A Year Like No Other; 2020 In Review

A Year Like No Other; 2020 In Review

2020 was a year like no other, especially for our industry. We all know how crazy this year has been, and this naturally led to some new industry trends and challenges.

However, even with the ups and downs that this year brought our talent still managed to take part in a range of incredible jobs. As the Melbourne entertainment scene felt the impact of long shutdowns, other states stood up and took on what they could to keep production going.

We are so proud of all of the amazing work that happened this year, and how amazing all of our talent have been throughout. Our Instagram (@bettinamanagement) and Facebook page  will give you a nice wrap up of the year and show off most of the work our kids have done this year; full of heaps of adorable snaps of our little ones.

We have also continued to work with some of most loyal clients, including Cotton On Kids, Big W, Best & Less, Country Road, Bonds, Rock Your Baby, Target and Seed. And we worked with a large amount of  impressive clients for the first time including Bardot Junior, Gro-To Skincare, David Jones Junior and many more!

Here are some of our highlights from 2020!

A New Baby Girl On The Scene

We were extremely lucky this year to have our babies selected to share the part as the newest addition to Ramsey St. – One of Australia’s longest running soaps welcomed beautiful baby Aster onto the show early this year. As Neighbours introduced their new character, our wonderful babies Isla & Scout were able to make their big screen debuts as baby Aster. We are so proud of them and love watching our little babes shine on screen!

Gorgeous Baby Scout, on screen for Neighbours.

Rock Star In The Making

In early 2020 one of our boys ,Charlton, was fortunate enough to be selected to feature in a music video for well-known Australian band, 5SOS. The bands new song ‘Old Me’ included a music video that showcased younger lookalike versions of themselves, and Charlton played band member Calum. It was a job unlike any other we have had before, which made it all the more exciting.  The end result looked amazing, so go and check it out to see Charlton in action.

Charlton on set for the 5SOS music video!

Podcasts Are Taking Over!

As podcast are becoming increasingly popular, it was only a matter of time before we were a part of it! This year the lovely Erin was selected to play the role of Tang in the new ABC podcast for kids mystery adventure series ‘Mackeroy Uncovered’. Despite everything that happened this year the podcast released in June, and was a huge hit. Congratulations Erin!

Erin (Front Left), after finishing up the final recording of the podcast.

Hardball Season 2

During 2020 it was announced that ABC Kids series ‘Hardball’ would be renewed for a second season. While the season is still filming, we are so happy that our kids will once again get to be included in this production. We had many kids take part in the first season, and they will once again be included in the second season. We can’t wait to see it!

Families Become The New Industry Must Have!

We thought last year was a big year for families, but boy were we wrong! Due to the household restrictions on set, families became the new industry must have. With clients figuring out it was much easier to fit families around the new restrictions  the demand for families increased hugely, beating any expectations we had for this category earlier in the year. Throughout the year we had Bettina families work for some incredible brand and clients including Google, Telstra, Koala, Woolworths, Rebel Sport, Best & Less and more!

The Unusual Suspects

The wonderful Santos Twins, landed a great role as Twins Rory and Joshua, on new SBS drama ‘The Unusual Suspects’. The show will be a landmark in Australian television as it marks the first major representation of Filipino-Australians on Australian TV. The series will be released in the New Year and we can’t wait to watch.

The Santos Twins on set for ‘The Unusual Suspects’

New Kid On The Block

Our talent have been busy this year, with another appearance on a long running Australian soap. After a tough audition process, River was selected to play the new reoccurring role of Jai on Home and Away. An incredible achievement for the mere age of 7, River is extremely talented and this isn’t even his first role on a TV Series. He is as asset on set, and we are so proud of his achievements, taking it all in his stride this year.

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