Why do I need an agent?

The entertainment industry is one of the largest industries in Australia, and arguably the world. It is a busy, fast-paced and ever-changing industry which can be difficult to navigate for even the most seasoned professional.

While it is definitely possible to operate as a freelancer and handle all aspects of your – or your child’s – role as an actor or model in this industry, there are some important factors that you should consider when deciding whether you need an agent or not, especially when it comes to your children’s career.


What does an agent do?

Your agent operates as the bridge between ‘talent’ and ‘client’. The client being those who require talent for their upcoming projects, whether it be a feature film, television commercial or photographic shoot. Clients may be casting agents, production houses, advertising agencies or photographers/companies themselves. The talent is YOU!

An agent’s job is to not only represent the talent, but to keep positive working relationships with clients so they keep coming back to book talent. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes with clients before agent’s get in contact with the talent themselves.

Agents, such as ourselves, receive a large number of briefs from clients every day. These include opportunities for upcoming projects such as acting in movies or television, modelling for film or print advertisements, and even working in live entertainment productions. An agents job is to then submit all their suitable talent for consideration- suitable, will be in relation to elements such as your child’s age, height, hair and eye colour – We then coordinate any subsequent castings, auditions, fittings and jobs.

A children’s agent also needs to work with clients to ensure they have the appropriate permits (depending on the state) to be working with children and that they are aware of the guidelines they need to abide by. New clients are always vetted prior to the agent submitting talent.

It is also an agent’s responsibility as an agency to ensure your child’s safety and wellbeing through the facilitation of legal and regulatory frameworks. This means that we will obtain the relevant permits for your child to work, which vary across different states. We ensure that safe practices are followed in your child’s attendance on a job, ensuring proper guidelines are followed in relation to working hours, supervision required on set, and any potential medical or health requirements.

Once talent have been confirmed by the client, the agent will organise forms to be filled out by the client and parent, and will pass on all relevant details to the talent for the shoot.

Agents are also responsible for negotiating rates, invoicing clients and paying talent.

Why is having an agent important?

Your agent is your child’s ‘gatekeeper’ to the industry. They have direct contact with clients and are able to promote your child to their client base. Many clients will only source their talent through talent agents. Agents are also there to ensure that your child is safe on set and at castings, by only working with vetted clients. Agents are always there to provide support and assistance to talent, especially when they are new to the industry.

At Bettina Management, we endeavour to support and assist our talent and their families to the best of our abilities. We implement our strong industry experience and relationships in providing advice and guidance to talent.

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