“Sadie and I had such a great time at the E.M. single shoot. Everyone at the shoot was wonderfully professional and very understanding of how babies work ie they’re unpredictable! But they knew how to both manage and work around this and by the end of the day there were no baby blow ups at all. They also knew how to get those gorgeous smiles from our babies and gave the parents the support they needed.” – Seryna (Sadie’s mum)


Sadie – E.M Baby Singlets

“Minny got chosen to do the Today Show at Paddy’s Market.  The experience was fantastic!  Minny really enjoyed the whole “show business” process.  Working with Tim the Weather-Man was lots of fun.  The Bettina staff were very organised and definitely knew what they were doing.  The children were well looked after and had a great morning.
Bettina Management did a great job providing details about what to do and where to be.” – Sarah (Minny’s mum)

The Today Show

Minny – The Today Show

“I recently did a shoot for Marlo Kids Fashions and had a great day. Everyone was so friendly and the location was a fun happy place . We all got on so well and the owner and photographer were so friendly and playful the day was a fabulous experience” – EllaMarlo.jpeg

Ella – Marlo Kids

“My now 6 month old son recently gained an excellent modelling opportunity that was smoothly and professionally facilitated by Bettina Management. From the moment Bianca at Bettina contacted me to tell me that he was shortlisted by Bonds, to the actual shoot itself, Bettina Management delivered an excellent and extremely warm, friendly and professional experience. On the day of the shoot I was nervous for my son Ako, wondering whether the shoot would go well, because as anyone with a young baby knows, babies can be unpredictable even when they are most of the time beautifully placid and well behaved. Well, it turns out that I didn’t have anything to worry about. In the lead up to the Bonds shoot, Bianca at Bettina had everything in place to ensure things worked smoothly and on the day everyone was so very warm and welcoming. It was heaps of fun and quite a novelty to watch him being photographed whilst laughing and playing in front of the camera. The camera woman was extremely kind and caring, as were the other staff who dressed him, kept the time, edited the photos etc. All in all, it was an extremely rewarding experience and I look forward to perhaps seeing him out there representing Bonds babies!” – Amy (Ako’s mum)

download (1)

Ako – Bonds

“Priya had a fantastic time for her first-ever photoshoot for the Big W Mother’s Day and Father’s Day catalog. The crew was friendly and assisted us throughout the day. Priya was super excited about getting her hair and makeup and loved goofing around with her “family” on set. The camera crew was very patient and gave great direction.
Bettina Management provided great communication on what we needed to do and what to expect, which we greatly appreciated as first-timers! Thank you for all your support and the opportunity for such a great experience.” – Zaria (Priya’s mum)

Priya – Big W

“Firstly thanks so much all Bettina team for the opportunity for Henry. It was amazing experience, all team from BMF was amazing with us, they were so nice so patience so polite! thanks to trust on us :)” – Michelle (Henry’s mum)

aldi logo

Henry – Aldi

“Anika had a wonderful job experience at the Learning Sanctuary. It was just her being herself at the daycare. The people were so lovely and nice and the set as well. The kids were awesome as well. Anika definitely love her first job experience” – Pam (Anika’s mum)

The Learning Sanctuary

Anika – The Learning Sanctuary

“Sophie was such an excited girl when she found out that she was one of 30 children selected to participate in the Today Show taping. In the very first cross over with Tim from the weather, Sophie was front and centre and answered a question about what she did for her holiday!
The time she had there was very well managed by the staff, and Sophie thoroughly enjoyed it, and is looking forward to her next experience!” – Daniel (Sophie’s dad)
The Today Show

Sophie – The Today Show

“Harrison had an incredible time with his recent photoshoot and is already asking when he can get more pictures taken. We were a little unsure of how he would handle the early start, but the excitement had him jumping out of bed. We let him know that he needed to get his hair and makeup done first, so he was ready and enthusiastic to jump into the chair when we arrived. He was slightly disappointed when he didn’t actually get any makeup! With that said, the crew had some fun with him and pretended to brush some on his cheeks. We moved on to a few test shots while wardrobe sourced shoes in his size. Harrison had the opportunity to sit and then stand on a block and perform a variety of static poses. After that, he was allowed to jump off the box and be a little more energetic and use some props. The photographer was gracious enough to sit Harrison up on a chair in front of the computer and showed him how good he looked in all his pictures.
The entire experience was very pleasant; it was a really friendly and welcoming environment, and everyone involved was incredibly positive and nurturing with Harrison. For our little superstar, he had the time of his life!” – Michael (Harrison’s dad)

Big W - Harrison.jpeg


Harrison – Big W

“Alessandra had her first shoot for Rock Your Baby, I was quite nervous as it was her first ever shoot and wasn’t sure how she would react. Every body was amazing on set, they were very patient with her specially at the beginning but towards the end, its seemed like second nature to her and she was having the time of her life! Thank you guys!” – Bea (Alessandra’s mum)

Rock Your Baby

Alessandra – Rock Your Baby

“Cooper has a great time the clothes were so lovely and he got to wear 8/9 outfits he had his hair styled and fussed over which he loved. One thing that was amazing was the casualness if the set. It was very obvious that the photographer, hair and makeup artist and  stylists had experience working with children or children if their own. They were engaging spoke to them on their level and therefore we were in and out with a million poses snapped  in just over an hour.
The makeup artist even glittered Coops up afterwards. He got in the car and said ‘mum that was EPIC! I feel amazing’- mainly referring to the sparkle on his face.
Such a great team to work with.” – Jess (Cooper’s mum)

Rock Your Baby - Cooper.jpeg

Cooper – Rock Your Baby

“Piper had a great time at her very first photo shoot with Cengage Learning. The Photographer was amazing with the kids and had heaps of patience and gave them clear easy instructions. As I was ‘the mum’ in the book I was also really enjoyed the experience having never done anything like that before. We had a fun few hours meeting new people and doing something new and exciting together.
Thank you to Bettina Management and Cengage Learning for the opportunity” – Alissa (Piper’s mum)

Cengage Learning.jpeg

Piper – Cengage Learning

“Austin had a terrific day at his first photo shoot ever! He had great fun, learnt a lot and it has inspired him to not only be in front of the camera but also behind it.
The staff at Bettina Management were faultless in their organisation of the shoot. Their communication with us from the first point of contact through to the follow up was respectful and polite which is quite exceptional considering the short time frame in which they pulled it all together.
The friendly professionalism of the shoot crew and other cast members on set allayed his nerves on the day and encouraged him to be his most comfortable self.
Thank you Bettina Management for representing our son Austin. May there be more wonderful opportunities to come!” – Amanda (Austin’s mum)


Austin – Clarendon Homes

“Arlo had a great time working (playing) 😀 From the moment I heard he had a job- Bettina and the Learning Sanctuary staff made us both feel welcomed and supported. It was a busy day but a lot of fun. The other parents and children on the day were very friendly and was a pleasure meeting them all.
Thank you for a great morning and the amazing opportunity to be apart of!” – Frances (Arlo’s mum)

The Learning Sanctuary.jpg

Arlo – The Learning Sanctuary

“Valentino had such a fun time on a real life tv set of Wentworth. He had the opportunity to work with and meet some other Bettina kids.
The amazing Wentworth team were very supportive and engaging with Valentino and the children onset. As a parent, its was refreshing to have an crew that loved working with children. Valentino kept saying he had “so much fun Mummy!”
Big thanks to Bettina Agency for a special day for Valentino.” – Zaynep (Valentino’s mum)

Valentino – Wentworth

“It was an amazing experience not only for my son yet also myself as a parent.  It was exciting to be a part of something that’s not many get the opportunity for.  We grabbed it with both hands and so glad we did.  The crew were absolutely top notch at their job and Tim was so friendly and made everyone laugh. My son Noah was able to experience what it’s like to be in-front of the camera and how to follow directions and couldn’t stop talking afterwards about how surreal it was.
 I to was just awe struck and giggled most of the time.  It was such a fun day that we couldn’t wait to get home to share the experience with our family, even though they knew about it as they got up early to watch it.  Thank you for the opportunity.” – Carolyn (Noah’s mum)
The Today Show

Noah – The Today Show

“This was Jake’s first job so it was very new to both of us, although he didn’t know any different and enjoyed himself and loved playing with all the other kids there on the day, loved the bubbles and toys on set and all the attention he was getting from everyone.
It was a great start to hopefully more jobs to come.” – Melissa (Jake’s mum)


Jake – Big W

“Our experience with rock your baby was fantastic! It was Marcel’s first proper photoshoot and I was a bit nervous that he was going to be shy but as soon as we got there, all the girls from rock your baby made us feel so welcome and comfortable. I had no reason to feel anxious because i forget that Marcel is a social butterfly and he immediately started talking to the girls and other children. Marcel was great on set, listened to all instruction and we got really positive feedback from Erin and she said she’d love to see Marcel back at rock your baby. They are amazing with kids and parents so i would not say no to another photoshoot in the future.” – Alexandra (Marcel’s mum)

Rock Your Baby

Marcel – Rock Your Baby

“Caroline had such an amazing experience at her job for TV Series Wentworth.
The production team created a welcoming, comfortable and friendly environment for her. The team showed great enthusiasm and co-ordinated the scenes in a professional and positive manner.
Caroline got to meet other children and they all chatted, interacted and thoroughly enjoyed themselves throughout the day.
The highlight was when the main actors became involved.
We look forward to many more wonderful experiences in the future” – Tess (Caroline’s mum)


Caroline – Wentworth

“Scout’s Neighbours Casting has been a wonderful experience for us. From day one, we have been welcomed into the Neighbours family and treated with kindness and professionalism. The actors are so sweet with her and work with whatever she gives them on the day. We are so thrilled to have been given such a wonderful opportunity through Bettina.” – Jenny (Scout’s mum)


Scout – Neighbours

“The people there were very patient and friendly to us. Precious was very good, she didn’t cry and was looking straight into the camera. Although she did get a little tired at the end. But everyone was very understanding.
Over all everyone was nice and we had a great time.” – Rose (Precious’ mum)

cotton on

Precious – Cotton On

“Our experience was fantastic! The ladies working for Best & Less were lovely and thorough.
They made Elijah and I feel very comfortable and kept us in the loop.
The camera man and crew were also great in making Elijah feel comfortable. They were patient and very friendly.” – Melissa (Elijah’s mum)

Elijah – Best & Less

“Jayden had an enjoyable time on The Today show despite the early start. He was super excited to be on TV especially when he could show off some of his dance moves in the hip hop segment. The whole crew were friendly and professional. Tim (the weather guy) was really nice and was happy to take selfies with everyone.
Jayden has had a positive experience for the first time on TV and wants to do it again.” – Maria (Jayden’s mum)

The Today Show.png


Jayden – The Today Show

“Ambika had a lot of fun modelling for Rock Your Baby. Especially in makeup, she loved that. The team were very professional and created a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere for all the models. Everyone was lovely. I was very happy to see Ambika feeling so confident, and having a good time on her first job for Bettina Management.” – Judy (Ambika’s mum)

Rock Your Baby

Ambika – Rock Your Baby

“We had Jordan’s first work through Bettina management and it was for BIG W.
Our booking manager Bianca is always supportive and has professional manners that you feel so confident on the shoot day and so proud to be part of Team Bettina Management.
Jordan enjoyed playing with other babies and definitely agree that he had a great experience and special time onset. For the parents reading this here, I think its great to bring enough favourite food and toys as shoot goes over 3-4hours and there will be plenty time to play. We had so much fun on set.
Looking forward to have next special experience through team Bettina.” – Minori (Jordan’s mum)

Jordan – Big W

“Aleena had an amazing time with her Bonds Commercial shoot. From first arriving we where greeted with smiles and very helpful staff.
While waiting for Aleena’s turn for her shoot we where very well taken care of by the staff provided specifically just for that particular room.
It was such a professional shoot, when it was lights camera action the team were in their element,  They played Aleena’s favourite songs through the speakers to get her to warm up to the camera, and it really helped her get in the swing of things.
We couldn’t thank the team enough for all there help on the day!” – Oscar (Aleena’s dad)
download (1)

Aleena – Bonds

“The review kids team was very warm and friendly. Lana felt at ease and truly enjoyed the whole experience including hair and makeup,  the interaction with the designers, photographers and the whole team. Lana was proud to wear the beautiful review kids winter range and cannot wait until it is out in stores. A big thank you goes to Bettina Management and the Review kids team for such a wonderful first shoot.” – Jana (Lana’s mum)

Review Kids - Lana

Lana – Review Kids

“Our baby Alice celebrated her first birthday by taking part in a photo shoot with Japanese brand Uniqlo. The communication process in the lead up to the shoot with Bettina Management was very straightforward. Arriving on set for our first shoot it was great to be welcomed by a warm crew and brand reps from Japan who all made us feel very welcome. Everyone was very understanding of Alice only being 12 months old and the associated restrictions, getting the very best out of her, even allowing for her to have a nap between looks. It was a really positive experience for myself and Alice.” – Joanna (Alice’s mum)


Alice – Uniqlo

“It was a great experience. All the staff were so friendly and kind. They made Asha feel very comfortable very quickly.  Asha had the best time and was happy playing with all everyone. Could not have asked for a better first photo shoot” -Cecille (Asha’s mum)

cotton on

Asha – Cotton On

“Chloe had a fabulous time. She was buzzing when we left for the day.
The team was amazing and so relaxed. It created such an easy environment for all the girls.
When we arrived they said is Chloe shy and quiet? I laughed. They soon saw the other side of Chloe. She walked in front of the camera; they told her what she needed to do and presto she just done her thing. I loved watching her have so much fun. The photographer said to me, she can’t believe how quiet and chilled Chloe was. She took everything in her stride. Was so proud of her.” – Nakieta (Chloe’s mum)
Rock Your Baby

Chloe – Rock Your Baby

“The whole process was easy and enjoyable. The application process was easy, great instructions on where to go on the day were given, and the morning was filled with fun activities for the kids. Upon arrival we were greeted by friendly staff and given a card that allowed Kheely to play some of the arcade games. This gave the kids an opportunity to hang out together and get in the spirit of the morning – some of the parents enjoyed a game as well and got to be big kids. Then it is was off next door for the kids to have a jump on the trampolines. It was a great way to spend the morning and would definitely love to be involved in more events like this one.” – Kim (Kheely’s mum)

Studio 10

Kheely – Studio 10 Canteen’s Bandanna Day

“My advert experience was extremely good, I loved every bit of it.
Mr Eddie Woo and team were so lovely they made me feel comfortable even though I was very nervous.
When I walk away from an experience like this I feel my confidence is rising and as I now know I have to drop my wall, (apparently this means feeling more comfortable) keep my head high and smile naturally.
Moving forward I feel that the more experience I get the better I will become.” – Angela (Jade’s mum)

Jade – Optus

“We’ve had a great experience during the SPOTLIGHT commercial shooting. From the audition, all the way to the shooting – the experience we felt was very professional and friendly. Bettina Management has kept us well informed throughout the whole process which made us at ease.

On the shooting day our little son Montetino enjoyed himself and the whole experience – from backroom fun to the attention he received from all the friendly staff. On the set, we met the director, assistant directors, onsite shooting crew, marketing teams…etc. It was a large team set up at a Brighton house location. We were provided a waiting room to relax, change and entertain Monte before his shooting was to start, and we met another lovely baby and his family. Coffee and tea was served throughout the day make our wait time not only go smoothing but quickly. The most challenging part of the whole shoot was to have my little boy behaviour what was expected of him for the shoot without being distracted by all of the people and atmosphere. In the beginning it seemed impossible however with a little encouragement from his two favourite dinosaur toys he performing like a little natural, bravo! The crew appeared quite happy and clapped with joys of agreement when Monte managed to pull off some really cute shots. It was such a fun and learning experience for all of us. The crew thanked us and said we were a great family to work with so in the end it was difficult to say goodbye to everyone. Thank you Bettina Management for making this experience such a wonderful possibility. We just can’t say thank you enough for providing us this opportunity” – Shalline (Montetino’s mum)Spotlight.png

Montetino – Spotlight

“Georgia had a massive 2 days of filming the new Suncorp ad. She enjoyed meeting new people and feeding off her on screen family to find her emotion.

The locations were amazing, there was definitely some new friendships formed.
The feed back from the older cast were,
 “Georgia has such talent she was born to do this”
With others saying “they fed off her energy!”
She had an absolute blast” – Rebecca (Georgia’s mum)
Suncorp - Georgia.jpeg

Georgia – Suncorp

“We have been to a few recent big w shoots. There were lots of kids and lots of wiggles.” – Annita (Goldie’s mum)

Big W - Goldie.jpeg

Goldie – Big W

“It was Antoine’s first job however he felt really relaxed around everyone. The photographer really knew what to do and Antoine had fun during the whole time. He had amazing shots and can’t wait to see them posted soon. The staff are really friendly and helpful.
It was such a great experience for my son.” – Barbara (Antoine’s mum)

Antoine – Best & Less

“Bruke’s first shoot was for Bonds and we had so much fun! The team was very friendly, patient and helpful. Bruke felt safe and happy being on set for BONDS.
We’re pleased to be represented by Bettina Management for the opportunities and support provided by the friendly staff!” – Mihret (Bruke’s mum)
download (1)

Bruke – Bonds

“They were very fun loving and nice, easy instructions and quick so the babies weren’t waiting around getting fussy.” – Courtney (Dominic’s mum)

Rock Your Baby

Dominic – Rock Your Baby

“It was a great opportunity to be able to experience meeting new friends and people. It gave me an insight on the acting industry and it is very interesting and fun. Would love to do it again.” – Zenith (Teresa’s mum)

Department of Education.jpeg

Teresa – Department of Education

“The cotton on group were very accommodating, had snacks for the kids and parents and they were absolute gems to work with.” – Kim (Isaiah’s mum)Cotton On Kids.jpeg

Isaiah – Cotton On Kids

“Christopher was very excited on that day for Studio 10 – Canteen’s Bandanna Day (25/10/2019)
He was wearing Bandanna and Canteen’s Green T-Shirts on, he got a interview during he was play air hockey.
He was very glad that he could support Bandanna Day for young people with a cancer diagnosis.
He hope that more people understand meaning of  ‘Bandanna Day’!!” – Sadako (Christopher’s mum)
Studio 10

Christopher – Studio 10 Canteen’s Bandanna Day

“Malak had an amazing time on set and loved her experience. The staff were very friendly and made Malak feel comfortable. It was a great experience for Malak and she can’t wait to work with you again in the future. Thank you for giving her a great opportunity.” – Sadde (Malak’s mum)

Victoria Government.jpg

Malak – Vic Government Fire

“Mikaylie had a fantastic time on set recently working for eBay, she was made to feel very welcome by all of the crew.
She was lucky enough to work beside 5 other amazing Bettina Babes & it was such a happy vibe on set.
I cannot thank Bettina enough for the opportunities Mikaylie has received so far.
The staff are always extremely proficient & a pleasure to deal with.” – Bonnie (Mikaylie’s mum)

Mikaylie – eBay

“Blake had a great time at his first shoot, everyone was really patient and kind. It was a great shoot!! Loved the photos” – Carlie (Blake’s mum)



Blake – Best & Less

“Alex loves working with Big W. They have a very friendly team, they are fun to work with and they make Alex feel comfortable around them.” – Melissa (Alex’s mum)


Alex – Big W

“Shazfa had a wonderful time in SBS shoot. They are very professional. They really know how to deal with the kids. Best part I liked that they really make sure that Shazfa not only with the team as a mom I could watch her. I really feel proud that my daughter with Bettina. Thanks to the whole Bettina team.” – Azmiri (Shazfa’s mum)

SBS Food.png

Shazfa – SBS Food Summer

“My experience with Bonds Baby was fantastic, everyone was extremely friendly. The photographers were so nice and understanding and accommodating when it came to my daughter.
Over all it was super fun and very enjoyable! Would be very happy to work with them again.” – Rae (Diarra’s mum)
download (1)

Diarra – Bonds Baby

“Austin’s Photoshoot with was amazing, The staff made him feel like a Rockstar, he responded with much enthusiasm

Overall it was a great experience for him, thank you Bettina, Thank you Target” – Jeffrey (Austin’s dad)target-logo

Austin – Target

“Caitlin had fun on set for Studio 10 – Canteen’s Bandanna Day.  She was well informed of what was expected and would gladly participate again.  It made her feel happy to being apart of a day raising awareness and support for an important event.” – Bridget (Caitlin’s mum)

Studio 10.jpeg

Caitlin – Studio 10 Canteen’s Bandanna Day

“It was amazing. Alex loved every moment.  He really did very well and the client even commented on how professional he was. He took great direction and really understood he was working. It was fantastic to see him in action..
Thank you so much for arranging this opportunity for Alex. It was so wonderful.” – Miki (Alex’s mum)
Ebay - Alex

Alex – eBay

“Charlotte really enjoyed the shooting. I thought it would be overwhelming for her as it was her first job and being a commercial shoot. She bond with her ‘grandmother’ immediately after chatting with her. She was really well taken care of by the people on the set especially her stylist.
She’s looking forward to more casting and other jobs in the future.” – Emily (Charlotte’s mum)

Charlotte – Property Development for UAE

“My daughter Victoria and I attended the Redsbaby photoshoot booked via Bettina Management. Upon arrival to the location, we were greeted by the lovely team at Redsbaby. The shoot went well, and the team was highly professional and supportive having a 1 year old on site. Despite our time being cut short as little Victoria was quite unwell, the team was so helpful to make us feel at ease and not guilty for having to leave the shoot early. I hope Victoria will have upcoming photoshoots with Redsbaby as they were a pleasure to work with. Thank you Bettina Management for the opportunity.” – Lucie (Victoria’s mum)


Victoria – Redsbaby

“The Smiggle Job that Charlie did was fantastic. He was super excited in anticipation because it was a brand that he loves and the shoots didn’t disappoint. The Smiggle team were very professional and kind with the kids, making the set a fun experience for them all and Charlie walked away with some new friends as well.” – Victoria (Charlie’s mum)Smiggle.png

Charlie – Smiggle

“Keiden auditioned for the Missing star, first we submitted a video of her saying a few lines from Winnie the Pooh. Then a callback where she was interviewed by the director where she was shortlisted. At the final audition she was asked to act a few scenes.  Keiden was very happy each time she made it through to the next stage of the audition process.
Keiden was very excited to be at the 3 consecutive days shooting of Missing Star. The funny thing was it was only when we got on set on the first day that I realised that Keiden was the main actress for the film. I sort of had an idea but I didn’t think she would be because it was her first time to act in a film. Keiden totally loved being dolled up by a professional make up artist and she was at ease working with the director and the crew. They all couldn’t believe that it was Keiden’s first time to act infront of a camera because Keiden acted and followed directions very well, I strongly believe that the friendliness of the crew made her really comfortable. Keiden also enjoyed the plentiful breaks she had on set specially the spread of food made available for the actors and crew.
I personally would like to thank Bianca and the Bettina team for this wonderful experience. Bianca was very professional,gave clear guidance and was very patient in answering my questions as well as waiting for my responses.
Keiden was extremely happy and is really looking forward to do more projects.  These days her eyes go big in excitement everytime she hears Bettina.” – Kitting (Keiden’s mum)

Keiden – Short Film “Missing Star”

“Holly had a fabulous time doing the Lorna shoot. She was a bit sad she couldn’t keep the clothes lol. The Team at Lorna Jane were all lovely and very welcoming. Holly hopes she gets picked again to do another shoot for Lorna Jane. We can’t wait to see all the photos from the day.” – Natalie (Holly’s mum)Lorna Jane

Holly – Lorna Jane Tween

“My son Jake and i loved working with Polytechnic on the shoot. Bettina was very informative throughout the whole process from the original audition to the very end. All the information was accurate and thorough. They were happy to answer any questions i had.
Jake had a great day and looks forward to having the opportunity again one day” – Moyra (Jake’s mum)
Melbourne Polytechnic.jpg

Jake – Melbourne Polytechnic

“Jagger recently had the opportunity to work with Best and Less for his first job. We’re so happy with the whole process, amazing communication from Bettina in regards to all aspects of the job. The on set staff at Best and Less went above and beyond to make Jagger feel comfortable and engaging with both Jagger and myself, making his first shoot a real success, which has resulted in him getting offered more jobs. He is gaining so much confidence and we can’t wait for him to get his next big shoot from this incredible experience.” – Alexa (Jagger’s mum)Best-Less-Logo

Jagger – Best & Less

“Hi, this is Riana. I really enjoyed being in this photo shoot and having a new adventure and meeting new people. The crew were really nice to me and  I’m happy to be around them. It was really fun having to act and it made me very joyful when I did it. I had a great experience and I’m hoping to do it again soon. Thank you for your service.” – Riana


Riana – Toyota

“Valentina had a blast on the Redsbaby set. From the moment we arrived, everyone was lovely, patient and understanding. Lucky for us there was more kids booked at the same time and they all had fun playing together in between takes. Thank you Bettina for putting Valentina forward, and Redsbaby for a great day.” – Lorelee (Valentina’s mum)


Valentina – Redsbaby

“Aleena had an amazing time on her first ever photo shoot (Job). The guys working for Cotton
On were so attentive and helpful with everything. They really made Aleena’s and our experience so enjoyable.” – Oscar (Aleena’s dad)
cotton on

Aleena – Cotton On

“Evalina recently had the opportunity to work with Chadstone shopping centre for an upcoming campaign. We’re so happy with the whole process, really fabulous communication from Bettina in regards to all aspects of the job. The client was so respectful and engaging with both Evalina and myself, making her first big on location shoot a real dream job! She has gained so much confidence and can’t wait for her next gig from this incredible experience.” – Lauren (Evalina’s mum)Chadstone Shopping Centre

Evalina – Chadstone Shopping Centre

“Can’t thank you and Bio Island enough. How special! They are fantastic photos. The crew and BioIsland owner were truly lovely people to work with. Chloe felt so comfortable.” – Nakieta (Chloe’s mum)

Bio Island - Chloe.jpg

Chloe – Bio Island

“Ella really enjoyed her experience working with Tennis Australia on their campaign.  She made new friendships on set and continues to be in touch with them to this day.
Bettina were always timely and precise in their explanations so we knew what to expect and felt well prepared for the experience.
All in all a really positive time.” – Miriam (Ella’s mum)
Tennis Australia.jpg

Ella – Tennis Australia

“Miranda has such a great experience shooting for the Total Girl Magazine cinema-themed spread. All the ladies involved were highly professional and made Miranda feel really comfortable. The shots taken were really fun and creative, which is a testament to the experience of the photographer and stylist. Miranda also had such a great time working with another young lady in the shoot – they were supposed to act like best friends at the cinemas – and they both did have a lot of laughs together.
I highly recommend Bettina Modelling for young ladies looking to get started in the industry.” – Aneta (Miranda’s mum)
Total Girl.png

Miranda – Total Girl Magazine

“Lorna Jane was Meredith first ever paid shoot. As a a Mum I was pretty nervous of entering into modelling world with an impressionable pre adolescent girl, I was worried about body images being heavily portrayed and her confidence levels following it. Meredith has always wanted to pursue her dreams and I didn’t want to stop her. Lorna Jane staff were really lovely. Every one from the stylist, make-up artist and photographer, was friendly and efficient. They appeared really aware of her age and experience and as a result all her hair, make-up and active ware choices were perfect for her age. The photographer was lovely and encouraging. The day was such a memorable and positive experience. We are really looking forward for to the photos and thank Bettina management for selecting Meredith for this shoot.” – Lisa (Meredith’s mum)Lorna Jane

Meredith – Lorna Jane Tween

“Lily had a fantastic time at the Rebel shoot. She was treated beautifully by everyone on the day.

She really enjoyed having to do all the flips and poses the director had her doing. Overall an awesome experience and a really fun day.

I would like to thank you guys, I was very impressed with your professionalism and organisation leading up to and on the day. I could not fault the day or information we were given by Bettina Management.” – Angela (Lily’s mum)


Lily – Rebel

“My one year old recently completed a photo shoot with a flagship client. The booking process was seamless with the team at Bettina outlining the requirements for casting at the outset and confirming booking within 24 hours. All information pertaining to the shoot was emailed through in advance.
On set the shoot ran smoothly with a small number of models on rotation. This minimised the wait time between shots which was great for toddlers.
Overall great experience on this shoot. ” – Fiyona (Yasmin’s mum)


Yasmin – Best & Less

“We had a beautiful time with Organicline, the designer was very accommodating and had a gorgeous array of soft cotton clothing which willow looked super cute in!” – Kayla (Willow’s mum)

Organicline - Willow.jpeg


Willow – Organicline

“Sze Jay had a lot of fun, meeting new friends and trying out different outfits for various scenes for the photoshoot.

This was his first outdoor photoshoot. Although it was a full day work, Sze Jay enjoyed himself and Toyota had a very professional crew to ensure the photoshoot was efficient and the models were comfortable.” – June (Sze Jay’s mum)


Sze Jay – Toyota

“Brynn really enjoyed the Aldi shoot! The people were super friendly and the kids got to dance to their favourite songs to create a real party vibe. On top of that Brynn got to dress up like a pirate and create some cool pirate moves and faces for the camera. He had a real blast! A big thanks to Aldi for letting him be part of it.” – Desiree (Brynn’s mum)

Aldi - Brynn.jpeg

Brynn – Aldi

“Our experience with cotton on was something special, they made us fell very comfortable for Giulio first photoshoot. Every member of the staff was entertaining him and they took some great photos.” – Sofia (Giulio’s mum)

cotton on

Giulio – Cotton On

“Will had such a great time on his first ever shoot for Sportscraft. Everyone made him feel so welcome and put him right at ease in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. He and Skyla hit it off in the playground before the shoot even started, and the highlight of the day, without a doubt, had to be eating waffle cones and ice cream on the beach!
A big thank you to Bettina and Brodie for communicating everything to us so clearly and ensuring William felt right at home and well prepared for his big day! He can’t wait for his next gig!” – Christine (William’s mum)


William – Sportscraft

“Estelle had a wonderful experience and lots of fun doing her shoot, thank you Bettina for this opportunity. The crew was so friendly, caring and respectful as well as the models, beautiful environment.
Thanks again.” – Zeina (Estelle’s mum)

Estelle – Rebel

“We signed up only few a weeks prior to being contacted about her first job and everything was smooth sailing from there. Very prompt, efficient communication by Bianca and she’s always keeping us in the loop about possible jobs. On top of that she’s already had her second shoot with Big W which she also really enjoyed.
She’s loving the experience as a whole!
The ladies at both shoots were also great to deal with. Very polite, easy going and professional.
Thank you for the opportunities. It’s a new world to us but we’re both thoroughly enjoying it.” – Laumanu (Indigo’s mum)
Rock Your Baby

Indigo – Rock Your Baby

“Hi this is James, this morning was super fun we even got to ride a hover boards and learnt how to ride a skate boards. I loved being in front of the camera  and Edwina was amazing getting to know us all and making us feel special.”
“Hi this is Alex, the early morning was a bit of a shock to the system however I would do it every morning if I was the weather person. So much fun kicking soccer balls, making slime and cruising on hover boards. (Hope Santa brings me one for Christmas). You don’t even notice the camera is in your face and team were so easy.”
“Hi this is Harry, my fav part was taking to Edwina on the fake microphone. She was easy to work with and made me feel special. The Hoverboard and soccer were my highlights”

James, Alex & Harry – Sunrise Weather

“The experience was great from our end, it went very smoothly, and Archie was very happy with your services. The end result was also fantastic.” – Cameron (Archie’s dad)

Country Road.png

Archie – Country Road

“The experience we had with the target shot was fantastic. Phoenix was made to feel very comfortable on set. They kept is fun and enjoyable. What a great opportunity it was. Thank you.” – Sarah (Phoenix’s mum)


Phoenix – Target

“Peppa had an absolute blast on set for the Smith Family. The production crew were lovely and very child focused. Peppa felt really comfortable and relaxed with the crew which made it easy for her to what was asked of her . Pre shoot communications with Bianca were easy and any questions were answered quickly. This is definitely an experience that Peppa is gratefully for and one she won’t forget.” – Karen (Peppa’s mum)

the smith family logo

Peppa – The Smith Family

“My daughter Angelina is 10 years and she had the opportunity to extend on one of her talents which is acting with the VCA , she was so excited to act even though is was short but she had the opportunity to feel, experience and share her talent with others, thank you so much Bettina.” – Souha (Angelina’s mum)


Angelina – Victorian College of the Arts

“My son recently participated in a photoshoot organised by Bettina Management. The communication was great and everything was well organised from the time of his booking right up until after his shoot date.
The photoset was was age appropriate and there was no unnecessary pressure placed on the kids as they waited for their turn. To be honest I think my son had more fun at the onsite food buffet more than the actual shoot itself.” – Bec (Isaiah’s mum)
uniting day care

Isaiah – Uniting Day Care

“It’s very well organised, plenty noticed and the day of casting was great setting from start to finish.
Bettina has been giving a great experience for Yvette my daughter. The Team of Bettina Management work effort is truly professional organisation as model agency. 
As parent  I would like to THANK YOU so much for giving an opportunity to my daughter casting/shooting with Best and Less. 
It’s took years to spend/set her up profile was not easy but it pay off now, she can earn enough pocket money for herself. I am proud of her.” – Yeni (Yvette’s mum)

Yvette – Best & Less

“The photo shoot went well. Ariana loved it. Rock your baby looked after her really well and even put on a spread of snacks for everyone to enjoy. They played wiggles music during the shoot and blew bubbles on set to get the bubs excited. The experience was great.” – Julia (Ariana’s mum)

Rock Your Baby

Ariana – Rock Your Baby

“Thanks Bettina for letting us know about a recent casting call.  Lebron got the job in a training video and spent three days in Melbourne with his dad filming and loved every minute of it.

The crew at Creativa were so welcoming and made Lebron and his dad Mick feel like part of a family and Bianca from Bettina kept in touch daily to ensure we were up to date with it all and make sure Lebron was OK.

His favourite part was spilling orange juice over and over again until they got the right take. What kid wouldn’t want to do that!!

It was a great part for his first role and we hope there’s more to come. Thanks again.” – Tamara (Lebron’s mum)

Court Services Victoria.png

Lebron – Court Services Victoria

“I had an awesome experience with my Son Kiniabasi in his recent job with Bonds. We arrived on time and the Studio was already set up. The sitting area was neatly arranged and morning tea was provided. Their staff were friendly and supportive it made the Job very enjoyable.” – Emem (Kiniabasi’s mum)

download (1)

Kiniabasi – Bonds

“Javeria had a very good time with the sunrise team. It was very good start for future prospective. Javeria looking forward to get more opportunities to show her passion and capability working with in the media industry.” – Salma (Javeria’s mum)


Javeria – Sunrise Weather

“We couldn’t believe that Stevie was booked after her very first casting!
It was an exciting first job as a voiceover in a feature film.
Our interaction with Bettina was efficient and helpful and Stevie learnt so much from the whole experience.
Excited to see what’s next!” – Lea (Stevie’s mum)

Stevie – Feature Film “I Am Woman”

“We had only been with Bettina for one and half months before being
told that Kyra had landed a job. This was Kyra’s first ever modelling
job so it was exciting news for Kyra and the rest of the family! The
job was for still shots for a book related to kid’s sports.

On the day of the shoot, which took approximately 4 hours, Kyra was
joined by 3 other kids. She enjoyed herself tremendously as it was
pretty much a day of playing games and sharing laughter with new found
friends in Fawkner park. Even the rain interruption couldn’t dampen
the kid’s spirits. At the end of the day, the kids were rewarded and
had a good laugh by smashing the eggs used for the photo shoot.

It’s possibly (most probably, to be honest lol) a proud parent’s bias
opinion but I believe that Kyra did an awesome job! She seemed really
natural, comfortable and listened well to instructions given by the
crew members (lots of credit by the photographer and editor as well
for making all the kids feel at ease during the shot. They were very

It was a great experience for Kyra and she enjoyed herself so much
that day. She still can’t stop talking about it with our entire family
and she is hoping that she can do it again and more often!

She is really looking forward to her next job, hopefully it will be soon.

Thanks, Bettina, for making Kyra’s day! It was an experience she will
not soon forget.

P.S. – Renoa (our younger 4 year old) says that she wants to be a
model just like her older sister. Just so that she can SMASH some eggs
as well LOL” – Jasmine (Kyra’s mum)cengage.png

Krya – Cengage

“We had a fantastic time casting for Werribee Open Range Zoo. This was our very first time casting, although the whole team involved made us all feel so comfortable & relaxed.  The vibe was so fun & exciting! Our children aged 8, 3 & 1 had the most amazing time being apart of Wild Nights & can’t wait to see themselves being advertised in 2020. We would love to do it all over again!” – Sophie

Werribee Open Range Zoo.JPG

Tobias Family – Werribee Open Range Zoo

“Jacob had a great time on set for Relax Baby, we found the experience fun and enjoyable. The communication between Bettina was quick and efficient in the short lead up to the shoot. The staff at Relax baby were also fabulous to deal with and great with Jacob. We are really looking forward to seeing the final product from the photoshoot.” – Kate (Jacob’s mum)

Jacob – Relax Baby

“It was my daughters first shoot. She loved it. Had fun with the other girls, the staff were professional and relaxed. She’s looking forward to the next one. Great experience.” – Mariana (Eve’s mum)


Eve – Big W

“This was Imogen’s first time on TV,  we didn’t know what to expect. But from the minute we got to the location with Nina welcoming us and the Sunrise producer letting us know what they would be doing for the each section it ran very smoothly. The activities they had planned were interesting  for all of the ages there.With that many children it was amazing there was no issues. Imogen had a ball she loved being live to camera,followed direction easily and was at ease in front of the camera. She loved it and is asking me to check my email and phone in case there are any more TV opportunities.
My only criticism was the very pushy parents who pushed other kids out of the way so their child could be front and centre.. but I suppose that’s child modelling lol.” – Tamara (Imogen’s mum)

Imogen – Sunrise Weather

“Kaito had his first modelling experience at the Best & Less catalogue shoot. It was a new experience for all of us and a lot of fun! The staff at Best & Less were very professional and helpful so made it all very easy for us. Thanks for the opportunity Bettina.” – Sean (Kaito’s dad)Best-Less-Logo

Kaito – Best & Less

“We had a fantastic morning with Rock your Baby. They’re always so welcoming and make the photo shoot really fun for the kiddies. Not to mention the shoot being at Sydney Props studio which is a great experience to be amongst all the amazing sets.
The outfits are super cute and they always have an amazing variety of clothes.” – Renee (Azealia’s mum)
Rock Your Baby

Azealia – Rock Your Baby

“We had an amazing time away in Kakadu. Was truly a once in a lifetime experience where we didn’t even feel like we were working. The crew was awesome and we really felt so looked after.

As we were doing the sunset shoot at Ubirr, Ayva turned to us and said “I feel so lucky to be experiencing all of this” which truly summed up how we all felt.” – Natasha
Kakadu National Parks

Papalii Family – Kakadu National Parks

“My 15 month old daughter Marley had a fantastic experience on the Relax Baby Linen photoshoot. Bettina Management were professional and prompt with the booking and provided all the necessary information for us to arrive on set on time. We had no hesitation that the photo shoot was going to be fun and full of laughs when Marley’s exuberant toddler personality came through whilst being encouraged by the photographer and the Relax Baby Linen representative.” – Tara (Marley’s mum)

Marley – Relax Baby

“The shoot went amazing, The photographers made the shoot really fun & got a lot of action shots of the kids playing, Skyla was in her element & is already asking when she can go back to Brisbane to get more photos haha” – Alanna (Skyla’s mum)



Skyla – Lily Lord

“Firstly Elliana was delighted to be chosen for this opportunity. It was very special to her, because she got to do what a lot girls love to do. Getting to play dress up. She was dressed in beautiful ballerina tutus and gorgeous jewellery. Getting to change different outfits, poses she had so much fun. It was so easy to work with Lauren and her team. It was a lot of fun!” – Leanne (Elliana’s mum)lauren hinkley logo.jpg

Elliana – Lauren Hinkley Aus

“The photographer was incredibly good at putting Nadia at ease and getting her to smile genuine smiles.
Nadia was very confident, cooperated throughout and followed directions easily. Nadia was at ease with everyone and It made the whole photoshoot smooth sailing.
The whole experience was beautiful and the moments captured I believe was perfect.” – Angelin (Nadia’s mum)opdivo.jpg

Nadia – Opdivo

“Gabrielle absolutely loved her Big W photo shoot! The stylists and photographers were very funny and friendly, and she loved that the staff interacted with her and made her laugh. She was quite delighted about the fact that she wasn’t just going to appear in a Big W catalogue, but was also going to have a lot of fun whilst they took the photos. Ultimately, Gabrielle had the time of her life at the Big W photo shoot and can’t wait for the next opportunity she gets, to appear in another catalogue, and also have fun at the same time!!” – Georgia (Gabrielle’s mum)


Gabrielle – Big W

“My husband and 8 month old son Jordan recently took part in a TV advertisement for NAB. This was my son’s and even husband’s first time experiencing the behind the scenes world of TV. A little nervous but very excited, we were eager to see how the morning of filming would all occur. The camera crew and everyone else on set were amazing. They provided that extra care particularly as the cast featured a group of babies.
We were very impressed with the way the whole morning went and can’t wait to have to opportunity to experience it all again! What a great time!” – Louise (Jordan’s mum)

Jordan – NAB

“When I received an email that Timothy was invited to participate in a new TV Series. We were very excited.
During Timothy ‘s acting in Hungry Ghosts, he had a lot of fun and enjoyed experience very much. He has built his confidence levels with other people and made a lots of new friends. Just to be able to see all the behind the scenes of creating a film was amazing. Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our time during the production of the film.
Thank you Bettina Management for allocating such a memorable opportunity for Timothy.” – Xuan (Timothy’s mum)
Timothy - Hungry Ghosts.png

Timothy – Hungry Ghosts

“Bettina made it so super easy for Harry’s first casting. Bianca made it really easy and open to contact her and was very helpful with any questions we had.Harry had an amazing time, he felt super relaxed and had a heap of fun. Bettina and Bianca have been super supportive and celebrated with us when we saw Harrys photo displayed for Best and Less.” – Lara (Harrison’s mum)Best-Less-Logo

Harrison – Best & Less

“My daughter Hanna was recently booked for a few jobs with Jay Jays. The job was confirmed a few days before the shoot and the actual details like location and time the night before. We know from experience that this is not Bettina’s fault, parents must be aware of late bookings and late details which can make planning hard. Running kids around and getting time off work can be hard with late notice. That is the industry though and we have come to accept this.
In regard to the help we get from Bettina, it is always prompt, and professional. Our experience with Bettina has always been positive.” – Cameron (Hanna’s dad)
jay jays logo.jpg

Hanna – Jay Jays

“Zoe loves hearing from Rock Your Baby. She has attended two photo shoots with them recently and she loves it because they are different from the other ones she normally does. the cast is really friendly and we love the photographer as she is so good with kids. Zoe loves all the attention she gets when she walks through the doors, warm welcome, variety of snacks and hair and she favourite…hair and make-up

She loves changing clothes, shoes and accessories and loves being in front of the camera.

Thank you Rock Your Baby for having us” – Marie ( Zoe’s mum)


Zoe – Rock Your Baby

“Erik had a fantastic time at Top Golf and at Wet’n’Wild ,it was an amazing experience.Meet new people  and gave him  more confidence.
He’s thinking on keep doing the modeling for another year.” – Raluca (Erik’s mum)

Erik – Wet’n’Wild

“About 6 months after we signed up, we got a job! It was organised very well, we had all the information we needed.
It was an awesome 1st experience.
Thanks Bettina” – Annie (Nathaniel’s mum)cotton on

Nathaniel – Cotton On

“Having followed the fantastic Aussie Drama Doctor-Doctor at home for all seasons to-date Aydin was excited to be called up on set to meet the “Doctor”.
From wardrobe fitting, through to cast and crew on the day, all were a great bunch of people to work with.  Very respectful, professional and accommodating of the youngest person on set for the day.

Aydin is looking forward to seeing himself on TV for the first time. Although it will probably be a fleeting moment on screen, it will be a BIG moment for him.” – Albert (Aydin’s dad)doctor doctor

Aydin – TV Series “Doctor Doctor”

“Bettina Management have been so amazing to deal with. Bianca is constantly providing me updates on photo shoots etc. and is always approachable and responsive when I have a question
Bettina have submitted my son for jobs on a regular basis and have been so efficient in following through
Would highly recommend them! A huge Thank You to the Bettina Team” – Sameeha (Adam’s mum)

Adam – Best & Less

“We had an incredible time on our photoshoot with Bambino and Bundles!
The team were amazing to work with! The day was fun, upbeat and Luna had a blast! The team got some great shots of Luna who worked that camera like a pro! We cannot wait to see the photo’s from the day and the client seemed more than excited with how the photoshoot went and we are super excited to see the finished product!” – Bianca (Luna’s mum)
Bambino & Bundles

Luna – Bambino & Bundles

“Our daughter Victoria recently filmed a television commercial for Foxtel. Victoria had a fantastic time on the set. Everyone was so welcoming and very friendly which made her feel very comfortable. Victoria loved the director because he was very nice and funny and made her laugh. Overall it was a great experience for Victoria and we are very grateful for the opportunity.” – Elizabeth (Victoria’s mum)Foxtel.png

Victoria – Foxtel

“Ryan had a great time at his recent Bonds photoshoot. The Bonds team were really dynamic and super friendly and made sure the shoot was lots of fun and really comfortable for everyone involved.
Ryan and the whole family are now very excited to see him “in store” soon so he can take a selfie standing in front of his marketing photos!” – Paul (Ryan’s dad)
download (1)

Ryan – Bonds

“We had a great time with the photo shoot for Rock Your Baby – the team were organised, friendly and accommodating. A really fun vibe and a wonderful experience to be a part of.” – Catherine (Annabelle’s mum)
Rock Your Baby

Annabelle – Rock Your Baby

“Bella was very excited to have a shoot with Cotton On. We were both greeted and welcomed by the staff of Cotton On. The girls at Cotton On were full of fun and energy making the experience an amazing fun time for Bella. Bella enjoyed having her hair and makeup done, she walked away from the shoot beaming and can’t wait to see how the photos turned out. She is very thankful for the experience.” – Liz (Bella’s mum)

cotton on

Bella – Cotton On

“Claudia had a wonderful time on set with Seed Heritage.  We were met with a very warm welcome at Baker St Studios and PIX Studios and Claudia couldn’t wipe the smile and excitement off her face from the time she arrived. She enjoyed the photo shoot and this was made very easy by the amazing crew who certainly knew how to make her smile (and at the right times!). Claudia can’t wait to work with the team behind Seed Heritage again in the future.” – Shermin (Claudia’s mum)seed-heritage-logo

Claudia – Seed Heritage

“The Melbourne Arts Centre job that Charlie was lucky enough to be a part of was a fantastic experience. The crew were all exceptionally professional and genuine and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Aside from the fact that they were delightful to Charlie and super efficient, they also took the time to explain the reasons for their campaign with us and articulated why it was so special to be a part of it.” – Victoria (Charlie’s mum)arts centre melbourne.png

Charlie – Melbourne Arts Centre

“Kempsey had so much fun playing and dancing and meeting new toddler friends. It’s all so professional and catered completely to the kiddos. I especially really appreciated that they had a nurse on sight and helped play with the kids. Kip has had many auditions but never quite made it through to the end. I’ve noticed the more active (walking, personality) she showed the more she was requested. That would be my one advice to new parents who are interested going through an agency, all babies are beautiful, but once the personalities start shining through I think the companies and clients see exactly what they’re looking for.” – Cathrine (Kempsey’s mum)


Kempsey – Big W

“My daughter loved her photo shoot. She loved the dresses and seemed to be in her element. She loved getting her hair done and wearing sparkly lip gloss. We buy lots of the brand that she was representing so it was great that she could be a part of it.
The process was all very easy and the photographer, stylist and make up artist were really lovely people and made my daughter feel very comfortable and happy.
She can’t wait for the next one!” – Georgina (Grace’s mum)
Rock Your Baby

Grace – Rock Your Baby

“Colby had a wonderful time at My First Gym. He was nervous at first but as they got into the swing of things he had heaps of fun as well as an awesome workout as well. He pretty well had a 2 hour bootcamp session!! He worked hard for his money and slept well that night.
Really happy he enjoyed himself and certainly helps with his confidence as well.” – Andree (Colby’s mum)

My first gym

Colby – My First Gym

“Jasmine had an amazing time, the team were very nice and professional they prepared some snack for us which was very nice.
My husband and I  helped them to keep Jasmine happy during the shooting and we all had a great time thank you so much looking forward for more work!” – Haboula ( Jasmine’s mum)
Bambino & Bundles.png

Jasmine – Bambino & Bundles

“I was very hesitant putting my son in a modelling agency as I was very new to the industry. When I put my son through with Bettina Management there have only been positives in my experience. The managers within Bettina always send updates on new auditions on a regular basis. My son was lucky enough to be selected for the Best and Less Catalogue. It was a strange, fun and rewarding experience! The best thing about it was my family all the way over in Perth was the first to see my son in the Catalogue. From his first shoot, he has been selected for many more which is always exciting as a first time mother to experience! Very humbled and grateful for the opportunities that Bettina Management has provided!” – Charmayne ( Prayze’s mum)Best-Less-Logo

Prayze – Best & Less

“Phoenix had an awesome time on set he made new friends. Despite the cold and wet weather the sweetshop crew looked after us very well with the star RV bus for us to chill, catered cooked meal cooked on set and the atmosphere on set was beyond what we expected. His most favourite part was being on set and working with the film crew and director.” – Liliana ( Phoenix’s mum)HSBC.jpg

Phoenix – HSBC

“Recently my Son experienced the big wide world of playing a part in television advertising.  
I couldn’t have been happier he was chosen to participate. Not for the fame and glory, that’s not going to arise from a blink of activity over the screen, but for the confidence he attained from the complete process.  From selection to wardrobe.  To the reruns and the waiting, until finally seeing the finished project. He came away a little taller and a whole lot prouder.  And a big thank you to Bettina.  It wasn’t easy, but we got there in the end.” – Donna (Cruz’s mum)

Cruz – Telstra

“Lincoln recently had a two day photo shoot for Seed Kids. All of the staff were so friendly, helpful and very patient while he was on set to get the perfect shots which we can’t wait to see! It was a great experience and I hope there are many more to come, thank you Bettina.” – Sophie (Lincoln’s mum)seed-heritage-logo

Lincoln – Seed

“We had a fantastic time for Khalil’s first photo shoot. The whole process from Bettina management to cotton on staff was very easy and clear, everyone  was so lovely people, calm and very helpful which made his day very easy. Khalil and I had an amazing day. Over joyed by the whole experience. Can’t wait for more opportunities for Khalil.  The photos look divine can’t wait to receive them.” – Shannon (Khalil’s mum)cotton on

Khalil – Cotton On

“Elvis and I had a great time at our shoot for Hippy Australia. It was fun to do one together and be involved in the process with him. The crew from Hippy Australia were fun and organised and we all had a great laugh when Elvis decided to draw a portrait of me which included a very detailed baby in my “tummy” (I’m not pregnant…).” – Cassandra (Elvis’ mum)Hippy australia logo

Elvis – Hippy Australia

“I recently did my very first photo shoot with an awesome brand called “Lave Tribe” wow what can I say! The brand and owners were amazing, the other 2 models were beautiful inside & out & made me feel very comfortable & welcomed. I’m so excited for my next photo shoot. Thanks Bettina for such a great experience.” – Abigail

Lava tribe logo


Abigail – Lava Tribe

“Roxy is grateful to be a Country Road fit model and always looks forward to her fitting sessions. She finds it enjoyable to see the designs and try on the clothes before they even hit the shelves. The team at Country Road are friendly and always makes Roxy feel welcome and comfortable, creating a positive experience. Thanks to Brodie & Bianca and to the rest of Bettina Management for being prompt with communication and for giving Roxy this opportunity.” – Rachelle (Roxanne’s mum)country-road-logo

Roxanne – Country Road

“Josh’s recent photoshoot with Target was an extra special one as so many of our family either currently work, or have previously worked, for this well known brand over the past 40 years. There were some nerves at the beginning but it wasn’t long before the team at Wellcom made Josh feel super comfortable and relaxed, playing endless games of Connect 4 – what a fun morning!
Thanks Target and thanks Bettina Management for a fun morning and for the wonderful opportunity! Such an honour to be a part of.” – Sally (Joshua’s mum)

Joshua – Target

“Evie had the best time on set with one fine baby! She loved being in front of the camera and had fun dancing to the wiggles. Everyone on set was amazing the owner especially! Her favourite thing was all the food they had laid out on a table.” – Tara (Evie’s mum)One Fine Baby Fair_Logo-2018-1

Evie – One Fine Baby

“Bettina was very supportive and prompt with emails, smses and paperwork. Letting us know client casting, shortlist, callback, filming and post production information.
Bianca in particular encouraged my daughter to give the Suncorp TVC casting a go after she initially turned it down, as didn’t believe she could meet the casting role. My daughter got a casting part and loved every part of it.
It’s now set her on a path to pursue performing arts as her career.” – Jade (Sarah’s mum)
Suncorp logo

Sarah – Suncorp

“I had the best experience on set for home and away all the people were lovely and very helpful and the actors were friendly it was really exciting to see how much effort goes in to film one scene and the amount of people and time it takes to get it perfect is amazing to watch the actors film they are truly very talented as what they do it was such a great experience I will cherish forever. Ivy was always taken care of and her well being was most important can not wait to do it all again” – Kimberley (Ivy’s mum)Basic CMYK

Ivy – Home & Away

“Our experience was excellent and my daughter did very well. They made us feel very comfortable and had fun with it at the same time. Would definitely do it again.” – Dymetha (D’Arcy’s mum)Hippy australia logo.jpeg

D’Arcy – Hippy Australia

“My son had this first movie shoot recently. It was a very exciting first movie job for him, he enjoyed every minutes of it. The crew were friendly and the shoot was fun and went smoothly. I made a great choice joining my son with Bettina management. Within couple of weeks of on boarding, my son got his first job and already his second job was got to appear in a TV series and more to come.
Thanks Bettina Management for the opportunity.” – Vanessa (Bosco’s mum)

Bosco – TV Series “Hungry Ghosts”

“Jessica was a little nervous but at the same looking forward to the audition as it would be a good experience regardless of the outcome.
When she got the news she made it through she was extremely happy and excited. The whole process was a good insight too for a parent,  both Bettina and Suncorp were very professional and informative on what to expect at audition, rehearsal and the actual shoot.
It’s very exciting to see this commercial on TV
Thank you for the opportunity” – Angie (Jessica’s mum)
Suncorp logo.jpg

Jessica – Suncorp

“Will’s photo shoot with the Cotton On team was such a blast!  We were literally greeted with hugs, yummy food and even a cosy blanket by the fire. Will was immediately at ease and supported by every person on set. What a professional and caring group of people. Thanks Cotton On crew!” – Fiona (William’s mum)

cotton on

William – Cotton On

“What a fabulous day, from the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcomed… from the nurses to the actors to the producers everyone was so kind and helpful. Such an incredible experience for both Koa-Rae and I. Koa was well behaved and did exactly what was needed of her when she was upset the nurses producers and actors were calm and helpful allowing me to calm her and return her to the set settled. Looking forward to our next filming . Thank you to Bettina for putting Koa forward and also to the crew and cast of home and away for making us feel so welcome xx” – Angie (Koa-Rae’s mum)Basic CMYK

Koa-Rae – Home & Away

“Romeo had such a fun day at the Smiggle shoot! It such a great experience for him not only that, he made some friends which made it even more fun! The Staff were so lovely and made us feel welcome!
It was such a great day!
Romeo: ‘I had so much fun mum'” – Tearoadee (Romeo’s mum)

Romeo – Smiggle

“Riley was so lucky to be shortlisted for a two day photo shoot in Perth for Mini Peace showing their Summer range, which is currently available on line.
It was an exciting trip from Melbourne to Perth for both mum and daughter!
Riley shot their new Summer range at some of the most stunning beach locations in Perth from Scarborough to City Beach, as well as a beautiful backyard pool area of a home in one of Perth’s prominent suburbs for the two day shoot!
Riley had a great time getting pampered for make up and hair and loved dressing up in their beautiful clothes but, most of all, she had lots of fun with two other Bettina representatives Abigail and Hendrix.
The photos turned out amazing and we wish we could go back and enjoy the Perth sunshine once again!
Very proud of Riley!” – Yvette (Riley’s mum)
baby6 - Copy

Riley – Mini Peace

“My daughter’s first modelling experience was a great one! The Bettina staff were very helpful providing us with all the information to make this experience easy and enjoyable at the same time. Jessica loved being part of the photo shoot from being pampered with hair & makeup, to doing her gymnastic poses & jumping in the air for photos. Everyone on the day were very friendly making it a fun day all round” – Liane (Jessica’s mum)Uniform-Shop-round-image

Jessica – Midford Uniform

“Jai had a wonderful time at the Aldi catalogue shoot. The whole team were very engaging and made him feel comfortable to be himself. It was a great experience overall.” – Jacinda (Jai’s mum)aldi logo

Jai – Aldi

“This was Kayla’s first job for Bettina and was a photoshoot with 3 other children to promote the newly opened Centre. We were greeted by the friendly coordinator and made to feel very relaxed and at ease. The photographer took everybody outside to the beautiful play area and just let them play with the variety of equipment while he rolled off the shots. It was Kayla’s dream assignment really, just have lots of fun playing and be photographed! Everybody was just so friendly and relaxed, it made it all so much easier” – Martin (Kayla’s dad)


Kayla – Amity Road Early Learning Centre

“Sierra recently took part in the underworks shoot for their upcoming campaign. It was a fantastic experience and Sierra loved every minute. Thank you to Bettina Management for making this happen.” – Narelle (Sierra’s mum)logo

Sierra – Underworks

“The job Boyd did on the Today Show was fantastic!
Everything Bettina communicated with us about the days itinerary and timings were spot on, making the 5.30am start at Barangaroo really easy. The girls on set from the Bettina team were very helpful and approachable.
It was a super fun morning on set. The kids were never bored.
Boyd made really good friends with the skateboard company running the exhibition. This has proven really positive for him.
Thanks Bettina! A great experience all round!” – Liz (Boyd’s mum)

Boyd – The Today Show

“Our call time was 2.45pm and we were escorted around to the studio at that time.  Whilst the first shoot was not until about 4, Tigerlily was beautifully entertained by other children and the very caring girls you supplied to make sure that all the children were well looked after.  The outfits were carefully selected to bring out the beautiful features of each child and the photographer had a special empathy with the children. We look forward to another experience with Bettina.” – Ann ( Tigerlily’s grandma)Best-Less-Logo

Tigerlily – Best & Less

“Everything was absolutely amazing! Everyone in the team was very professional, helpful and lovely! Pippa had lots of fun with all the attention she received and of course the new experience is priceless.” – Natalie (Pippa’s mum)mamia-logo

Pippa – Mamia Nappy

“Chloe had an amazing time. She just loved it and we were surprised how well she listened to the photographer and director. She didn’t shy away at all.
The BMF team were fabulous and very easy going.” – Nakieta (Chloe’s mum)


Chloe – Aldi

“They felt extremely happy when they were told they got casted. They were a little bit nervous especially in the very early and cold morning. After a while they made friends with other kids and really enjoyed the casting. They felt confident and joyous at the end. It was a great filming experience.” – Joan (Ivan & Lily’s mum)


Ivan & Lilly – The Today Show

“Mason and I had a great experience working with the wonderful people behind the scenes at the best and less photo shoot. Mason was made feel comfortable in the environment and everyone involved were professional and efficient.” – Nikki (Mason’s mum)Best-Less-Logo

Mason – Best & Less

“Scarlett had so much fun and loved being a part of it the whole thing. It was a very long day for all the children but the staff was very understanding and worked well with all the children.  Everyone was so very nice and welcoming to us as a family and made Scarlett feel very comfortable. Scarlett had the best day.” – Nicole (Scarlett’s mum)

Between Two Worlds

Scarlett – TV Series “Between Two Worlds”

“The job itself that was great!
They treated Shahira like a star! Gave her a break, treats and made her feel very comfortable. There was no pressure at all.” – Sarah (Shahira’s mum)

Shahira – Mamia Nappy

“I loved going on The Today show, not only did I get up at 4am and see the sun rise I also got to learn about how to ride a skate board and for my birthday I now would more lessons and a cool skateboard. It was also very cool to see myself on TV when I got home.

I was a little nervous but the Show Team where surpassed chilled and made me feel like there were not camera’s in my face.

Can’t wait to do it again” – James

James- The Today Show

“Shazfa had a really good time there.very friendly environment. They make sure to feel her comfortable. Thanks Bettina to give her this amazing opportunity it will be her memory book for forever.” – Azmiri (Shazfa’s mum)


Shazfa – World Vision

“It was my son’s first ever project so his dad and I were both anxious and excited about it. On the set, the crew were really very friendly and helpful. John felt awkward at first but everyone made him felt so comfortable. Everyone were so professional and you can only see smiling faces everywhere.
It was indeed a very pleasing experience for my son and us as well, having been guided all through the process of the shoot.” – Camela (John’s mum)

QLD health

John – QLD Health Campaign

“The partnership with Toyota was very successful, everyone there was extremely welcoming and caring and Kingsley had lots of fun working with everyone and meeting other children. It was his first official job and he learnt a lot and can’t wait for his job to learn more.” – Jody (Kingsley’s mum)


Kingsley – Toyota

“It was a very exciting experience for Zaid. He was particularly excited when he was greeted with snacks, a water glass with his name on it and the studio chair that he got to sit on.
Amy and the camera crew were very professional and made him feel extremely welcome and comfortable, before and during the session. The encouraged Zaid a lot and it made him feel very confident, when recording.
We would also like to thank Bettina management for coordinating the details with us, before the job,  in a very helpful and professional manner.
Overall, it was a great and a memorable experience for us.” – Tayyab (Zaid’s dad)
Zaid World Vision

Zaid – World Vision

“Oaklei had a lot of fun and really enjoyed her time on set, it was her first shoot and the crew were really friendly and helpful. Oaklei loved everything from the wardrobe change, to the colours of the set and meeting some new friends, but her favourite part was putting on her cranky face for the camera!” – Nikita (Oaklei’s mum)

QLD health

Oaklei – QLD Health Campaign

“Luca and Ziata are relatively new to Bettina, they joined in December 2018. One of their first jobs was for a home builder shoot in March, which we all did as a family. The communication from casting to landing the job was nothing short of professional. We were kept informed at all times throughout the process. Being our first job, we were all a little nervous and just wanted to do a great job representing Bettina and for the client. From the moment we arrived at the location, the whole team were fantastic. Both Luca and Ziata had a wonderful day with the team, you would have thought they had known each other for years.  They were constantly ensuring they were having breaks and a little snack, they were extremely considerate given it was a hot day. By the end of the day Luca asked if Lizzie could baby sit them! All in all, a wonderful day spent working but really felt like a day of fun. Thank you Bettina and Home Builder for giving us the opportunity to work together as a family.” – Lina (Luca & Ziata’s mum)

Luca & Ziata – Homebuilder

“Ivana really enjoyed her recent photo shoot with MYER. She’s been fortunate to be able to work with the great team for a 2nd time. The photoshoot were quick and easygoing. It’s such an amazing experiences. I would love to say thank you for the great opportunities that had been given to Ivana.” – Ingrid (Ivana’s mum)myer-logo

Ivana – Myer

“We were lucky enough to get a place with Kidsing & Harry absolutely loved parading around, showing off for different people & had  fun in a different environment.
The photographers were very friendly & respectful of Harry & Ellie.
Thank you so much for organising Harry’s first play with Bettina & Kidsing” – Alanah (Harry’s mum)

Harry – Kidsing

“Olive had a wonderful time at the Aldi shoot. The set was bright, comfortable and spacious, the team were fantastic to work with and the photographer was particularly patient and understanding with the kids – he even didn’t mind Olive sitting with him (and threw in lots of high fives much to her amusement) when she wasn’t on set.
Olive danced, sang and laughed her way through this job! Thank you Aldi, would be more than happy to work with your team again in the future.” – Victoria (Olivia’s mum)
Olivia Forman.png

Olivia – Aldi

“My son and myself had the pleasure of doing the RACQ commercial with your team!
We truly appreciated the cooperation, time, and energy everyone put in to get this amazing commercial together.
My son LaPerry Ward has turned 3 years old today so being so young and new to the industry I felt worried and anxious getting him to do a commercial. However the team its members even other actors participating all were supportive patience and full of positivity.
This was an amazing day and I would do it all over again. A great experience for my son and myself” – Kandelka (Laperry’s mum)

Laperry – RACQ

“Kyle had a fabulous day doing the Indie kids Shoot. It was his first shoot so he was a little nervous but the team made him feel very comfortable and within a short time he was looking like a pro. There was no pressure or expectations from the photographers, they kept the atmosphere relaxed and very natural and then just got their shots when the time was right.
The day was long with lots of clothing changes but the support crew helped keep everything on track and kept the kids filled with food and drinks. They did a few really fun shoots which included throwing popcorn at each other and making a complete mess of the set…lots of fun to have a food fight towards the end of a long day.
All in all it was a great experience.” – Tracy (Kyle’s mum)indie kids

Kyle – Indie Kids

“Milani recently appeared on the Today Show with The Beanies. She was excited from the moment she woke up that day and it was such an amazing opportunity to be a part of it all. Being able to interact with The Beanies had Milani filled with smiles and laughter.” – Kim (Milani’s grandma)TodayShow-logo_large

Milani – The Today Show

“Jakob had a wonderful time filming for the RACQ ad. He was a little nervous but as soon as he arrived, he was made to feel very comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed the day and the whole experience! He particularly loved seeing how it all works behind the scenes. Everyone there were so lovely and accommodating. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!” – Lisa (Jakob’s mum)


Jakob – RACQ

“It was very intense to be part of a live audience. Its just an amazing experience, for the first few minutes it’s almost dream like, its eclectic to see your little girl on the big screen! Thank you Bettina for the opportunity we loved it!!” – Rhonda (Isabella’s mum)

Isabella - The Today Show

Isabella – The Today Show

“My experience with Bettina and Big W is always flawless, Bettina communicates with us very efficiently and always keeps us informed and updated. Big W is amazing with my son and puts him at ease every time, the team at Big W should be congratulated on making the process very easy, for a young child who has 4 people giving him instruction, this is priceless.
Thank you Bettina and Big W” – Sohani (Mayen’s mum)


Mayen – Big W

“Taisei had a great time casting for Smith Family.
Luckily it was his 9th birthday so all of crews celebrated for him after photos shoot.
Thank you for giving him great opportunity.” – Wakako (Taisei’s mum)
the smith family logo

Taisei – The Smith Family

“All the cast and crew are friendly and professional. I found it easy to follow instructions as the director and crew are very clear and concise with the instructions. They tried to make it fun for the kids and the crew kept the parents engaged with what is going on. Very professional as you can see in the end product.” – Vivien (Shaynna’s mum)


Shaynna – RACQ

“Oliver appeared on The Today Show with The Beanies. He enjoyed meeting the singers and dancing along with them, but above all, it was very special for him to meet one of the co-hosts, David Campbell, who chatted with him a couple of times. Oliver told him he wants to be a news presenter, just like David. He was spontaneous and felt very comfortable speaking with David, and Oliver had only met him today!
We have been with Bettina for 1 year and 4 months and Oli has had experiences with a reality show, with filming on set where you have to perform a scene a couple of times, and now with live television! Thanks for so many enriching adventures for our 6 year old!” – Marcela (Oliver’s mum)

Oliver - The Today Show

Oliver – The Today Show

“We had an absolute ball at the Rock your baby shoot. The photographer and staff members were so warming and made the shoot relaxed and fun for my daughter. She is high energy and would run off set but they definitely found ways to engage her to get the perfect shot on the day.
Thanks so much for the opportunities we’ve had in our short time with Bettina management, we are so grateful for you guys!” – Renee (Azealia’s mum)

Rock Your Baby

Azealia -Rock Your Baby

“We had a fantastic first experience as part of Bettina management. Arlow’s first shoot for Redsbaby was professional, well planned and all staff members involved were extremely friendly and helpful. The communication leading up to our shoot was second to none and we had a great day overall. We cannot wait for future shoots. :)” – Taneal (Arlow’s mum)


Arlow – Redsbaby

“Jesia and I have had the pleasure to work with the Roxy team two times now and on both occasions the Roxy team where so welcoming and friendly.
They provided refreshments,  snacks and lunch for us and always provided sunscreen and a umbrella for in between shots.
They where also fun which is definitely a bonus.
Overall we would love to work for them again and our experience was amazing.” – Tina (Jesia’s mum)


Jesia – Roxy

“Evelyn had a wonderful experience shooting for “Rock your Baby”. The staff were amazing, friendly and really relaxed which makes the process for little ones so much easier. Not to mention the clothes are adorable, I can’t wait for the collection to become available to buy.” – Lynda (Evelyn’s mum)
Rock Your Baby

Evelyn – Rock Your Baby

“Skye was cast as an extra for Peter Rabbit 2 and she had an amazing, fun time and despite 8hrs of filming (breaks in between with food and refreshments available), Skye was bright, not tired and made a new best friend .We were informed at all times about the process, timing, and what was expected.
The safety and comfort of the children on set was paramount and never overlooked.
All in all a fun day was had and Skye can’t wait to get on another set.
In a nutshell, she is hooked.” – Nimi (Skye’s mum)
Peter Rabbit

Skye – Peter Rabbit 2

“We had an amazing time filming at the today show with the beanies! Everybody was so lovely and Amelia had such a great day! Meeting the beanies and seeing herself on the television was such a great experience.
We were really grateful to you guys for the opportunity and we are so proud of Amelia for her great work!
Looking forward to working with you again soon!” – Patricia (Amelia’s mum)
Amelia - The Today Show

Amelia – The Today Show

“Victoria had an amazing time at the Little Mag Shoot. She loved being pampered by the make up artist. She enjoyed being with the other kids and basically enjoyed the overall experience of that environment as I was with her on the day.
Thanks for the opportunity.” – Tom (Victoria’s dad)the little mag

Victoria – The Little Mag

“The day before, Alex was feeling pumped and excited. Unfortunately he had to go to school in the morning and  it was a long drive to Best and Less but when he arrived with his game face on and chauffeured by granny he was greeted by a very helpful receptionist who signed Alex in and took them to the cafeteria. Jess Russell came along and took Alex to hair and makeup. Alex change clothes and went  onset for an hour where there were two other boys. The aim of the photoshoot was to have a popcorn fight in front of the camera.

The Camera man was a lot of fun to work with and gave clear direction. They used different props like fans, popcorn, blue bubble and played cool music.
Alex can’t wait to do it again” – Melissa (Alex’s mum)

Alex – Best & Less

“When we received the email regarding the Aldi job, Kelly was very excited as it was her first job. Kelly said that the whole experience was very enjoyable. She was worried that she was going to be nervous but the people there put her at ease straight away and were very kind and professional. Kelly is really happy to be managed by Bettina and hopes that this is the start of more assignments to come!” – Miro (Kelly’s dad)

aldi logo

Kelly – Aldi

“We had a great time on set. The staff were wonderful. From the moment we got there we were made to feel comfortable. Everything that they needed Matthew to do was explained perfectly, they answered all my questions without hesitation, and I asked questions as it was our first time, even though they didn’t believe me as Matthew felt so comfortable with everyone, and even though I said that my questions were silly, they said they weren’t. It was such a great working environment! Matthew has fun on the shoot even though he was working. ” – Saso (Matthew’s dad)

Virgin Australia logo

Matthew – Virgin Australia

“Thank you so much for allowing Estelle the opportunity to be part of the Best & Less Photo shoot on Wednesday the 27th of February.
Estelle had the best time and all the team/crew at Best & Less head office made her feel very welcome.
As her Mum I couldn’t have been more proud. Estelle is a happy, friendly little girl that loves to be around people. Being with Bettina allows her personality to shine. Thanks again!” – Suzanna (Estelle’s mum)


Estelle – Best & Less

“Shyla was so excited when we got the phone call telling us she had been requested as “little Drama Queen” for Sayah’s latest film clip. This role couldn’t have been more perfect for our little actress!
On the day we were there for about 2 hours, and Shyla got to meet the singer Sayah, played with a puppy and a snake, and met a clown. When it was Shyla’s turn to dance, sing and give attitude she had so much fun and didn’t want it to end.
Thank you for the opportunity, Shyla is looking forward to her next acting or modeling experience!” – Kristy (Shyla’s mum)

Shyla – “Drama Queen” Music Video

“Claudia and I had a wonderful time for her modelling debut with The Little Mag.
The event was extremely well organised and the ladies running The Studio and the Live Photo shoot were absolutely lovely. This was obvious with how pumped and relaxed Claudia was with the job at hand, she loved every minute she could smile for the camera and the crowd that had formed at the expo. The clothes she wore and the interiors were stunning and she (and I) felt very lucky to be a part of it. So much fun!” – Shermin (Claudia’s mum)
the little mag

Claudia – The Little Mag

“Jaime Rose was very happy to do the shoot and gained the experienced. I was a little bit worried that she’ll be nervous but quite opposite that she was full of confidence and took every stroke in her stride.” – Rosalie (Jamie Rose’s mum)the little mag

Jamie Rose – The Little Mag

“Zai had so much fun shooting for @littlemag @lifeinstyle last week. Such a great event showcasing amazing Australian design!” – Kristy (Zai’s mum)

the little mag

Zai – The Little Mag

“We are waiting for the new Big W catalogue to come out as Harlow will be featured in that. Harlow loves the camera and as parents we are so proud to watch her in action. Thank you for providing our daughter with so many opportunities!” – Hope (Harlow’s mum)



Harlow – Big W

“Harlow has been with Bettina for 7 months now and has had a great experience with Bettina so far. The castings and shoots have been so much fun and its been so great seeing Harlow face on posters for Best and Less” – Hope (Harlow’s mum)



Harlow – Best & Less

“We had a great time at the shoot for Big W. The team were very lovely and made Pia feel welcome. It’s a great opportunity for Pia to experience different things and be put in different situations
The shoot was quick and didn’t drag out too long which is great for the bubbas

Thanks Bettina for the great communication and giving Pia the opportunity” – Renee (Pia’s mum)

Pia – Big W

“Arianna had a really good experience with her first job for Biostime. It was good to see how Arianna handled being in front of crowd, having hair and make up done and of course performing and taking instructions from others. Everyone at Biostime was really friendly to the kids and made them feel comfortable with what they had to do, they definitely tried to make it fun for the kids which was great to see.
Arianna loved getting dressed up and really seemed to enjoy herself on the day. Arianna hasn’t stopped talking about it telling all her pre school friends and teachers so I know she had a positive experience.” – Jasmine (Arianna’s mum)


Arianna – Biostime

“William was super excited to go into the opera house for his Biostime runway event. He had never done anything like that before- and although I knew he had the personality and confidence you never really know how they will react until you do it for the first time.
William stepped up to every challenge with a smile and a bop and was truly in his element. His charisma and confidence beamed through and what an experience he walked away with- actually he didn’t want it to end.
Thank you Bettina for giving William this opportunity confirming that he really does love the new adventures and the lime light! He can’t wait for his next job!” – Kelly (William’s mum)

William – Biostime

“Hayden had a wonderful time during the whole “Amissa Anima” process.

Initially, sending through his video audition was nerve wracking …. This was his first video audition.

He couldn’t believe it when he got the message from Bettina Management to say he had been shortlist and they would like to see him for a live casting.  He went in while I made myself scarce and he gave it all he had.  He came out and said, “I met Jim Daly an actor from “The Rake” and the people were really nice”.

The 5am starts and the 11pm finishes were the only part that wasn’t fun.  It was amazing seeing everything come together though and watching the amazing technology, which they were happy to explain.  The entire crew were lovely and Hayden was made to feel both talented and important for the duration of time he spent filming.” – Karina (Hayden’s mum)

Hayden – “Amissa Anima” Short Film

“It’s great to see my daughter’s photos on Halcyon Night website. 
Thanks the team of Bettina for your arrangements and we look forward to Katherine next available job!” – Maria (Katherine’s mum)
Halcyon Nights logo

Katherine – Halcyon Night

“Jamie had a great time on set for Myer modeling baby bathrobes. The outfit was adorable and Jamie loved the attention! The photoshoot was quick and easygoing.” – Juulz (Jamie’s mum)


Jamie – Myer

“All the cast and crew were friendly and looked after Charlotte and myself.  It was a really great experience getting to see how scenes are shot and cant wait to see the final product.  Hopefully they got what they needed from Charlotte!! She was a bit of a diva” – Tiffany (Charlotte’s mum)


Charlotte – “Devon” Feature Film

“Peter Rabbit is Marc’s first job after being with Bettina for a year. After renewing his representation with Bettina last Nov 2018, he got this job in Dec 2018. We then realised that our decision to continue his journey in the modeling/entertainment industry was right.
Being part of Peter Rabbit, although it was a minor role, was a totally memorable experience for Marc as well as for us. Both Bianca and Brodie from Bettina were very supportive. The PR Production Team were truly amazing as well. Every shoot day was an exciting day for us which we always look forward too. Marc’s siblings can’t wait to see the movie in theatres, hoping to catch a glimpse of Marc’s appearance in there. Now that filming for Marc’s role has ended, we miss the early mornings and the busy days of preparations” – Michelle (Marc’s mum)

Peter Rabbit

Marc – Peter Rabbit

“Miles really enjoyed his recent photo shoot with Target. The staff were lovely with him. When he had finished, the photographer showed Miles the photos he had taken of him and said “Look Miles, what do you think?” And Miles was delighted to see these and exclaimed: “Oh cute!!” – Dani (Miles’ mum)


Miles – Target

“Kyuss recently had his first shoot with Underworks in Melbourne. Being our first casting job, we were excited and a little anxious at what to expect. From the moment we arrived on set, the cast and crew for Underworks were exceptional to work with and made us feel very relaxed and at ease. We had loads of fun on set and greatly enjoyed the experience. Thank you Underworks and Bettina Management.” – Elise (Kyuss’ mum)


Kyuss – Underworks

“We had such a great time shooting for Best & Less. It was Minnie’s first job, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but everyone was so lovely and accommodating, we had such a fun time!
Minnie was very relaxed and happy, we can’t wait to do another shoot!” – Stefanie (Minnie’s mum)

Minnie – Best & Less

“Aliyah was a bit shy at first but warmed up during her photo shoot she loved getting dressed up in their outfits, Best & Less staff were really nice and friendly which helped Aliyah feel more comfortable 🙂 ” – Lauren (Aliyah’s mum)


Aliyah – Best & Less

“Kristina had the most amazing time and enjoyed every second of it! The team were so friendly and nice was just such a great and pleasant experience for her and myself. Hope to enjoy this experience again soon!” – Suzi (Kristina’s mum)


Kristina – Best & Less

“Brooke has experienced so much over the last 6 months with Bettina and currently on her 4th photo shoot with Big W. Big W Sydney have been amazing with Brooke and now when she walks on set they all say “Hi Brooke”. Brooke as a young child was extremely shy and found it hard to speak to new people and have direct eye contact. After so many people telling Brooke she should give modelling a go we finally took the plunge. I can honestly say modelling and going to numerous castings has really given Brooke so much confidence in her everyday life over the last 12 months. Rejection is a huge process in the  modelling and acting  industry and children are not always going to be picked. All I can say is it has all been worth it as Brooke has a huge passion for fashion and loves modelling and making new friends on set.
I have been so pleased with all the staff at Bettina and Big W.
Brooke is so looking forward to what 2019 brings!!!” – Sarah (Brooke’s mum)


Brooke – Big W

“Scarlett is 9 months and loved her recent photo shoot with Best & Less. It was her first photo shoot so we were a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Bettina kept us informed on all details of the shoot and put my mind at ease. On set, everyone was professional and there were a lot of amenities for the babies. This turned out to be a great first shoot for Scarlett and we hope she to book more jobs with Bettina in the near future.” – Amy ( Scarlett’s mum)


Scarlett – Best & Less

“Charlotte had a wonderful day on set for the Underworks Shoot.  All of the cast and crew were very friendly and Charlotte felt at ease immediately.  The photographer was very relaxed and patient and able to convey clearly to Charlotte the requirements of the shoot.  It was a great experience for Charlotte, as she learnt so much more about how much work goes into creating the advertising for a brand and how many people are involved.  Overall a great day!” – Monique (Charlotte’s mum)


Charlotte – Underworks

“Thanks so much for assisting Maverick get this job, he had a truely amazing time. The Smiggle crew were awesome, they made him laugh and very extremely welcoming. We would gladly work with them again and highly recommend them to others. The kids had so much fun! It was one of the best days we have had in this business. Thanks again!” Amie (Maverick’s mum)

img_3281 (1)

Maverick – Smiggle

“Dylan had such a great time on set and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The crew was professional, approachable, supportive and attentive. The crew ensured the children  were entertained whilst waiting around and made sure the children and parents had opportunities to eat and drink.  We can’t wait for our next chance to take part in a commercial!” – Audrey (Dylan’s mum)Logolarge.png

Dylan – Dulux

“Working with Aptamil was a great experience. The team were very professional and great with the twins. They were patient, caring and allowed the twins to go at their own pace. The boys loved playing in the veggie patch and with the dog! It was lovely having a nurse on site and she was super helpful in wrangling the twins when they were getting a little too excited. All in all a great experience for both the parents and the twins.” – Katie (Max & Leo’s mum)

unnamed (4).jpg

Max & Leo – Aptamil

“Raphael and I had a really fun time at his recent Target Shoot. Being his first job he loved the experience of getting his hair done, getting styled and dressed up. He didn’t want to take the clothes and shoes off he loved them so much 🙂 The entire crew made us feel very comfortable which made Raphael very relaxed and helped him to follow the photographers directions really well. We look forward to seeing them in the upcoming catalogue soon!” – Tanya (Raphael’s mum)

unnamed (3)

Raphael – Target

“Wow is all I can say !!! Brooke has been with Bettina for around 8 months.

It started off slow but after 3 months she has been booked for 3 separate shoots and short listed for so many commercials.

BIG W so far has been her favourite she has done a formal wear range and new size 10 2018 summer range.

Brooke just loves getting her hair done and dressing up in all the new clothes.

All the staff are so wonderful to deal with they play the girls favourite songs to get them dancing and smiling through the shoots. Brooke said the best part was working with other girls on shoots and making new friends.

I love dealing with Bianca at Bettina she always gives us as much notice as possible and if we cannot make a casting or booking date, we are never made to feel terrible as we all know life is busy and school, sports and holidays sometimes clash. Thanks!” – Sarah (Brooke’s Mum)

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 1.15.17 PM.png

Brooke – Big W

“This was Gabrielle’s first paid photo shoot. I was a bit anxious about how she would perform. It ended up being a wonderful day.

Gabrielle was terrific, she listened to our photographer and did everything she was asked. She made friends with Mason the little boy who was also in the shoot. They had a ball. The location was beautiful also. She’s been asking since when is her next shoot.

It was heartwarming as I wasn’t sure if we had done the right thing in putting her in an agency but its definitely her thing, thanks again.” – Gina (Gabrielle’s mum)

48384167_2495033317179132_3266491742945280000_o (1).jpg

Gabrielle – Picture Products

“I would like to share how great we felt on Aadi being selected for casting of The Letdown series 2. This was a great experience for us and Aadi enjoyed being part of the series. The crew at the location made us feel very comfortable and engaging. We are very delighted and happy by the opportunity our son received for the casting of The Letdown. We would like to thank Bettina Management and the team in assisting us to take the first step in the modeling and advertising industry.” – Vishal (Aadi’s Dad)

the let down

Aadi – The Let Down (TVS)

“Thank you so much Bettina management for making this possible for me and opening a wide range of opportunities to pursue what I love and enjoy. When my mum told me about the photoshoot I couldn’t believe it! I felt very special that someone had chosen me.

I got to do the photoshoot with a lovely girl named Mia. The theme was ‘BFF’. So as Mia and I had really never met each other so it was awkward to be hugging and holding her hand for the photos at first. After a while, we properly introduced ourselves and then the experience became even more fun. We become close friends!

The makeup and hair artists were very funny and extremely nice. They really did keep you entertained for nearly 2 hours. The staff and management of J’adore had a very bubbly and happy personality that made this experience even more amazing. The photographer was the most supportive and motivating person as she constantly gave you compliments but also ways that you could improve for the future.

I’m so grateful and can’t wait to see the photos.” – Isabella (Talent)


Isabella – J’Adore

“The day was perfect the whole process from accepting the job to the photo shoot day was easy, smooth and FUN. Bosco has the best day at the shooting. He felt very privileged to be part of Bettina. It was his first job and he looks forward for more jobs with Bettina.” – Vanessa (Bosco’s mum)


Bosco – Cengage Learning

“Kenji recently modelled a beautiful red dress for Big W. The shoot started on time which was great as it meant we didn’t have to sit around & wait. The crew were extremely friendly and very child focused. They took note of Kenji and her body language and were accommodative of Kenji taking a short break when she was overwhelmed by all of the action. Overall, Kenji had lots of fun interacting with the other kids and loved all of the positive attention. It was a great morning had by all! ” – Chelsey-Jade (Kenji’s mum)

Alannah, Rhys, Kenji, Scarlett, Brooke & Mackenzie 1.png

Kenji – Big W

“We signed with Bettina a couple of months ago. The staff were very friendly and professional, we were given information and timeframe on what’s happening next from the very beginning.

We have since booked for a job on the TV series ‘The Letdown’ in the same scene with Noni Hazlehurst which was an OMG moment. We are looking forward to booking more jobs in the future.” – Amy (Scarlett’s mum)

the let down.jpg

Scarlett – The Let Down (TV Series)

“No words … except I think perhaps the kids can now take US on a holiday ! We really do feel extremely lucky and grateful. We came into this for the experience, skill learning and to meet people . The money is a bonus but wow ! Needless to say we have booked for our new photos and looking forward to another wonderful year.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.48.32 AM

Grace, Jai & Emma – Hyundai

“Our recent experience with Halcyon Nights and Bettina was fantastic
Charlotte was given flexibility for shoot timing which worked best with her which was very considerate.
On the day; everyone from Halcyon Nights was caring, kind, professional and friendly- the shoot went smoothly and Charlotte loved the way the photographer interacted with her; making her smile so much.”

Charlotte – Halcyon Nights

“My daughter Cassandra had the best time shooting for Kmart TVC. It was such an amazing experience for her considering it was her first time doing it. Everyone was so nice and kind. I would like to say Thank you so much for the opportunity and choosing  my daughter to be in it.” – Claire (Cassandra’s mum)


Cassandra – Kmart

“First of all, I would love to say thank you for this great opportunity. He was nervous at first day but he got to know everyone and made friends with them. Adam had fun playing with children there, he enjoyed the games and challenges. Staffs there were super nice. Lots of breaks with fruits and sandwiches for kids and parents. He was excited to bring his gift bag home of course. It was and amazing experience for him and me as a parent.” – Jenny (Adam’s mum)

Adam – Moose Toys

“Saihaan had a great time doing the shoot for Zoos Victoria! The day was filled with fun activities as part of the shoot and he got to make new friends. The staff at the zoo was wonderful as was the crew.” – Rozenn (Saihaan’s mum)


Saihaan – Zoos Victoria

“She had such a fun day getting to dress up as part of the shoot. She was also working alongside Giselle, another Bettina child, who wasn’t just incredible at what she was doing but she was such a kind little lady too and so welcoming. Lokoha absolutely loved her and had so much fun not just on set but also off set together between shoots. It all made for such an amazing first day. Thank you so much for the opportunity!” – Stephanie (Lokoha’s mum)



“The experience was great. Miller really enjoyed himself and everyone was just so lovely. Felt proud all day and can’t wait to see the release.” – Natalie (Miller’s mum)


Miller – Country Road

“My daughter, Maya, just did her first job for Target and she had an absolute ball! Bianca from Bettina was so amazing to deal with through the process of getting Maya from the casting through to shoot day. We couldn’t have asked for a more exciting first job either. Beyond thankful for Bettina!” – Nerissa (Maya’s mum)


Maya – Target

“Our son had such a great time we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect first time acting experience filming for Moose toys.  The crew and kids spent 3 days on set filled with colour, costume and excitement.  The crew associated with Moose Toys made the budding actors (and parents) feel welcome and supported. Thank you to the team at Bettina Management for proving  us this opportunity.  Can’t wait to see the finished product!” – Mel (Jake’s mum)


Jake – Moose Toys

“The team at Country Road were warm and friendly from the get go. They were extremely accommodating. James the photographer was amazing when it came to capturing the perfect shot and very considerate about ensuring Sienna was happy during the shoot. It was very exciting. Thankyou Bettina for giving Sienna this amazing opportunity.” – Sharmila (Sienna’s mum)


Sienna – Country Road

“Lucy was very excited to have pictures/video taken. She enjoyed every minute, from the way she was greeted, makeup (actually just a sunscreen but nevertheless she felt special) and the interaction with production crew members. They were all extremely professionals.
And the most important: she had lots of fun!!
Thanks for the opportunity.” – Vanessa (Lucy’s mum)
adopt change

Lucy – Adopt Change

“Being selected for this Moose Toys campaign was an opportunity that Obadiah enjoyed so very much!  It was his first gig through Bettina Management. He’s come away from the whole experience with endless stories of crazy fun, new friendships forged and lasting memories. Thank you Bettina for this amazing opportunity!” – Firdause (Obadiah’s mum)


Obadiah – Moose Toys

“Regarding Mikayla’s recent work for Target, it was a great experience and she enjoyed it.
At first being a first timer, she’s a little bit 50/50, I could say, but after a few minutes she enjoyed it and smiled at the camera a lot as what I expected her reaction would be.
We are very pleased and excited that her first job was for Target. We are thankful at Bettina for representing our daughter and we are now more positive and looking forward for more project for her in the future fingers crossed. She is happy and excited to see her self in the catalogue.” – Julie (Mikayla’s mum)Target_Logo.svg

Mikayla – Target

“Micah had an amazing day, from the moment he arrived to the moment he left.
The crew were very professional, warm and welcoming. Micah enjoyed all the experiences on the day from the hair and make up, meeting other children involved on the day, changing clothes, food and nibbles but of course the highlight of the day was the actual photo shoot. As a parent I felt very proud of how he presented himself, listened well and just followed instructions not only were these skills evident but the boost of confidence this experience has provided. I was also very impressed with how well every individual crew member looked after the children from a health and safety perspective and how easy going they all were. Micah is very keen to see himself in the up coming Best & Less brochure and shop front windows. Thank you to Bettina Management for helping to create this opportunity for Micah as he has hopes and dreams to make a career out of this.” – Ronda (Micah’s mum)

Micah – Best & Less

“We were very excited when Onyx was booked for a campaign. Our experience was wonderful, Onyx thought is was an exciting  adventure  and cannot wait for his next job! Thank you Bettina.” – Pove (Onyx’s mum)Target_Logo.svg

Onyx – Target

“We had a very fun photoshoot with Moreton Bay Library, the photographer was a delightful lady who knew how to engaged with the kids! Also, they looked after us with a morning and afternoon tea!
Thank you for thinking of Sebastian for this job, he had a great day!!” -Ana (Sebastian’s mum)
moreton bay

Sebastian – Moreton Bay Library

“We have done 1 job so far with our 1yr old Benjamin and have had the most wonderful experience. The job was professional, fun and we felt very relaxed.
Looking forward to more work in the future!
Thanks Bettina :-)” – Penne (Benjamin’s mum)
moreton bay

Benjamin – Moreton Bay Library

“We recently had our first job through Bettina. It was a lot of fun and very exciting – right from the initial response to the call out, through the audition process and confirmation, and on the actual day itself. My little guy is only 5, so we spent a lot of time leading up to the day preparing him for the early start, the day off school and what he might need to do at the shoot. It was my first experience as well, so here’s the top three tips I took away:

  1. Make sure you take things to keep your child entertained and comfortable because there is some waiting around, for example a picnic blanket, pillow, device, books, games. Things they can do with other kids is ideal like card games or puzzles.
  2. Talk to and learn from other parents and the set crew – they’re a wealth of knowledge.
  3. If your child is in costume, make sure they’re covered with their own clothes (jumper or jacket) before they eat. Especially if tomato sauce is on the menu.

Special thanks to the team at Bettina – they were fantastic at keeping us informed and briefed throughout the entire process. It was a great first experience!” – Kerren (Jesse’s mum)

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 12.33.35 PM


Jesse – Cricket Australia

“Elizabeth had a fantastic morning working with ‘The Today Show’, Natalia Cooper and crew. Elizabeth loved all the activities especially being glitterised. Thank you for selecting Elizabeth to participate in this wonderful opportunity. ” – Larissa (Elizabeth’s mum)TodayShow-logo_large

Elizabeth – The Today Show

“Victoria had such a fantastic time at the Cricket Australia shoot last week. She enjoyed the experience and loved interacting with the other kids and the film crew. Everyone was friendly and caring which made the experience even better. Thanks Bettina for recommending Victoria for this opportunity and we look forward to many more in the future. ” – Elizabeth (Victoria’s mum)


Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 12.33.35 PM

Victoria – Cricket Australia

“River loves going to Country Road. The staff makes us feel very welcome and we have built a awesome friendship with the company.” – Jessica (River’s mum)


River – Country Road

“Juan and Isabel ended up enjoying themselves and are grateful for the experience (they both are recent clients of Bettina). In all though, there was little interest by the various activity ‘stalls’ in providing opportunities to the older kids to participate. It was clearly geared to early primary school children. Isabel and Juan chatted to a couple of the other older kids and they gave the same feedback. The older children were mostly observing the younger kids have hands on experiences. In any event, it was fun and the experience for Isabel and Juan was valuable. We look forward to other opportunities in the near future.” – Elizabeth (Juan & Isabel’s mum)


Juan & Isabel – The Today Show

“My son Felix recently had a shoot for Big W. The crew were professional and made the experience easy and enjoyable. Felix even got to have a nap while they were setting up! There was also a nurse on board who made me feel super relaxed.” – Rita (Felix’s mum)Felix Christmas


Felix – Big W

“Bianca from Bettina could not have organised this any better! Bianca promptly confirmed which child was able to participate; contact details, instructions and directions for the day. She also provided text messages closer to the day to confirm our attendance and the network’s contact person.
Our morning experience with The Today Show was so much fun. All the kids had a chance to be on television and the crew interacted with the kids and gave the parents instructions on what was happening next between weather sessions. The activities were a lot of fun and I was pleasantly surprised with the kids all being so well behaved and taking turns to be on television. Thank you for a great opportunity!” – Audrey (Dylan’s mum)TodayShow-logo_large

Dylan – The Today Show

“Scarlett had a blast at her last shoot with Cotton On Kids, everyone was so friendly and lovely! She enjoyed it so much that she was given three additional looks to wear. She can’t wait to go back!” – Jeruisha (Scarlett’s mum)


Scarlett – Cotton On

“We had a fantastic experience yesterday. The crew were amazing. Everyone was so welcoming. The photographer was AMAZING. He was so great with the boys.” – Bobby-Ann (Pauli’s mum)


Pauli – Big W

“Jessica loved the Kompan playground photo shoot.  Jessica had so much fun playing on the playground equipment and getting her photo taken with Lauren and the other children. All of the staff on set were very friendly and worked well with the children.  Thank you so much Bettina for putting her details forward for the job and for Kompan Playground Equipment for shortlisting Jessica.” – Donna (Jessica’s mum)


Jessica – Kompan

“Thank you Bettina Management for giving Miles the opportunity to work with Target for their latest catalogue. Miles had so much fun on set and the photographer and staff were wonderful with him. They even played his favourite songs during the shoot. It all went very smoothly and I look forward to Miles’s next opportunity with Bettina.” – Dani (Miles’ mum)

Miles – Target

“Faustina had so much fun right from getting her hair and makeup done to dressing up until the end of the shooting on the last day.  She enjoyed hanging out with the other kids and they got on so well.  Her enthusiasm never failed, never complaint about the early morning start.  I must say it will be one of her most fun and memorable experience. ” – Fapiola (Faustina’s mum)

Faustina – Target

“Charlie has had the most amazing time. What an awesome opportunity, not only taking part in a commercial for Cricket Australia, he also got to go to a music studio to record the rap for the commercial. Dream come true! Thank you to all the Bettina staff for being so professional booking this job!” – Ellie (Charlie’s mum)
Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 12.33.35 PM

Charlie – Cricket Australia

“It was very nerve racking personally because Bonds was such a big company! But the Bonds team overall were so kind and welcoming and we enjoyed our time there! They managed to get some really cute shots of Arabella and were very patient with her. Hopefully we get to see her face up in the shops and ads soon!” – Jasmine (Arabella’s mum)

download (1).png

Arabella – Bonds

“Cooper loved being on The Today show. It was a great experience and he had lots of fun and we met some great people. It was great to see and take part of how it all works.” – Mary (Cooper’s mum)


Cooper – The Today Show

“Seth and Phoenix thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the Kompan Playground shoot yesterday!  They got to play and have fun and Jacob, the photographers and everyone involved were friendly and professional and made the kids feel at ease! Thank you so much!” – Kaetrice (Seth & Phoenix’s mum)

Phoenix & Seth – Kompan

“Eva had a wonderful time and enjoyed the activities and the whole experience. She felt that it was more aimed at the youngsters but that did not stop her from having fun. It was great to see the recording process and meet the presenters and crew. The early morning start was a challenge for the youngsters but it all turned out fine and proves that having fun is a great incentive. Eva loves new experiences and challenges and looks forward to every opportunity that comes her way.” – Rita (Eva’s mum)


Eva – The Today Show

“The girls had a sensational time working with The Today Show and Natalia Cooper for the morning live weather cross at Paddy’s market.
Thanks again for inviting them to be a part of the adventure!” – Liana (Sienna & Jayda’s mum)

Sienna & Jayda – The Today Show

“This is photo of Taisei and Haruka taking photo shots for a Woolworths campaign. They had several pair photos in the morning and some group photos in the later morning. It was relatively long day but Woolworth had organized an entertainer so that they could enjoy while waiting for the next shots. All kids including ours really enjoyed the day.” – Wakako (Taisei & Haruka’s mum)

Taisei & Haruka – Woolworths

“The Westfield shoot was great, it was an icy cold morning, however Harlow did very well for her first time and the crew made sure she was well looked after.
The first shoot was for Father’s Day themed shots and the second was for Halloween, so she got dressed up as a big bunch of grapes. Harlow’s highlight was getting photos with a puppy on the Halloween shoot.
I was very proud of the way she performed on her first time in front of the cameras.” – Sam (Harlow’s mum)Fathers Day Harlow

Harlow – Westfield

“This is Haruka taking photo and short film for Westfield Spring Campaign. Her act was to take selfie picture with family gathering.
Also she took a Halloween event picture with another girl wearing a costume. It was very friendly environment so although it was Haruka’s first single work, she didn’t feel pressured or nervous, in fact she enjoyed the work all day.” – Wakako (Haruka’s mum)
unnamed (4).jpg

Haruka – Westfield

“Sebastian was lucky to be selected for ‘The Whistleblower’  which was the perfect role!  All of the rehearsals were in the school holidays as was the filming and the times I couldn’t get him to the city, they even came and collected and returned him!  He was so well looked after with a chaperone laden with games and activities to do during any down time.  All the crew were fabulous and even with a language barrier at times, it all worked beautifully.  He loved the experience coming straight after a role Bettina sourced for him in the ‘Ride Like A Girl’ movie and is looking forward to the next opportunity.  He thinks Bettina are amazing!” – Julie (Sebastian’s mum)

Sebastian – The Whistleblower (Film)

“Caitlyn really enjoyed working as an extra. This was her first time being on a set and seeing how everything is done. It’s opened her eyes to the world of acting.” – Julie (Caitlyn’s mum)

Caitlyn – The InBESTigators (TV Series)

“Charlie’s experience on the How To Say Married shoot was fantastic. He had a great time and the crew were all very friendly and professional. The set was supportive and he had a lot of fun playing with all the kids.” – Victoria (Charlie’s Mum)

Charlie – How To Stay Married (TV Series)

Oliver attended Magnum & Co for the shooting of the “We are Cheeky” Campaign. We were on time and Catherine was at the door to welcome us. Oliver blended into the group of kids straight away and felt comfortable and natural as if he knew the place and the people very well already. We didn’t have to wait much time before they called Oliver and one of the other boys to start the shooting. Oliver told me that he enjoyed having salad and then ice cream during the shooting. He was given a challenge not to eat a second plate of ice cream: he didn’t want to break the rules so he didn’t have the second bowl, even if the other boy ate it “in case it melted”. I wasn’t always able to see everything they were filming, but I could hear Oliver’s voice chatting happily and spontaneously. I still don’t know what they were talking about or whether it will end up in the video launch after the editing, but it was nice to hear Oliver being himself during the filming.

The crew was very professional, welcoming and positive. They even took us to a nearby coffee place for a break over a nice warm chocolate which we all enjoyed.

The ladies from “We are Cheeky” were very keen to talk to everyone and tell us about their brand. They told me that the videocasting of Oliver was one of their favorite ones and that what made them choose him was how cheeky Oliver was doing his best impression of his dad half-dazed and looking for his morning coffee!

We feel very grateful with the opportunity that Oliver was given to participate in this project and admire the fact that a key focus of the brand marketing is that they give back to those in need.

It was also very nice to meet other kids with Bettina such as Jubilee and Aydin. Jubilee’s mum and I had a good time talking together. We all shared our experiences with Bettina and said how happy we are with the Agency – that you put the kids’ welfare first, let them just be kids, while at the same time being efficient and communicating clearly and promptly. She and I agreed that all of your team are very helpful, but we particularly mentioned you as always positive, caring so professionally for our kids, objective yet also personal.

Oliver – We Are Cheeky

“I’d like to take this time to thank Bettina Management for giving my daughter the opportunity to be able to express herself through her passion for acting and performing. You have given her the avenue to follow her dreams by facilitating and making it possible for her to audition for roles in commercials and acting jobs. As a father watching her evolve and gain confidence through this path, you have my heartfelt thanks and sincerest gratitude. She had a new experience with the Sisters of Charity project. She had to perform with a green screen backing while acting out her part and voicing out her lines. The background will be edited later on digitally. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and she has only gained more confidence and will grow even more from having experienced these various and diverse working environments. Once again, I’d like to express our families gratitude to Bianca and all the staff at Bettina Management for making this possible.” – Mari (Erica’s dad)


Erica – Sisters of Charity

“Brooke loved her very first job with Bettina. Brooke did some modelling for Asics kids clothing range and shoes.  The staff where very professional and made Brooke feel very comfortable and allowed myself to be with her through the whole process. From the minute Brooke started the shoot we could not get a smile off her face. As we left the set she said it was so much fun and can not wait to do it again!” – Sarah (Brooke’s Mum).


Brooke – Asics

“It was Blake’s first job and she participated in a shoot for baby rompers with Underworks.
The location was easy to get to in South Melbourne and we had the best time from the moment we entered the building.
Everyone was so inviting and kind and they couldn’t wait to meet Blake!
They made sure we were comfortable and provided food, toys, play areas, change tables and interacted with Blake through the whole shoot! We were allowed to bring Blake’s favourite music – The Wiggles of course and we danced and sang through all the photos. It was really such a fun morning!” – Jessica (Blake’s mum)
Blake Longe

Blake – Underworks

“Violet had a fabulous time on the set of the KIA ad! All of the staff on board worked so well with Violet. She also got along really well with the other actors involved. Overall Violet had a fantastic and fun experience.” – Olivia (Violet’s mum)vert_2d_symbolmark_red_0

Violet – KIA

“Our experience was completely positive. I was really pleased to find there was a midwife at the shoot. She and the rest of the crew were so lovely with Isa and I. Isa seemed to be very happy with the experience too!” – Nina (Isa’s Mum)

Isa – Big W

“Mila had her first photoshoot with Big W on Monday and we had a ball! Everyone was really friendly, Mila loved having her photo taken and getting to see other babies. As for me it was so exciting to know Mila was going to be in her first catalogue! We had a wonderful experience!” – Sofia (Mila’s Mum)


Mila – Big W

“Recently Logan won The Face of Bettina 0-2 year age category. Being brand new to the industry we had no expectations and no idea what to expect.
Luckily as part of our prize Logan was offered a feature with “The Little Mag” to appear in their first magazine edition and to star in a feature for Moose and Finch, an upcoming children fashion label.
The team who we worked with at the shoot were amazing, and looked after Logan and understood his needs. Being only 10.5mths old I worried how he would go but to my surprise Logan loved the camera and interacting with the other models at the shoot.
It was such an incredible experience and we cant wait for many more opportunities Bettina can offer us”  – Corinne  (Logan’s Mum)


Logan – The Little Mag

“My daughter Alyra who is 5 recently shot for Big W. From the moment we walked into the shoot everyone made us feel so welcomed. The photographer could tell Alyra was a bit unsure at the start as this was her very first professional photo shoot. We walked straight up to the set together before everyone else was there and he gave her the opportunity to do some fun photos to show her what they will be doing shortly and this made Alyra instantly relax. Watching Alyra blossom in front of the camera is so heart warming for me as a Mum. Alyra has done a few different shoots for Big W now and she just loves it so much she asks me every week when she can go and do more modelling. Every shoot is so natural which has given Alyra the opportunity to really develop and shine in front of the camera.” – Ashleigh (Alyra’s mum)

TOY alyra morris

Alyra – Big W

“It was an awesome experience, one of the best in my career. Very friendly and supportive staff. I made some new friends. Highly recommended to anyone.” – Slavica (Strahina’s mum)

Strahina – “Playing for Keeps” (TV series)

“Amaali who is 11 months had her first job for Big-W went really well, she definitely enjoyed it and so did I. The staff who were there were really amazing and so nice. Amaali was just perfect in front of the camera she absolutely enjoyed herself. ” – Candace (Amaali’s mum)BIGW-logo

Amaali – Big W

“Sally received a last minute casting offer for Woolworths and was successful. Sally enjoyed every minute of the job from the makeup and hair, the stylist getting her outfit ready, to taking directions from the photographer. The directors and staff on set were very friendly and approachable which made the shoot so much fun. The professionalism shown by Bettina who guided us through each stage of the process was extremely comforting as this was Sally’s first booking. Now she has finished her first job she can’t wait for the next opportunity.” – Christine (Sally’s mum)


Sally – Woolworths

“My son recently did a job with Big W, the whole experience from the time he was tentatively booked to the confirmation of the job was seamless. Bettina Agency has excellent communication and as a parent, you feel secure knowing that your child is in good hands and is in a safe environment. Thankyou Bettina!” – Sohani (Mayen’s mum)

Kids Happen Mayen.JPG

Mayen – Big W

“Siria first signed up with Bettina in February, something that she had wanted to do for the last couple of years however living in the country, never had a chance to.  Within about a month or so she had her first audition and we were all so proud of her when she was given a role in a new TV series for ABC called “The Heights”. Bettina have been a great support to our family throughout the process, particularly with us being new to the industry and have always been so easy to approach when we needed further information or clarification. It has been a relief to know that Bettina are looking out for Siria and we are happy that they have been on this journey alongside us”. – Tash (Siria’s Mum)

Siria – The Heights (TV Series)

“Zoe was lucky to be called for a photo shoot for The Little Homie on the 26th of June.   It was for the promotion of the kids books 123 JAY-Z and ABC JAY-Z. We arrived at the shoot about 10 minutes earlier.  Someone came to greet us and asked if Zoe could start straight away.  They liked what she was wearing and loved her hair, they asked if  we could do the shoot just the way she was dressed.  She joined the other kids that were already being photographed and started following the crews’ instructions.  They loved the way that she just listened and performed.  Zoe was also loving it as she got to play with bubbles and got to do some colouring.  She loved posing and smiling for the cameras and loved meeting new friends on the set. The shoot was done within an hour and Zoe got to leave with a little gift bag with some treats. About two weeks ago we came across one of her photo on the Little Homies Instagram homepage. Very proud of our little cutie. Well done Zoe!” – Marie (Zoe’s Mum)


Zoe Victor

Zoe – The Little Homie

“Our first booking, and it was a big one! Day one started in Kurnell with three very excited kids and one very nervous Mum. This is new to all of us, however it seems that the kids’ innocence and desire to try new things overcame their nerves! We were met immediately on set by the caring and always attentive set nurse and the familiar face of the production Manager (Jo) and Stylist (Sue) who we had met on Friday evening. These lovely ladies, along with Lily (Hair and make up) and the kids’ “new” parents became our behind the scenes family for the week. They made sure we were ready in costume with hair and make up done when the Director or Assistant Director called us, gave us our call times, fed us, kept us warm, ensured we were taking breaks and most of all took the time to get to know the real us! They also let us in on a few trade secrets 🙂

Jai, Grace and Emma had the fortune of being cast as the “hero” kids for this commercial. As their first commercial we soon realised what this meant and how lucky they were to be given this opportunity, especially together! The first day started slowly, with the scene before us not quite wrapped. We all watched in awe as cars were taken off and on the low loader, people buzzing moving equipment, camera’s, screens, lighting. Then it was out turn, into the car the kids went, positions adjusted, hair and make up changes made, discussion had  and then it began. Take after take, various angles, lighting, slight adjustments to hand positions. Watching on a screen from the towing vehicle, I could hear some of the cues and discussions but not all. Talented individuals working together to get their creative vision perfected in real life. The result is perfect, the reality is that it takes much effort, patience attention to detail to get this result. My concern was how would Jai, Grace and Emma handle the repetition, would they understand all the directions and be able to follow through? Watching nervously on that first day; I realised that I didn’t need to be nervous at all…..they got it! At least I thought they did! At 515pm as we watched a beautiful sunset , my thoughts were affirmed. The director asked all the crew to give Jai, Grace and Emma a round of applause for their fabulous work. They felt like stars!

The next two days brought two location changes, costume changes, various scenes and lots of laughter. Without giving away the storyline; some good old fart humour was used and the kids learned how effective exaggeration can be in. They followed the directions given to them , followed the lead of their on screen parents (who were clearly polished and professional actors) and improvised! I was so proud of the three of them for taking on this new role with such enthusiasm.

Thank you to the director for casting the Phimsipasom kids, thank you to the wonderful people who helped, supported and encouraged them throughout the three days and thank you for Bettina for landing us this gig. At the end of the week, I asked all three is this something they would want to do again and the answer was “absolutely yes”, followed by “especially if we get a buffet lunch everyday”! A new world has been opened up to us!” – Jackie (Jai, Grace & Emma’s Mum)


Jai, Grace & Emma – Hyundai

“We are new to Bettina and had no expectations on what to expect. The casting and call backs experience has been a breeze. Nina, is only young and in my mind any situation could go one of both ways. The people who we worked with at the shoot were amazing, understanding and looked after her Nina’s needs. It was such an incredible experience to have a memory such as this one to remember as she grows older. Will hope she can do similar again some day xx thank you to all involved.” – Krista (Nina’s Mum)


Nina – NGK

“Maya had a lot of fun on her first two days on set with seed and did another shoot today. Everyone is lovely to work with and are understanding when Maya doesn’t do exactly what she should be doing and are patient with her.They have tools like little stickers of the floor and bubbles to get the children to smile which works. We have enjoyed our time with seed and hope to work with them again in the future and cannot wait to see the photos of Maya when they come out.” – Louise (Maya’s Mum)


Maya – Seed

“First time a charm. Skye Alana for Big W’s “Toy Mania” campaign.  My 8-month-old daughter, Skye Alana, was photographed just last week for Big W’s “Toy Mania” campaign. This was Skye’s first ‘job’, so we were excited to be involved. Skye loved meeting the Big W team and enjoyed having her hair brushed by the make-up artist. After a quick outfit change, Skye was asked to play on an activity gym. While Skye played, the team danced along to Skye’s favourite Wiggles tune – Big Red Car, all while the photographer snapped away and ‘got the shot’. My daughter and I had a great day out together on set with the Big W crew. It was a fab and fun introduction to the industry and we’re looking forward to seeing what new opportunities come our way.” – Alison (Skye’s Mum)


Skye – Big W

“Harriet got booked for the Fibreguard Live Launch.  It was her first job, so to say I was nervous would be an understatement.   So many thoughts running through my head, “How will Harriet do?”, “Will she respond to instructions and participate?”  I kept telling myself to relax so that I wouldn’t give my nerves to Harri. We arrived and called our POC. Ellen from Flaunt Marketing was lovely and instantly put both Harriet and myself at ease, she was a delight with the children as were all the industry folk involved. The launch was a success with all the kids having a great time.
As a parent there are many things we think about when getting our children involved in this industry, from my correspondence with Bettina and our experience so far I have nothing but absolute faith in the clients of Bettina and Bettina as an Agency.” – Melissa (Harriet’s Mum)
Harriet, Leo and Arlo

Harriet – Fibreguard Live Launch

“Skylar had a great time at her first shoot. The client made it fun and had catered very well for the children with lots of snacks and sticker books to play with. There was also a gorgeous dog called Peach that was part of the photo shoot and Skylar was delighted with that. We were on set for an hour and it went very quickly. It was a great experience for both of us and we had a great time. ” – Jordan (Skylar’s Mum)


Skylar – The Little Homie

“Addison had such a positive experience last week for the Jan Logan Bridal shoot. From the time we arrived all the staff and crew were amazing. They were so excited to have Addison there and were so encouraging during the shoot. It was such an amazing experience working with this professional crew and she is already asking when is she going again.” – Sarah (Addison’s Mum)


Addison – Jan Logan Bridal

“It was a great experience. Lara absolutely loved and enjoyed her time during the shoot. Thank you for giving her a chance and all your efforts!” – Amina (Lara’s Mum)


Lara – Moose Toys

“We went to do a Target shoot at a beautiful little rustic cabin in Heathcote. All of the staff there were very friendly, patient, and easy to work with. Helena had a great time posing with her pretend mommy for the photos and exploring the cabin in between shots. It was such a lovely experience and we hope to do it again!” – Cari (Helena’s Mum)

Helena (2).png

Helena – Target

“I have to say we had a wonderful experience working with Asics recently. The photographer and stylist were all lovely and very professional! Thankfully we got there early so everyone was ready to start earlier than expected as well!” – Desi (James’ Mum)1200px-Asics.svg

James – Asics

“Lila & I had a wonderful experience working with the StyleSell team. The photo shoot went well and the girls had a lovely time modelling the dresses.” – Karen (Lila’s Mum)

Lila – Style Sell Global

“I and my son Yohan was very excited to be selected to take part in the Ford advertisement playing “space helmet boy”. On the day of filming we started very early. The director was great and explained what Yohan had to do. It was such an exciting experience, with cameras and lights. It was a long day but very enjoyable. I hope Yohan get more opportunities like this. ” – Younghee (Yohan’s Mum)Ford-logo-2003-1366x768

Yohan – Ford

“We have had a wonderful experience since joining the Bettina Family, staff have been so friendly and helpful and we have been very lucky for both my daughter and now my little baby boy having the opportunity to work with Country Road. This has been a great learning experience so far and we look forward to continue working with Bettina Management” – Carla (Harper’s Mum)


Harper – Country Road Fit Model

“I really enjoyed myself on the day. It was very interesting and Amazing  day.  Staff were very helpful and lovely. My kids loved theor time with the team. Thank you for the opportunity. We appreciate it soo much. Hope to see them soon again.” – Abrefi (Kayla & Katelyn’s Mum)
TOY katelyn or kayla duah 1

Kayla & Katelyn – Big W

“Summer loved the photoshoot with Ben Conroy & his team or the Galleria ‘FIND’ Magazine. They were really professional and great with the children.” – Lauren (Summer’s Mum)


Summer – Galleria “Find” Magazine

“Thanks to Bettina Management our son Harry had a fabulous day at the Big W shoot. Being his first time we didn’t know what to expect but it had been a positive experience. Signing up not long ago with Bettina Management we truly believe it builds confidence for him and builds relationships with others while on set. He’d enjoyed every moment of it and we hope to have more opportunities come his way.” – Soya (Harry’s Mum)

TOY harry padovan 1

Harry – Big W

“Sebastian just had an awesome experience working as a double on the ‘Ride Like A Girl’ set. Such an eye-opener to see how much work goes into pulling a movie together and the crew and producers were so amazing with all the kids involved.  We both loved every minute of the experience and learnt so much.  We met some really lovely people and might be leaving all that excitement behind but are taking lots of new friendships with us.  Can’t wait for the movie to come out next year!” – Julie (Sebastian’s Mum)


Sebastian – Ride Like A Girl (Feature Film)

“When I signed my daughter Arabella up for Bettina Management at 3 months old I already thought it was worth the original fee just for the absolutely gorgeous photos I received from attitude studios! On the first day her profile went online she got a casting call for Sheridan Baby & Kids. Bella was chosen as a first model and we had a fantastic 3 hours shooting with them, she loved every minute of attention, smiled at everyone and overall had a great time! The photographer adored her and she modeled gorgeous clothes, wraps, beanies, mittens and booties. Bettina and Sheridan were both extremely professional and if her photos are chosen we will have lovely pictures to add to the family photo album!” – Elinor (Arabella’s Mum)



Arabella – Sheridan

“We were very excited and lucky to be chosen for Big W fashion shot. The whole process was smooth and fun. William enjoyed it so much so did I. Thank you Bettina management! Can’t wait to see the final result and looking forward to our next exciting experience!” – Sophia (William’s Mum)


William – Big W

“Mikaylie was invited to her first casting call in which she landed herself an amazing 2 day shoot with Masterfoods. Being our first time doing anything like this, I was a bit nervous – Although Mikaylie was fine & took everything in her stride. But from the moment we arrived on set we were made to feel like family. The crew were so friendly, supportive & helpful. Mikaylie loved every minute of it & was an absolute natural in front of the camera.  I was so proud of her! So a massive thank you to Bettina & Masterfoods for giving my little girl this opportunity :-)” – Bonnie (Mikaylie’s Mum)


Mikaylie – Masterfoods

“Thank you for recommending Kayla for Country Road on 1st of may I think Kayla liked trying on new clothes and meeting new people also would like to say Country road employers were very fun to work for. Thanks Bettina for helping Kayla get a casting for Country Road” – Mellissa (Kayla’s Mum)country-road-logo

Kayla – Country Road

“In regards to the adidas/footlocker shoot, he loved it, at first he was a bit shy then they worked their magic on him he was so relaxed with them they were lovely people, he had a blast, especially at the end he got some free Adidas stuff he was so excited and happy. He said to me “ when am I doing this again”?” – Raeda (Fathel’s Mum)

Fathel 1

Fathel – Adidas/Footlocker

“As a mother we encourage our children to find a hobby they enjoy and love to do without trantums! We tried a lot of things with Panayoti and never could get it right. Having my second child, I did a mini photo shoot for my family and Panayoti absolutely loved that day. He continued to say “I want to model”. From then on Panayoti’s found his hobby and passion.
When we got the message about the big W photo shoot, I was so excited for him. I couldn’t wait to tell him, once I did he counted the days until the shoot and continued to remind me as the day got closer in case I forgot. I think I was more nervous then him on the day of the photo shoot!
We turned up to the photo shoot and took a few deep breathes! Panayoti got called to get ready. I could see the excitement on his face, which was a proud moment for me. The staff were kind and gentle to Panayoti and I. Panayoti felt extremely calm and confident with the staff. I loved seeing how happy he was on set and showing off his smile. Everyone was so relaxed and easy to talk too.
Since the photo shoot, he is patiently waiting for his next opportunity and continues to ask when the catalogue will be out so he can see himself! I am extremely proud of him and can’t wait to see his happiness when we see the catalogue. ” – Ellie (Panayoti’s Mum)

Panayoti – Big W

“The Today Show weather crossover at Barangaroo was a great first experience with Bettina. Cameron was literally ‘hanging around’ all morning on ropes, ladders and frames! He couldn’t have been happier. Being interviewed by Natalia Cooper was an unexpected bonus and Cameron really enjoyed being in front of the camera as well as watching how TV filming works with the lighting, props and rehearsals etc. A great morning and a great experience – thanks Bettina for the opportunity.”- Nicole (Cameron’s Mum)


Cameron – The Today Show (live weather crossover)

“I received a text at work one afternoon and within 20 Mins had agreed that My daughter would be available for Billabong catwalk show the next day. We got there early and met with the other models, the client contact Alina was really friendly and made all the girls (aged 5-11)feel really confident and special. This was Gracie’s first ever catwalk and she was so excited. She bonded quickly with the other girls and then we took a look through all the clothes for half an hour before the catwalk. The actual catwalk was really quick the parents helped the girls and they had around 10 outfit changes each. They were all brilliant and the response from the audience was very encouraging. It was a fantastic environment and we got a sneak preview at next seasons stock. Gracie was buzzing after the show, she is desperate to do some more modelling and would jump at the chance. I felt it was a really positive experience and good for her confidence to walk into a room full of strangers and show off the garments. And to top it all we received some discount vouchers from Billabong to use online. Thank you so much” – Lara (Gracie’s Mum)


Gracie – Billabong Catwalk

“Bettina, Thank you so much for being professional and so caring of Phoenix with his first job…I couldn’t have placed my child in better hands in relation to his career” – Kylie (Phoenix’s Mum)


Phoenix – Baby Love

“Harper has recently filmed for an ABC Series WOW that’s Amazing and had a great time on set. He has learnt some amazing skills and is always excited to get on set and meet everyone. The crew on set have made this experience as fun and easy as possible and Harper loves meeting the other kids involved in the show. He is currently doing voice overs for the series and is thoroughly enjoying this experience also. Each time he films or does a voice recording he building his skill set for future opportunities. His membership with Bettina is up for renewal and when I asked him if he wanted to continue I got an enthusiastic ‘yeah of course’. ” – Hayley (Harper’s Mum)

Harper – Wow! That’s Amazing (TV Series)

“My daughter loved the experience of being on a live TV show last week. I highly recommend Bettina.” – Esther (Cheryl’s Mum)Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 12.13.32 pm.png

Cheryl – The Today Show (live weather crossover)

“Thank you Bettina and Galleria shopping centre for the opportunity for my baby, Aimee. She had a blast at the photo shoot and the result is amazing. Well Done and looking forward for more calling for Aimee. Happy Mommy” – Eveline

Aimee – Galleria “Find” Magazine

“Liam had a lot of fun on set at Toyota. He enjoyed playing and interacting with his cast mates and checking out the features of the Kluger! He was really well looked after and enjoyed having the umbrella held up for him in between takes when they were shooting outside!” – Jennifer (Liam’s Mum)

Liam – Toyota

“May had a fantastic time in being able to participate in the Food Bank advertising campaign. We found that it was very professionally ran and the organizers were fantastic with helping the kids feel comfortable. Thanks Bettina Management!” – Fiona (May’s Mum)

May – Foodbank