcomed us and were very informative about how the day would run. They made sure Richard was relaxed and always aware of changes. He had his clothes all set out for him through outfit changes . There was a great team of stylists, hair and makeup, videographers ,producers and more on that day .  They served lunch for the actors including us the parents which was very nice. It was getting warm outdoor through the shoot and they served us ice cream! Richard had a wonderful time working with the other talented kids on the set . He made new friends and it was a amazing experience for him.” – Irene (Richard’s mum)





Richard – Australian Government

“I was apprehensive about what modelling would be like for a just turned four year old. As a mum, deep down all you really want is the best experiences for your children. Millie’s work on the DJ Xmas shoot was such a valuable and enriching exercise in self confidence and self belief. I could not fault the Bettina Team in guiding us from casting through to shoot. Likewise the DJs production team were extremely generous and mindful in their management of Millie on set.Thank you all!” – Michaal (Millie’s mum)



Millie – David Jones

“Signed up for Melody with Bettina Management just for fun, didn’t expect a real job in such a short time. Thanks Bettina for providing the platform and opportunity. And it’s all well organised. We definitely had a wonderful experience of the shooting with Britax on site. Melody performed great, didn’t cry or get grumpy. She enjoyed the shooting and playing. Looking forward to seeing the advertisement and more opportunities.” – Laura (Melody’s mum)melody britax.png

Melody – Britax

“We were very excited for Mack to be cast in a Mitsubishi commercial though being new to he industry we had no idea what to expect! On arrival were greeted by the on-set nurse who looked after the child actors for the entire afternoon, ensuring they were where they were meant to be on time, kept out of the cold where possible, and that the parents had warm beverages!


The other actors and crew were brilliant with Mack and he happily giggled his way through the filming, and explored the cars and the set in between shots! We look forward to more TVC opportunities but more importantly we are eagerly waiting for him to appear on our screens!” – Imogen (Mack’s mum)

Mack – Mitsubishi

My daughter Loni has had very pleasant experiences Modeling for Bettina, the staff are very lovely to deal with and love knowing they have had to good time enjoying themselves on set. People on set are more than accommodating from photography to hair and makeup to all to people offering food and water, Loni has always felt comfortable with every job she has undertaken.


I highly recommend Bettina to anyone thinking of starting in the industry. – Tania (Loni’s mum)

Loni – Target

My experience with Bettina Management has been very professional and easy forms of communication. Even as our contract has expired and did not wish to continue they still represented their client and seek our permission in having our 4 year old daughter represent their clients company. ivy-jade  

Highly recommended, we would absolutely do another contract later in the future with our second child. – Enrica-Jade (Ivy-Jade’s mum)

Ivy-Jade – Country Road

Isla was very excited to attend a photo shoot with Fila. Isla was a little nervous at the start but she just focused on being herself.  Isla had the opportunity to shoot the photo’s with Fila at different locations across Melbourne, and even got to travel around the city in Uber’s.  The employer Fila were so lovely and had lots of fun with the kids.  Isla finished the shoot feeling confident and she can’t wait to do it again. – Natalie (Isla’s mum)


Isla – Fila Kids

We know Bettina Management is a well known modelling agency in Australia. My little girl joined as Bettina member since she won the Face of Bettina 2016. It’s definitely opening up more opportunity to explore the modelling industry. We are happy to be part of the team. – Ingrid (Ivana’s mum)Innovative Retail

Ivana – Innovative Retail

Harlie had a good day shooting kids costumes for Lincraft. Unfortunately she didn’t feel her best that day, she had a bit of a cold and cough. It was fantastic of Lincraft to let Harlie keep all the 6 costumes, she loves to dressup!1 (2)

Harlie – Lincraft

What an amazing 2 days we had, it was so exciting and very overwhelming, in a good way. I think, no I know I was more nervous than Georgia, she took it in her stride and interacted with the adults and fellow cast, as if they were old friends, she thoroughly enjoyed the two days of filming especially makeup and wardrobe, which was her favorite. To see how much effort is put in to a television commercial, was an experience in itself let alone be in one. The amazing people we met, so lovely and so professional, really spent the time encouraging the kids, and made them feel at ease. It is a special ‘mum/daughter’ memory Georgia and I will always share.Thank you Bettina’s for this wonderful opportunity and a lifelong memory. – Kylie (Georgia’s mum)


Georgia – SunRice

“My daughter just finished her first shoot last night and we found the whole experience wonderful. Very organised and professional and most importantly fun.” – Maree (Georgia’s mum)


georgia miller

Georgia – Miller Roberts

Charlie has worked for City Beach (based in Brisbane) a few times now and loves it. The Marketing crew there are so supportive of him and guide him every shoot. It’s a fun, relaxed way for Charlie to earn some pocket money…although he’s almost spent it all by the end of the shoot on the cool surf wear he gets to try on! – Jacki (Mum)20233463-01-FT-LL

Charlie – City Beach

Great experience for Ben, he was made to feel at ease and it was all smooth sailing. Great communication from Bettina Management as always! Ben’s hooked on this and can’t wait for another gig! – Maria (Ben’s mum)

Ben – Holden

“I would thoroughly recommend Bettina Management to represent your child. Bettina’s team are very focused on your child and getting them the best possible opportunities in the industry. Their client base is incredibly wide and diverse and this ensures your child has the best chance of great work opportunities.” – Sally (Will’s mum)Will country road

Will – Country Road

“We received a text message to alert us that an urgent email was sent on the 28th april. Not thinking anything of it I checked and found out that Phoebe was shortlisted for an international photo shoot in Bali for FILA Kids Korea. The smile on her little face was priceless and she was super excited. She loved the experience and is now in love with Bali.” – Judith (Phoebe’s mum)

Phoebe – Fila Kids Korea

“Oliver had a fantastic day at his first job – thank you for putting him forward. Hopefully this is the first of many more to come – fingers crossed. Thank you again!” – Jo (Oliver’s mum)

Oliver – Clark Rubber shoot

“My kids had a great experience shooting a TV commercial for truck safety. Bettina was very professional to deal with and responded very quickly to any questions I had. Very happy with the professionalism from all involved.” – Desley (mum)

Zane, Beau & Jordan – NSW Road Safety TVC

“During a recent overseas assignment the support and information exchange from Bettina was outstanding and made the journey a pleasure.” – Lindsay (Maya’s mum)


“We were on holiday in Cairns after my dad had returned from Afghanistan and was told I had been selected, we couldn’t believe it. I was so excited as I had never been to Thailand before! We were staying in a huge hotel overlooking Bangkok. I had so much fun and I am still very proud that I was chosen to do the advert. It was so nice to have all my family there, and Jess who was awesome from Bettina took care of me during the shoot.” – Maya


Maya – Barbie Thailand shoot

“My daughter had her first job and she absolutely loved it.  The team at Bettina were very helpful and answered any questions I had straight away.” – Angela (Lucy’s mum)

Lucy – IAG shoot

“Jessica had so much fun, she enjoyed being a star. Dr Renae Beaumont was a wonderful host, thank you Renae. The photo shoot was well run, and the atmosphere created ensured all the kids involved ended up laughing and playing as though they had known each other for years.  Well done to all involved!” – Lynn (Jessica’s mum)

Jessica – Secret Agents Society shoot

“What can I say. I was, well I should say we, were very excited that we heard from Bettina when they ask Jaxson to audition for an upcoming drama TV series. And within a few days Jaxson got the part. As we live in the country, which is about 1hr and half away from Melbourne, I never thought my that my son would be accepted. So, thank you Bettina for accepting my son. He had the best time of his life and most of all the experience he will gain for doing that. I understand that we live far, but like I said to Kathleen, we don’t mind to travel, it’s the experiences that Jaxson will get from this.” – Romelda (Jaxson’s mum)

Jaxson – ABC TVS ‘7 Types of Ambiguity’

We love the professional service by everyone at Bettina. Over the last last few years my child has had the opportunity of being interviewed  and casting by a few Companies. Sometimes he wasn’t accepted but we didn’t mind as they were looking for something else and sometimes he got the job. For us it’s the experience that counts as it made my child become more confident in himself. The team has always proved to be very helpful and patient. I highly recommend them if you think your child has got it behind the cameras. The industry is very competitive so have patience and it pays off. Thank you again Bettina for the continuous support and let’s hope my child become mega star. Xo

Deen – (Jasim’s dad)

“We know Bettina Management is a well known modelling agency in Australia. My little girl joined as Bettina member since she won the Face of Bettina 2016. It’s definitely opening up more opportunity to explore the modelling industry. We are happy to be part of the team.” – Ingrid (Ivana’s mum)

Ivana – Australian Country Spinners

“At first we’re in doubt that the agency will get a job for our daughter after reading the welcome package. But, she got her very first job so quick after we joined her at Bettina Management, with lots of exposures in it so we’re really happy as well as our daughter. It wasn’t a big project but a very good one for a starter. I also thought that she might feel the pressure, but no, she enjoyed it a lot and didn’t feel tired at all. Now she’s looking forward to get more exciting jobs for her to shine. Thanks to Bettina for the great opportunity.” – Venis (Hannah’s mum)

Hannah – BusyBuddy

“Dakota had the best day shooting for the new Smiggle Campaign. Can hardly wait for her next experience :)” – Tricy (Dakota’s mum)

Dakota – Smiggle shoot

“There was lots of excitement for Charlie on her shoot.  The shoot was great, professional and engaging for Charlie.  Thank you for this opportunity for her.” – Damask (Charlie’s mum)

Charlie – Cengage Learning

celine mustangs“Bettina Management is such an amazing place filled with the most wonderful opportunities you could only dream of. Me as a mother have enjoyed watching my daughters dream come true. To the amazing people working in Bettina, I appreciate all the hard work and contribution; it might have taken a year to get something but the outcome was beautiful. There was no hesitation in my decision in choosing Bettina, even though there were a number of other companies I could have gone with, something about Bettina just drew me to it and I’m thankful that I did choose them as the agency for my child. Now I can have my four other beautiful daughter join and have their dreams come true as well.” – Julia (Celine’s mum)

Celine – Mustangs TVS

“We were all really excited & proud for Aydin. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity .. are you kidding ..  an all expenses paid cruise? The crew were all very nice & professional with a run sheet given to us each day of the day’s activities. The cruise staff were all great and made the trip very enjoyable. Aydin got on well with everybody and really enjoyed the time. He said it was much better than school.” – Albert (Aydin’s dad)

Aydin – Cruise shoot

“My little piglet and I had our first photo shoot yesterday for Britax. Had such an amazing time and was fun seeing behind the scenes of a photo shoot. All correspondence in regards to the shoot with Bettina was great. A response was sent within the hour.” – Sara-May (Aurora’s mum)

Aurora – Britax shoot

“I was so excited when I found out I got accepted to take part in the photo shoot for a prestigious cruise company. It was fun taking part with other people and it was an amazing experience for me as I was able to meet people with unique talents. I have learnt so much about acting and modelling in a professional environment. I want to thank Bettina Management and all those who helped me get ready as they allowed me to enter the cruise and have fun.” – Ashley

Ashley – Cruise shoot

The Kmart Shoot was great fun, Jai loved it!  The whole team went out off their way to make the experience  comfortable and enjoyable.
 Having never experienced anything like this before it was a real eye opener, the amount of work and number off staff required to make a TV commercial was impressive.
I hope this is the beginning of a bright future for Jai who moved socially around the studio with confidence and ease.  I wish to thank you again for this wonderful opportunity, and the support Bettina have provided for kids with all abilities,  Jai  loved “Working”and been in amongst it all.
Michelle & Jai

Michelle (mum of Jai)

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 3.12.55 pm“Just to let you know we attended the shoot for Seed and it was wonderful!! Hollie had a great time and I felt very comfortable. The crew were amazing with all the children and were very helpful. All in all it was a very relaxed session. Thanks to you for instructing me on the different concerns I had raised with you days prior. You are wonderful and I hope Hollie has more sessions in time.”

Hollie – Seed shoot

Hi Kathleen & Selby,

Just at wanted to say a massive thank you to you both. Wayne and the boys had a great time on location for the TAC ad. All the production people were very welcoming and inclusive. The director was very complimentary of the boys which made me a very proud mum.
With a grateful heart

Wayne, Thomas & Isaiah – TAC TVC

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.58.19 am
“Just to let you know that I have seen the ad Hunter did for Australian Unity!
I have also seen their website which his photo is the background of and a billboard as well! It’s so exciting and he loves seeing the ad and his face around! Thanks so much!!” – Alyssa (Hunters mum)

Hunter – Australian Unity

12074498_918272558251995_5649013624302859835_nKidz Fashion Week

‘My experience on the Catwalk was fantastic! Not only up on stage but behind the scenes as well. Being in front of the cameras, lights and audience was so much fun.  Walking up and down the runway knowing that everyone is cheering you on is such a good feeling.  I made lots of friends backstage and the clothes I wore were awesome!

This was my first time on stage and I loved the whole experience.  I can’t wait to do it again!’

Jacob – Kidz Fashion Week

Lea was phenomenal & I would like to think its one of many more to come,  and on behalf of Lea & myself we are pleased to have Bettina Management on our side and to be a part of your team! Thanks again for a delightful collaboration. 🙂


Nickelodeon TVCnickelodeon152619

Hi everyone at Bettina. I’ve been with Bettina for only a couple months and was very excited when I found out I had a casting with Nickelodeon. The casting was awesome and the team at Nickelodeon were fantastic. When I found out I got the job I was ecstatic. When I got slimed it was the best feeling in the world. I was jumping into something I had no idea about. Was it going to be sticky, thick or thin. I got my wardrobe and make-up done and got to wear some pretty awesome clothes. When it was my turn to get slimed I stepped up onto the platform and saw all the slimers and camera’s pointing at me. The slimers had a serious look on there face. Before I jumped everybody cheered me on and made me feel very excited. It was surreal to have all these people cheering for me. When I jumped and saw the slime coming at me from four different directions, I had a big adrenaline rush and didn’t know what to do so I just kept smiling, pretty bad idea since it went all into my mouth. It actually didn’t taste as bad as I thought. When I landed on the mat I was absolutely saturated with slime. It was even in my shoes. After we got slimed we had to have a shower and go into wardrobe and make-up again. Thanks Bettina for giving me such a great experience. Thanks to you I met lots of wonderful people that I am still in contact with. Ariel x

Ariel – Nickelodeon TVC

lifestyleshootLifestyle & Health Shoot

“I liked running on the beach with my pretend mum and dad. I liked jumping on the bed with my pretend mum and dad. I liked reading my book to my pretend mum. I liked getting my picture taken.”

Catherine – Lifestyle & Health Shoot

Colgate TV CommercialColgate.113816

“When mum told me I was chosen to have a part in the Colgate commercial, I was rapt. I enjoyed the filming and the crew were a lot of fun. Seeing myself on TV is unbelievable and getting lots of comments from family and friends is fun”

Liam – Colgate TVC


monique-wood-vic-robina-town-centre-santa-shoot“Hi Anna and team, I would like to tell you about my experience l had while doing the Christmas photo shoot for Robina Shopping Centre.  After being told l was chosen to do the photo shoot.  Mum and I went to a studio in Melbourne where there were a lot of people that all seemed to know who l was and were very friendly.  I then got to have my hair and makeup done and a stylist showed me my outfits that l would be wearing.  After a while Santa came in the room and then we both had our photos taken it was so much fun. There was fake snow blowing in the air, they even had a live rabbit that l fed and looked after.  The people were so nice and the photographer’s name was Andrew – the same name as my daddy’s.  Santa had known where l lived.  It was very special being able to take photos with him before Christmas this year. After the photo shoot Santa gave me a reindeer toy that l took to school for show and share the next day. All the children in my class said l was very lucky to had been with Santa in September this year. Some children were confused.  My friend has just arrived home from Queensland saying that there are posters all around the centre of me and Santa. They have even brought home with them copies of the catalogue with me in it which was very exciting for me to see.  Before l had arrived home on the day of the Robina photo shoot mum had told me that they liked me so much they booked me in to do another photo shoot for another Shopping Centre. I was so excited and enjoy having my photo taken.  Thanks Anna and all the staff at Bettina”

Marissa – Robina Town Centre Christmas shoot

NationalIndigenousShoot-HarmoniHunt-NSW-FeaturedintheKooriMail.165454National Indigenous TV

“The photo shoot for NITV was awesome. We met all the wonderful people and they made me feel comfortable. I loved when I got my hair and make-up done by Woody.  The photo shoot was fun. I did lots of funny faces and told a joke. I did an interview where I did a shout out saying “Hello my name is Harmoni Hunt and you’re watching NITV”


Harmoni – National Indigenous TV

warnerbrosWarner Bros Kids

In early July this year, the Bettina team posted an open casting call opportunity on the Bettina Management Facebook page. The ad invited potential applicants to watch Channel 9’s Kids’ WB TV show for details on how to apply. The competition was run nationally and offered to fly the winner from their home state to Melbourne in order to take part in the production of an episode on the show! The winner was none other than Bettina’s Oriah Chittleborough! Oriah was flown over from Perth with his mother and had ‘an awesome experience’ filming with local celebrities Lauren Phillips and Andrew Faulkner. Well done Oriah!

Oriah – Warner Bros Kids

Centro ‘The Glen’ Displayscentro

Over the years, Bettina Management has been proud to provide talent to ‘The Glen’ for numerous point of purchase productions and this year, young Gus Campana and Lucy Oakford were lucky enough to get a slice of the action! The pair look great together in the shots which have been hung from the Shopping Centre ceiling and stuck onto the front of elevators, as seen in the pictures here. They also feature in the Glen’s official catelogue. If you’re over South East side, go and check them out at The Glen in Glen Waverley!

Gus & Lucy – Centro ‘The Glen’ Displays


BONDS ‘What can I say, This was an amazing experience not only for our baby girl but also for myself and Porsha’s Father. We were treated like royalty while on set, everyone was very welcoming and included us into the experience. Porsha loved that some of the people on set were dressed up as characters from kids shows and they all  gave her 100% of their time, they were very good at amusing the children and making sure that it was fun for them. Porsha even received gifts from the some of the crew when finishing her shoot, which was really touching. It has been 4 months since our first shoot with Bonds and Porsha still talks about it. Thank you so much for giving Porsha the opportunity and for being so welcoming.’

Emily – BONDS

Medibank TVCmedibank

“In September I got a call from Bettina telling me my son has been chosen to be in a Medibank Private ad. We were very excited by this news! It started out with just a meet and greet with the client, they asked Oliver to do a short 5 minute task which they just filmed on a hand-held video camera everything was very quick and easy. The next call we got was to say that he had been short listed and he will be needed to come for a wadrobe day. I unfortunately couldn’t make it to the wadrobe day but my mother took Oliver for me, she said it was a very relaxed easy day. The last call we got was to say Oliver has been chosen to be filmed for the advertisment, this news was what we had been waiting for! So we made the hour and a half trip to Melbourne where we were greeted by several helpful workers who pointed us where to go and what to do next, there was a little bit of waiting around to be done but thats got to be expected. They got us to dress Oliver into the clothes he would be filmed in which were his own clothes from home, then we went and got his “make-up” done, they only put a bit of sunscreen on and some powder so he wasn’t too shiney. We then went straight onto set, the people in set were very good with all the children, Oliver is a very shy boy so I was a little worried about how he would go being given tasks to do by strangers but they were all very nice and patient with the children. By the end of the day Oliver was quiet tired, (he didn’t get his afternoon nap) but we did get a free large buffet lunch and free coffee and drinks all day which helped us all keep going. All in all it was a very good day, Oliver had fun and it was a great experience for all of us.”

Oliver – Medibank TVC


Sudo Clothing

Photo Shoot # 1: Sudo Office, Moorabbin:

“I liked the clothes, especially the strawberry dress. I loved changing into all those wonderful clothes. I also liked posing. Oh yes, we all had McDonalds, it was great.”

Photo Shoot # 2: Abandoned Garage, Edithvale:

“I loved mama and papa being there around me, it was fun. I was happy and relaxed at the place. I liked being myself, casual. I also liked the pose of putting my foot up on the wall behind.”

Sudo Clothing – Manisha

“On Saturday morning l was so excited about doing my first job – a fashion parade at Northland Shopping Centre.  When we got there, my mummy took me to have a look at the stage that l would be walking on, it was SO cool.  We met Amy, and then went to a hairdresser to have my hair done; it was put in a high piggytail. I had 4 outfits to wear, and l loved them all. I met all the other models, and they were so nice to me and showed me what to do.  They said I was a natural! The first time I walked on stage, I was very nervous, but then I got more confident, and by the last show I was just having fun. I had to get changed in the clothes very quickly, which mummy helped me with. It was the best day of my life, even better than going to see Mary Poppins!”

Northland Fashion Parade – Annabelle

Northland Fashion Parade Northland

“Hi everyone. My name is Felix Bell and I am 8 years old. Firstly I want to thank Anna and the whole of Bettina’s team for their support. I love you guys! I had an awesome time at the Northland Shopping Centre Fashion Parade. I got to wear cool clothes and walk the runway. My favourite outfit was a leather jacket, spunky shirt, jeans and cool sunglasses. Everyone was lovely, and worked so fast. Once we got of the runway there was a quick change and then back on the stage. I love it! The audience was friendly and I smiled at them when I was walking. It was my first time doing a fashion parade but I learnt the walk very quickly and had fun out there. Thank you team I had an awesome day and look forward to doing another one.”

Northland Fashion Parade – Felix

waterfardens Watergardens Town Centre

“To the team. A huge thank you for my job at watergardens. I had so much fun. The crew were great and very helpful. They made my mother and I feel welcomed. They couldn’t do enough for us both. I had my hair and makeup done. This was very exciting because I’d never had this done before,
 for it was my first job. My mother and I both enjoyed the experience, especially when we got to see the pictures in the shopping centre.


Watergardens shoot -Lorenzo

Jack Irish Telemovie – Gabrielle Smith & Scarlette Wilsonjackirish





Inspired by celebrated novels written by Peter Temple, ‘Jack Irish: Bad Debts’ and ‘Jack Irish: Black Tide’, Andrew Knight and Matt Cameron have adapted the story of ‘Jack Irish’ to a telemovie to be aired on ABC1. Jack himself will be played by the accomplished Australian actor Guy Pearce (Neighbours, Home and Away, The Hurt Locker, The Proposition) and co-stars will include Shane Jacobson (Kenny) and Don Hany (Offspring) among others. Also casted for roles in this exciting new production are Bettina’s very own Gabrielle Smith and Scarlett Wilson! Even Gabriella’s mum was involved! The telemovie will be filmed in and around Melbourne and is scheduled to air in 2012.

Gabrielle & Scarlette – Jack Irish

offspring.171441Offspring TV Series – Ella & Eva Jarvis

Written by Debra Oswald in conjunction with John Edwards and Imogen Banks, the successful Australian television comedy-drama Offspring has enjoyed excellent ratings during it’s opening two 13-episode seasons which began airing on Channel 10 last year. Channel 10 had announced a third season, which is scheduled to air in early 2012. Amongst the excitement of it all are two very lucky baby girls Ava and Ella Jarvis, who have been offered 4-month contracts and a long-term role on the show as the children of Kate Jenkinson and nieces of Dr. Patrick Reed (played by Matthew Le Nevez). Offspring airs at 8:30pm on Monday nights. You may also visit the Channel 10 website for more info.

Ella & Eva – Offspring TVS

Canon TVC 

“Well, it was so much fun, I got to run up a hill at the beach and I got to play with a toy aeroplane with streamers coming off it at the same time. The director was very funny and kind. I can’t wait to do it again!”

Donté – Canon TVC

Mrs Biggs 

“The weekend went great. Blake had an absolute ball and from what I gather everyone was really happy with him. It was certainly an experience and after meeting everyone and being on location my nerves have settled down and we’re super excited for the rest of the filming over the next few weeks. Blake’s brother, mum and dad all seem lovely. Blake had a ball playing with Oscar who is playing his brother as we got to spend quite a bit of time with him prior to the scene out on location. I have attached a pic of Blake in his 60’s costume. Thanks!”

Blake – Mrs Biggs

robinaRobina Town Centre Shoot 

“Hi, my name is Monique Wood. I am six years old now and currently in grade 1. My mum got a phone call about an interview for the Robina photo shoot and the people wanted to meet me in the city. My dad came too. They were really nice and asked me what my favorite food was. I said “White chocolate” and they promised that me that they should be able to organize that for me when I was to do my photo shoot and explained what I need to do on the day. Two days later my mum drove her car to the city and we went inside a big building. Inside there were lots of people and an Xmas tree and pretend presents. There were lots of clothes and jewelry and makeup everywhere. I sat in a chair and had my hair and makeup done by a really nice lady. And then I put on a pretty blue dress and shoes and jewelry. I had lots and lots and lots of photos taken of me. I ate lots of white chocolate and strawberries. It was so much fun. They would take some photos of me and then I would have a break and eat more chocolate and strawberries. I had photos with Santa too, I know he wasn’t the real one because mum told me that he was just a helper as Santa was at the north pole. When I took the photos with Santa I had to look in his ear for wax and recite the alphabet. I couldn’t see any wax in there and this made everybody laugh and me laugh too. Inside the present box where more photos were taken I had to open the lid and count the pretend rabbits and close the lid again. This was a bit hard to do as I kept accidently counting out loud instead of in my head quietly and this kept making me laugh. It was really funny. Mum kept laughing with me too and at the end they gave me a present, a box full of Jewelry including the belt I wore around my waist in the photos. My mum a few weeks later took me on an aeroplane to Qld to the Robina shopping centre. I got to see myself and Santa in the shopping centre everywhere. I also got to keep the catalogue from the Robina shopping centre. When my mum first showed me the catalogue I was a bit disappointed that I was not on the front cover as I wanted to be on the front cover. I was inside the catalogue twice and my mum said that if I want to be on the front cover one day that I can be. I really want to be on the front cover like the pretty other model lady that was at the photo shoot with me was. She was really pretty and nice to me”

Monique – Robina Town Centre shoot

Disney Junior TVC

“I had a great time at the Disney Junior shoot, mainly because it was filmed at Lollypop Playland and I got to play there in between shots. I met a lot of nice people including Grace who I will appear on TV with. During the shoot we had to wear funny little microphones and repeat lines to the cameraman while he filmed us. There was lots of giggling, as we had to say some funny things. In between lines we got to play a game that had floating balls, that was really amazing, I had never seen anything like that before! All in all it was a fantastic day. I can’t wait to see myself on Disney Junior!”

Emma – Disney Junior TVC

Target TVC 

“Nan asked me to let you know how the Target shoot went on Saturday. It went very well. We arrived at 7.30. The lady in charge was Natalie. She showed us around and then we had breakfast. We then met the other people who I would be working with. We were to be a family. My dad in the shoot was Craig and my mum was Mellissa. I also had a little brother called Xavier. For the first shoot we did winter wear. I wore a cardigan with jeans and a t-shirt. The people I worked with were very nice and friendly. Craig and Mellissa were very kind to Xavier and me. We were given a lovely lunch and then I met some of the other children that were in the other ads. There was another ten-year-old girl called Chelsea, another boy called James and a little four-year-old called Nina. We played together using an electronic white board. After lunch I did the sleepwear shoot. Of course I wore pyjamas for that one. It finished after five so we said good bye to the other children and their parents. We also said good bye to Natalie who told us we could take home some Easter eggs. I took one for myself and one each for my brother and sister. It was a very good day but I was tired and fell asleep at the end of the day. I can’t wait to see the ads when they come on TV. I hope I could do it all over again one day. Thanks for giving me this great job”

Georgie – Target TVC

mossimoMossimo Shoot

“I really enjoyed my first shoot with Mossimo. It was a fun experience for me, everyone was nice and very professional.  I liked the location we were shooting at because it was very open and easy to shoot in. My favourite part of the day was when we were shooting at the rocks with our different coloured hoodies. I chose the best rock to sit on and they took a picture of us when we weren’t looking! I look forward to future photo shoots with Bettina”

Damon – Massimo shoot

Selleys TVC

“Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are and how excited our family are with seeing Callum in the Selleys Ultra Repair TVC. It has just topped off a great experience for us and Callum. The shoot went so fantastically well with the crew being so helpful and great with Callum, he really built up a great rapport with his ‘TV Dad’. The crew were also really great when it came to the crying scenes that needed to be filmed, this could have been a traumatic experience for Callum and I, but due to their sensitivity Callum came through it fine and was happy and ready to keep filming after a short break. It was a very enjoyable day of shooting and it is now great to see the TVC and share that with our friends and family. I think even Callum gets a little kick out of seeing himself on TV! Many Thanks”

Callum – Selleys TVC

Barbie Shootbarbie

“I had a fantastic time when I did the Barbie Shoot. Mel and the team from Mattel were great. The stylist and the photographer were so much fun. They made me have the best time and made me laugh a lot. The shoot went all day. I remembered all of the things that Jade taught me at the modelling training and it really helped me. At the end of the day I was given lots of Barbie stuff. My favourite things were the Barbie pyjamas and the Barbie camera. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again”

Chelsea – Barbie shoot

microsoftMicrosoft Presentation – Jameson Birks

“Dear Bettina, I went to audition for a Microsoft job where I had to be the CEO for the day. It was really cool as I got to play on the Xbox Kinect while I waited to audition. I was lucky enough to get the job and had to go into the city to a beautiful big building near the water. It was very exciting as I went by train and this was the first time for me. Once I knew I had the job I practiced and practiced so I would get it right. When I arrived, the Microsoft people were really nice to me. It was a surprise for me to walk in on the board meeting so I had to hide in a meeting room so no one would see me. I felt awesome as I had my hair slicked back and was dressed in a suit like a businessman. Mum had given me a big black folder to put my script in and a pretend phone. In the meeting room I practiced a few times and they really loved it. It was so funny because I got to yell orders at these important people about marketing budgets and strategies. The real Microsoft CEO (PIP) was nice to me and was the only one who knew I was a fake. She helped me a lot during the meeting. All the board members laughed at the stunt as they thought it was so funny that a kid was in charge of this massive company. It was a great and fun experience. After, the stunt mum took me out for lunch and then we rode the train home. Thank you to Anna for putting me up for this job, acting is what I really love to do.” –

Microsoft – Jameson

Canon TVC – Jay Juddcanon

“I had so much fun at the Canon commercial. It was a long and hot day, but everybody was so nice to me and made sure that I had lots to drink and I even got an icy pole! There were lots of people at the shoot but they were all very friendly and I felt comfortable in front of the camera. It was very funny to meet my “mum and dad” because they look NOTHING like my real mum and dad, I couldn’t stop laughing! The director let me keep the aeroplane from the ad, I will always remember my first ever TV commercial. Thank you Bettina for this chance!”

Jay – Canon TVC

russellathleticsRussell Athletics – Headphone Hoodies

It looks like Russell Athletics have found a new way to listen to music whilst sporting a cool hoodie! Their new ‘Headphone Hoodie’ product comes in a variety of colours and sizes for kids (and big kids as well!) and allows you to plug the drawstrings into your ears so you can listen to your music device whilst you’re on the go! The cables run through the drawstrings and down the garment into one of the pockets. How cool is that! And guess what? We know someone who has tried it already! Bettina’s Angus Harris got the opportunity to take part in a photo shoot for the Headphone Hoodie posters, which are displayed in Rebel Sport stores Australia wide! Good work Angus! Check out the range at Rebel Sport @ http://www.rebelsport.com.au

Angus – Russell Athletics

Time of Our Lives Mini Series 

“Last week on the 2nd of August 2012 I had my first job as an extra on the tv series Time Of Our Lives I had a great time. My part was a private school girl walking to school I am hoping to get a call back to do more shoots I loved getting dressed up and getting my hair done and meeting new people and cast and crew. I am hoping for lots more acting jobs. Thanks again”

Brooklyn – Time of Our Lives mini series

Time of Our Lives Mini Series

“I’m very thankful for my very first job with Bettina, I found the staff were extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable. I also met some nice girls that I worked with and interesting adult characters, talking about their experiences so far. I found it interesting, how they chose Caulfield race Course, and made it look like a school ground entry. Over all, I loved being a part of it, and look forward to more oppportunites in the future. Maybe, one day I’ll even get a main role! It looks like fun! Thanks so much”

Lane – Time of Our Lives mini series

Target Shoot

“Hi Team, Jeremy was in Chadstone today and much to his surprise he saw these posters of Lucy all over the store and in the windows… Very exciting… Have a great weekend everyone” –

Lucy – Target shoot

Sorbent TVC 

“My son Zachary Boyd went along to the Sorbent Commercial. When we arrived Heidi the Production Manager was very welcoming and showed us around the set. Heidi advised my Dad Michael and I to help ourselves to water, tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit. We met Jackie who was the mum in the Sorbent commercial. She was also friendly and happy to have a chat with us. Jackie was a mum sitting on a large car mat with many toys in the lounge room, Zachary was sitting next to her playing with the toys. Jackie blew her nose and then wiped Zachary’s nose. Zachary was well behaved and enjoyed being around all the people. When filming was finished I asked Tony the director how Zachary went and he said he was very good and did what he needed to do. All of the Crew were lovely to work with and be around. At 3.00pm Heidi advised that filming was finished with the kids. My dad and I were invited to stay for lunch with the Crew. Lunch was a buffet with many delicious dishes. We were very happy with the food and would like to thank Creatable Food for a beautiful lunch. We sat with the Crew and chatted about the day. The Director Tony was also very friendly and welcomed us to the set. After filming Tony approached us to thank us for coming along and said Zachary was a gorgeous boy and he would be seeing alot more of him. My Dad (Zachary’s Grandpa) was so proud of how well behaved Zachary was and the comments we received from Tony the Director. It was a great experinece for us all and we hope to do it all again. Again Anna thank you for all your help and support it was appreciated”

Zachary – Sorbent TVC

Coles TVC 

“Our first casting with Bettina and we got to take part in a TV commercial! We arrived early (it was still dark!), the crew greeted us and made us feel very welcome, wardrobe first, then hair and make up, now we were ready to be superstars! The crew made my daughter smile and laugh for our shoot by pulling funny faces and putting us both at ease, once the shoot was done they gave her a big teddy bear for her to keep, she loved it. We both had a great time and look forward to seeing ourselves on TV! We can’t wait for our next casting. Thanks!”

Charlotte – Coles TVC

targetshootTarget Shoot 

“We had a great day today at the Collingwood Kids Farm, where we did our first commercial for Target winter warmers. We arrived at 7am and they had breakfast there for us and dinner aswell. It was a great day and the crew were very friendly. This is what Brodie said about his day at the collingwood Kids Farm. “I got to go to the Collingwood Kids Farm and fed the goats, sheep and I fed the horse a carrot. I got to say “I love Target”. I liked the clothes I wore. I had lots of fun”. Thanks heaps Bettina Management. We had a great day”

Brodie – Target shoot

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab 

“Grace and I had no idea what to expect as this was the first time we had done this. We arrived 5 minutes early at 4.40pm. The other extras and the crew were extremely friendly and helpful. Grace was put into her costume and had her hair and make up done. She had a part of a vendor girl. She looked very cute. We had dinner and then all the extras walked down to the set. It looked very realistic as much as I think that a market would look in 1880. We were taken into a big holding room downstairs and waited. We then were called to set. Grace had to sit on a stool in front of a stall. Her acting Mum, Pin, had to pretend to feed her. They filmed the scene again and again for almost 2 and a half hours. The crew and other extras were so good. They made sure Grace was comfortable and happy. It was a long shoot for a 5 year old and she became a bit grumpy towards the end as it was past her bedtime. However she got the job done and she loved it. We walked back to the trucks and Grace got changed. We were in the car by 9.30pm”

Grace – The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

Bardot Junior Shoot  bardot

“Dear Bettina Management, I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for giving Tawanda the opportunity to participate in the Bardot Summer Campaign. It was his first job and he was super excited. We arrived at the shoot at 9am and it took about an hour and a half for all of the girls on the shoot to have their hair and makeup done. All of the crew and the Bardot staff were very welcoming and created a fun environment for the kids to enjoy and made us all feel very welcome. All the kids looked gorgeous! The first shoot was shorts and a shirt for Tawanda and some very cool sunnies. The second outfit was a rock star theme, the crew pumped up the music for the kids (One direction – What makes you beautiful) and the kids rocked out for an hour, dancing and singing. Tawanda wore headphones and held a guitar for the shoot, he loved it! He didn’t stop dancing. We were finished by 12:30pm. After the shoot I said he could go and spend some of his first ever paycheck, so we stopped at Toyworld and he bought himself a toy. He had a fantastic day, thanks so much!” –

Tawanda – Bardot Jnr shoot

communityconnectMy Community Connect TVC 

“Hello Anna, Just want to tell you a bit about our day up at the farm in Maleny for the commercial. It was great fun. When we got there, at about 7am in the morning, it was freezing cold. The crew were serving a warm breakfast but we had some before we left home. I got my makeup done when we got there and it was so much fun and then when farmer Phil arrived we said hello and talked a bit. Then we said hello to everyone else and talked for a while waiting for the crew to get everything ready. Once everything was set and ready to go we had to round up the goats into the shed so we could use them for the shoot. That was fun but I was kind of nervous because it was my first time doing it. There was one goat that had a very funny hair style… it looked like an old rock dude haha… we had so much fun doing that and then once we rounded them up we started shooting. We had to climb a fence into a hay bale and do it over and over again… it was tiring but very fun then we had to drive the ute down a dirt track and there was mud flicking everywhere… it smelt so bad at first because of all the cows but then we got used to it. After it all we had to drive to another paddock to shoot our last piece… that was hard because we had to do it over and over and over. It was all worth it though. We had so much fun. At one part my hair kept falling in my face and we had to mega bobby pin it… I think we used about 10 bobby pins? It was funny. Zac and I had so much fun and we would love to do it again. Mum got some great photos. We all had a great laugh throughout the day it was a blast. I think my talent might be acting. Thanks Anna (: “

Brooke & Zac – My Community Connect TVC

paper+giantsThe highly anticipated sequel to the ABC hit series Paper Giants has recently begun production. This exciting new series recounts one of Australia’s greatest commercial rivalries, that being the rivalry between Nene King and Dulcie Boling, the founders of New Idea and Women’s Day during the ‘magazine wars’ of the 1980s. The series will be featuring Logie Award-winner Rob Carlton as Kerry Packer who will play alongside Golden Globe winner Rachel Griffiths (as Nene King) and Mandy McElhinney (as Dulcie Boling). Jasmine Hosie, Lucy Oakford, Dakoda Simo and Molly Fielding are among the talent that have landed ‘bit-part’ roles in representing the Bettina agency. Good stuff girls!


Jasmine, Lucy, Dakoda and Molly – Paper Giants

timeofourlivesHaving begun filming at the start of July, the ABC’s new drama series The Time of Our Lives is a 13 part series that documents the joys and challenges of the Tivoli
family as they ‘juggle, fight, love and play their way through the challenges of contemporary family life’ (ABC, 2012). Created by Judi McCrossin and Amanda Higgs (the co-creator of The Secret Life of Us), the series is casted by Claudia Karvan, Justine Clarke, Shane Jacobson, William McInnes, Stephen Curry and Vergara Moore. From toddlers to teenagers, Bettina Management is proud to have provided supporting cast members to the production. You will get to share their stories in our ‘Achievements/Experiences’ section.

Time Of Our Lives

househusbandsChannel 9’s brand new 10-part comedy/drama series House Husbands offers a very real and comic insight into contemporary Australian family life. The series follows the story of four modern families in which the men are in charge of raising the kids. Delivered by a star-studded cast including Gary Sweet, Rhys Muldoon, Gyton Grantley and Firass Dirani, House Husbands promises to deliver a fresh perspective of modern family life and the challenges associated with raising kids in the context of today’s hectic world. Lucky enough to get a piece of the action is Bettina’s little star Lily Jones who has been awarded the role of Poppy. Well done Lily!

Lily – House Husbands